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The Eifel mountains lie roughly evenly divided between North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. On the other side of the German border, in Belgium and Luxembourg, they gradually transition into the Ardennes, but there is no geological division; it is more of a language boundary. Geologically viewed as part of the Rhenish Massif, it is an ancient mountain range that, over the course of time, has been eroded to become a truncated highland. Volcanically it is still considered active; the last eruption was only around 10,000 years ago. Today the Eifel is a very popular and interesting tourist region that has recently been granted national park status.


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Luxembourg, Belgium

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Salvator Basilika Prüm
Altes Amt Schönecken.jpg
Daun Municipal Hall
Ansicht Kyllburg in Deutschland.jpg
Schönecken Castle
Schönecken, von-Hersel-Straße
View of Schönecken
Schönecken Castle
Schönecken Castle, Innenhof
Manderscheid: ruins of the lower ward
Manderscheid: ruins of the upper ward
Kerpen Castle
Kerpen Castle
Kerpen Castle
Kerpen Castle
Kerpen Castle access path
Neuerburg Castle
Neuerburg Castle
Aerial photograph of Daun
Daun: panorama
View of Ehlenz
Huber and Jupp
Typical Eifel view
Erlöserkirche Gerolstein
Die Sauer
Gerolstein: Kasselburg Castle
Gerolstein: panorama
Market place in Hillesheim
The Rote  Haus in Monschau
On the Rur near Sourbrodt
Eifel National Park: the Kermeter
Bütgenbach Dam
Aerial photograph of the Nürburg  Ring
Metre-high hedge protects Eifel farmsteads, Höfen, Monschau
Kronenburg Castle
Freiherr von Korff Bridge, Born
Alte Venn Railway bed: beware of ‘railbikes’
Reinhardstein Castle
Marmagen: the Alte Kirchgasse
Castle church, Schleiden
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Himmerod Abbey
Himmerod Abbey: view through the abbey gates
Immerather Maar
Chapel in the cemetery in Weinfeld
Interior of the Kasselburg
Kasselburg: panorama
Kasselburg: gate tower
Kasselburg: Vogelkäfig
Langsur 2.jpg
Am Mosel-Maar Cycleway
Naurath in der Eifel
The Nims
Wild daffodils in the Perlenbach valley
Schalkenmehren axb01.jpg
St. Martin’s Church in Nohn
Von hersel0335.jpg
Weinfelder Maar
Weinfelder Maar in summer
Lynx lynx2.jpg
Maria Laach
Schalkenmehrener Maar
Effelsberg: radio-telescope
Marmagen: the Old Castle
In the Ponce valley near Walk
Steinfeld Abbey
Counties, towns and villages in the Eifel

The boundaries of a natural and cultural region like the Eifel cannot be precisely defined to the nearest metre. Towns or villages and their associated boroughs or municipalities may be counted as part of the Eifel in one source, but considered outside of it in another; in the areas near the boundaries it is common for parts of a municipality or borough to be consider as both within the Eifel and outside of it.

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Stockgut - Via Mansuerisca - Marcomagus - Görresburg - Gemünd - Beda vicus - Alexandre von Wiltheim - Trier–Cologne Roman Road - Blankenheim (district) - Eiflia illustrata - Explosion at Prüm


Bergfeld Hunting Lodge - Bürresheim Castle - Malberg Palace - Weilerbach House


Löwenburg and Philippsburg - Niederburg, Kobern - Prümerburg - Oberburg, Kobern - Reifferscheid Castle - Nideggen Castle - Heimbach Castle - Gödersheim Castle - Hausen Castle (Heimbach) - Hengebach Castle - Untermaubach Castle - Vlatten Castle - Wolsfeld Castle

Sacred buildings

Old St. Hubert's Church, Wolsfeld -- Church of the Redeemer, Gerolstein - Church of the Redeemer - Saint Salvator's Basilica, Prüm - Maria Frieden Abbey - St. Laurence's Church, Marmagen - Brother Klaus Chapel, Wachendorf - Schankweiler Klause - Church of St. Martin and St. Severus

Other structures

Fulbert Gallery - Salmtal Stadium - Schnee-Eifel Transmitter - Heimbach Power Station


Georg-Meistermann Museum - Haus Ternell - Rhenish Open Air Museum, Kommern - Wohlfahrt Visitor Mine - RWE Industrie MuseumWool RouteRoman Limekiln, IversheimRWE Industrie MuseumNature and Countryside Museum1944 Hürtgen Forest MuseumHürten MuseumWooden Toy Museum, Bad MünstereifelHandweaving MuseumEifel Museum, BlankenheimCastle MuseumChemist's Museum, Bad MünstereifelBlankenheim Carneval MuseumMining Museum, Mechernich - Roman Villa in Ahrweiler


Maiennacht - Hillich - HüttenbrennenBlankenheimer Geisterzug


Dreilägerbach Reservoir - Perlenbach Reservoir - Olef Reservoir - Kronenburg Dam - Bitburg Reservoir - Steinbach Reservoir - Wehebach Reservoir


College of Law, Bad Münstereifel - College of Public Administration, Mayen


Eifel News/Eifel Newspaper - Trierischer Volksfreund - OK54


A 27 ( B ) - B 49 - B 50 - B 257 - B 265 - B 409 - B 410 - B 418 - B 421


Trans-Eifel Railway - Olef Valley Railway - Maare-Moselle Line - Nims-Sauer Valley Railway - West Eifel Railway - Trans-Fens Railway

Public transport associations

Verkehrsverbund Region Trier - Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel - Regionalverkehr Köln - ASEAG - Aachener Verkehrsverbund


Säubrennerkirmes - Tatort Eifel - Lukasmarkt

Wildlife and leisure parks

Stag and Boar Park, Daun - Rhineland Mountain Wildlife Park - Hellenthal Wildlife Enclosure

Cycleways and footpaths

Kyll Valley Cycleway - Lieser Path - Maare-Moselle Cycleway - RAVeL ways on the Vennbahn routes - AhrSteig

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