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Featured picture/1

002 Oromo Liberation Front rebels.JPG
Credit: Jonathan Alpeyrie

A full rebel Oromo Liberation Front unit retreating into Kenya after weeks of fighting with government troops in central Kenya.
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Featured picture/2

Ethiopia 3.jpg
Credit: Steve Evans

An Ethiopian woman carrying an earthenware water jug.
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Featured picture/3

Ethiopia - New Bride.jpg
Credit: Mark Knobil

An Ethiopian bride.
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Featured picture/4

Ethiopian man portrait.jpg
Credit: Steve Evans

A man in southern Ethiopia.
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Featured picture/5

Semien Mountains 02.jpg
Credit: Steve Evans

The view from Imet Gogo near Geech camp, Semien Mountains near Ras Dashan, Ethiopia.
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Featured picture/6

Blue Nile Falls Ethiopia.jpg
Credit: Jialiang Gao

The Blue Nile Falls fed by Lake Tana near the city of Bahar Dar, Ethiopia forms the upstream of the Blue Nile.
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Featured picture/7

Lake Ziway.jpg
Credit: MauritsV

Lake Ziway, Ethiopia.
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Featured picture/8

Portal:Ethiopia/Featured picture/8
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Featured picture/9

Portal:Ethiopia/Featured picture/9
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Featured picture/10

Portal:Ethiopia/Featured picture/10
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