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Irem is a Japanese developer of video games based in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The current company was founded in 1997 while the older one was founded in 1974, and the original Irem Corporation still exists today as Apies. The current one was made after Irem's parent company, Naneo (now known as Eizo), wanted to take over the original Irem after the latter left the video game industry in 1994. Naneo founded Irem Software Engineering which later took over Irem Corporation and renamed the latter to Apies to avoid confusion between Irem Software Engineering. Apies was sold off to Atlus although Apies has been an independent company since.

Irem is best known for their video game products, including R-Type, Hammerin' Harry, Kung-Fu Master, Gekibo: Gekisha Boy and Moon Patrol. Irem still exists today, however the company focuses on pachinko and pachislot instead of video game products.


Did you know?

... that Irem has made many, many, MANY April Fools jokes in the past?

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