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Welcome to the Dragonlance Portal. Dragonlance is a large series of fantasy novels, with over 100 novels printed. It was originally created by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Hickman and his wife created the basic idea while driving in their car on the way to TSR for Hickman to take a job. At TSR, he met his future partner Margaret Weis, and they gathered a group of associates to play a Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game. The adventures of that game became Dragons of Autumn Twilight, and that novel was the first in the Chronicles Trilogy, the core novels of Dragonlance. The majority of the novels take place in the various regions of Ansalon, a small continent, though some have taken place on the lesser known continent of Taladas, north of Ansalon.

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Tracy Raye Hickman (born November 26, 1955) is a best-selling fantasy author, most commonly known for his work on Dragonlance as a game designer and co-author with Margaret Weis, while he worked for TSR. They also wrote the Darksword trilogy, the Death Gate Cycle, and the Sovereign Stone trilogy. Tracy Hickman was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. He married Laura Curtis in 1977 and together they have four children.

Tracy and Laura have been publishing game designs together for over twenty-five years including the popular and innovative Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft module. They published their first joint novel, Mystic Warrior, in 2004. Tracy and Laura have been producing their DragonHearth podcast since December of 2005.


Tracy Hickman was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 26, 1955. He graduated from Provo High School in 1974 where his major interests were in drama, music, and Air Force JROTC. In 1975, Tracy began two years of service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His initial posting was for six months in Hawaii before his visa was approved, and he moved on to his final calling in Indonesia. There, he served as a missionary in Surabaya, Djakarta, and the mountain city of Bandung before being released honorably in 1977. As a result, Tracy can still speak conversational Indonesian and occasionally bases his magical phrases on that language. Tracy married his high school sweetheart, Laura Curtis, within four months of his return to the United States. They are the parents of four children: Angel, Curtis, Tasha, and Jarod. Tracy has worked as a supermarket stockboy, a movie projectionist, a theater manager, a glass worker, a television assistant director, and a drill press operator in a genealogy center. It was in 1981 -- between jobs and wanting to buy shoes for his children -- that he approached TSR about buying two of his modules and ended up with a job instead. That job led to his association with Margaret Weis and their first publication together: Dragonlance Chronicles.

On his personal website, Hickman states that he continues to be an active member of the Mormon Church, and resides in St. George, Utah.[1]more...

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Goldmoon (also known as Goldmoon of the Que Shu tribe or just Goldmoon of the Que Shu) is a fictional character from the Dragonlance fantasy series of novels and role playing games, originally published by TSR, Inc. and later by Wizards of the Coast.

Introduced in the first book of the original Chronicles Trilogy, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman in 1984; Goldmoon has become a recurring character for over 16 years in multiple Dragonlance novels and series, either as a protagonist or as a supporting character.

As with the other protagonists of the trilogy, Goldmoon's first appearance was during a tabletop role-playing game session in which Tracy and Laura Hickman, Margaret Weis and Terry Phillips between others, set up the basic storyline of Dragonlance.more...

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January 31

  • Douglas Niles announces he's working on a new trilogy about dwarves, the first of which is called Secrets of Pax Tharkas.

January 7

  • Margaret Weis announces library talks.

Upcoming Products

Dragons of Time, Apr 2007

Great White Wyrm, The, Mar 2007

Queen of the Sea, Jul 2007

Warrior's Blood, May 2007

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths, May 2007

Dragons of the Highlord Skies, Jul 2007

Ebony Eye, The, Mar 2007

Shadow of the Flame, Jun 2007



  • "Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it."- Raistlin Majere.
  • "Until we conquer the evils within ourselves we can never conquer the great evil that threatens to engulf us!"- Laurana.
  • "To the Abyss with the Measure! Where has the Measure gotten us? Divided, jealous, crazed! Even our own people prefer to treat with the armies of our enemies! The Measure has failed!"- Sturm Brightblade
  • "If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear the pain of loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater."- Tanis Half-Elven.
  • "You are the child of imperfect parents, my son. You will stumble and fall to your knees and lie bruised in the dust, as we did. You will only truly fail if you remain lying in the dust."- Laurana
  • "A trap is only a trap if you walk into it before you see it"- Flint Fireforge.
  • "After all, death comes to all. Better a man meet it in the blazing sunlight, his sword flashing in his hand, than to have it come creeping up on him in the night unawares, or clutch at him with foul, diseased hands." Garic from War of the Twins
  • "Est Sularus oth Mithas" translates "My Honor is My Life" Motto of the Solmanic Knights. Once used by Sturm Brightblade in Dragons of Autumn Twilight.
  • Riverwind: "Why is it that you are called half-elf and not half-man?"

Tanis Half-Elven: "According to humans, half an elf is but part of a whole being. Half a man is a cripple."

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