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Overview map of Franconia

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that is about the Franconian people and their culture in North Bavaria, North Württemberg, North Baden and South Thuringia.

Franconian coat-of-arms
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Franconia is a region in Germany that has its own cultural and linguistic heritage and can be considered to coincide roughly with the area in which the East Franconian dialect (know colloquially as Fränkisch or “Franconian”) is predominant. The region emerged from the Stem Duchy of Franconia. Until the 18th century the Franconian regions were part of the imperial Franconian Circle in the Holy Roman Empire. In the 19th and 20th centuries these regions were incorporated into the adjacent German princely territories. Today they are part of the federal German states of Bavaria, Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg. Its two biggest cities are Nuremberg and Würzburg.

Administrative divisions

Bavarian coat of arms with the Franconian shield

Upper Franconia (Government) - Middle Franconia (Government) - Lower Franconia (Government)

State flag of Thuringia in white and red

Counties in the Henneberger Land and parts of South Thuringia

Baden-Württemberg coat of arms with the Franconian shield


Regional planning - Planning regions

Bayerischer Untermain - Heilbronn-Franken - Mittelfranken - Main-Rhön - Oberfranken-West - Oberfranken-Ost - Südthüringen - Westmittelfranken - Würzburg


Party for Franconia

Geography and Nature

The Ochsenkopf in winter
The Großer Brombachsee, view looking east


Map of the imperial Franconian Circle

History of Franconia


Famous Franconians - List of Franconian people

Economy and transport

The locomotive Adler in Nuremberg

Culture and Science




The pilgrimage church of Vierzehnheiligen above the Main Valley

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Schloss Weikersheim


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