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Firoz Shah Palace Complex

Hisar About this sound pronunciation (Hindi: ‍हिसार) city, previously spelled Hissar, is the administrative headquarters of Hisar district, in the state of Haryana, in northwestern India. It is located 164 kilometres to the west of New Delhi, capital of India. Hisar is India's largest galvanized iron manufacturing city. Due to presence of a large steel industry, it is also known as The City of Steel.

Hisar was founded in 1354 AD, as Hisar-e-Firoza by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, who reigned over the Sultanate of Delhi from 1351 to 1388. Firoz Shah also brought the waters of the Yamuna river here by means of canal. Ghaggar and Drishadvati rivers once used to flow through the city. Hisar has a continental climate, with very hot summers and relatively cool winters.

Hisar was ruled by major powers, including the Mauryans in the 3rd century BC, Tughlaqs in the 14th century, Mughals in the 16th century and Britishers in the 19th century. After independence of India, it was unified with the state of Punjab. After the division of Punjab in 1966, it is now a part of Haryana.

Most commonly spoken languages are Hindi and English whereas the most common dialects are Haryanvi and Bagri. Average literacy rate is 81.04 %. In the 1960s, the per capita income of the city was highest in the country.

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Pandit Jasraj (born 28 January 1930) is an Indian classical vocalist. He belongs to the Mewati gharana of Hindustani classical music. Jasraj was born in Hisar, Haryana in an orthodox Brahmin family to Motiram, a classical singer. His family performed the Mewati gharana style. Motiram died when Jasraj was four, on the day he was to be appointed as the state musician in the court of Osman Ali Khan. Jasraj was initiated into vocal music by his father. He also received training from his elder brother, Maniram, and later from Maharaja Jaywant Singhji Waghela. In addition, he trained under Swami Vallabhdas of the Agra Gharana. In 1960, when Jasraj went to visit Bade Ghulam Ali Khan in hospital, Khan asked him to become his disciple, but Jasraj declined saying that he could not accept Khan's tutelage since he was already Maniram's disciple.

As a means of livelihood, Maniram took Jasraj as an accompanying tabla player. However, at the time, like sarangi players, tabla players were considered minor artists. At the age of 14, unhappy with his treatment as an accompanying artist, Jasraj left and vowed not to cut his hair until he learned to sing. He finally cut his hair after garnering his first AIR Radio performance, where he sang Raga Kaunsi Kanada, (a combination of Malkauns and Darbari Kanada).

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The observatory at OP Jindal Gyan Kendra at Hisar.

O. P. Jindal Knowledge Centre was inaugurated in 2009 in the memory of O. P. Jindal. The centre has a museum, library, herbal park, skating rink and a cafeteria. It also houses a 25-storied 282 metre high steel tower built on the lines of Seattle Tower. The tower is the tallest of its kind in Asia and the second tallest steel tower in the world.

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George Thomas (born Roscrea, Tipperary, c1756; died Barhampur, India, August 22, 1802) was an Irish mercenary who was active in 18th century India. In the 1790s he was the most successful general in India. His father was a poor Catholic tenant farmer near Roscrea who died when George was a child. Originally pressganged at Youghal, where he worked as a labourer on the docks, Thomas deserted from the British Navy in Madras in 1781. Still illiterate, he led a group of Pindaris north to Delhi by 1787, where he took service under Begum Samru of Sardhana. Supplanted in her favour by a Frenchman, he transferred his allegiance to Appa Rao, a Mahratta chieftain. He fought one of his best campaigns against the Sikh chiefs, taking almost all of the Punjab. He was finally defeated and captured by Sindhia's army under General Pierre Cuillier-Perron. He died on his way down the Ganges on August 22, 1802.

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M.M. Juneja (Historian), The Times of India (2011), Article: Political parties vie to 'grab' Hisar fort

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St. Thomas Church Plaque.jpg
  • ... that Hisar has its own municipality since 1867?
  • ... that District court was set up at Hisar in 1832?
  • ... that the city has its own Bar Association which was founded in 1870?


Observatory at O.P. Jindal Knowledge Center

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The District Administrative Complex also known as Mini Secretariat or Kachehri
Credit: Vishal14k

The District Administrative Complex of Hisar (city). It is also known as Mini Secretariat or Kachehri. Offices of the Municipal corporation, Hisar and Haryana Police are located here. It was completed in 1980 whereas the offices of Hisar Sessions Division and Hisar District Bar Association are located at Judiciary Complex adjoining District Administrative Complex. This administrative and judiciary complex is largest in Haryana and at a district headquarters may be one of the largest in the country.

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