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July 2006 was the seventh month of that common year. The month, which began on a Saturday, ended on a Monday after 31 days.

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  • Alaksandar Kazulin, a candidate for President of Belarus against Alexander Lukashenko, is jailed for five and a half years for organising protests against Lukashenko's re-election. (Reuters)
  • A Harrier Jumpjet en route to the Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford crashes onto a road near Tackley in Oxfordshire. The pilot, who managed to eject before impact, was praised for his skill ensuring no loss of life occurred; the aircraft went down in a relatively populated area. (Reuters)
  • The United States vetoes a United Nations resolution condemning Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip. (AFP)
  • North Korean diplomats quickly leave a meeting with South Korea and a U.S. diplomat, and leave the region after a week of diplomacy. (Reuters)
  • Merck & Co. wins a trial over a grandmother's claim that its Vioxx painkiller caused her to have a heart attack, reducing pressure on the company to settle 12,000 other cases about the drug. (Bloomberg)
  • A complete First Folio edition of William Shakespeare's plays is auctioned in London for £2.8 million. It had been owned by Dr Williams's Library, which paid about £500 for it in 1716. When new in 1623, the Folio would have cost £1. (BBC)
  • Two explosions hit oil installations belonging to an Italian company in Nigeria's southeast region. Sabotage is the suspected cause. (Associated Press)
  • The United States is considering establishing an independent command for South Korean troops. South Korea has command of its forces during peacetime, but currently the United States would take control if there were a war. (Reuters)
  • A man claiming to represent Al-Qaeda in India claims that they have set up a network in Kashmir and appeals to Indian Muslims to take up jihad. (Los Angeles Times)
  • 2006 Israel-Lebanon crisis:
    • Haifa city is hit by rocket artillery fired from Lebanon. Israeli Ambassador to the US Daniel Ayalon describes the unprecedented strike on Haifa as a "major, major escalation" by Hezbollah. (Haaretz), (Ynet), (Getty)
    • Lebanon announces it refuses to abide UN Security Council's Resolutions 1559 and 1583, calling Lebanon to assert full control over its border with Israel. (Haaretz)
    • Israeli jets attack a Lebanese army air base near the Syrian border, destroying runways, the first attack against Lebanon's army in Operation Just Reward. (Fox News), (Jerusalem Post), (Associated Press)
    • More than a hundred Katyusha rockets hit northern Israeli cities and towns, killing two civilians in Nahariya and Safed. Approximately 150 civilians are wounded, including women and children. Hezbollah threatens to launch long-range rockets at Haifa metropolis if the southern suburb of Beirut is attacked. (Ynet), (Haaretz), (Getty)
    • Israel imposes an air and sea blockade on Lebanon. (Associated Press)
    • An Israeli aircraft fires three rockets into Beirut international airport killing 22 civilians. All incoming air traffic is diverted to Cyprus. Israel claims that the airport was used to supply weapons to Hezbollah, and was about to be used to smuggle its kidnapped soldiers away to Iran. Israeli navy later attacks fuel tanks at the airport, setting them ablaze. (Haaretz), (BBC), (Reuters), (Fox News), (CNN)
  • It is reported that Tropical Storm Bilis killed at least 115 people when it hit southeastern China on Friday. (CNN)
  • An Iraqi general claims that a suicide bombing in a Shiite cafe in northern Iraq has killed 25 people. (Newsday)
  • 2006 Israel-Lebanon crisis:
    • 25 Lebanese are killed in Israeli Air Force strikes in southern Lebanon. (BBC), (Ynet), Al-Jazeera, (Haaretz)
    • Hezbollah rockets hit the major Israeli city of Haifa, killing 8 civilians and wounding 17. More than a hundred rockets were fired against numerous urban areas in the north of Israel, as far south as Afula, killing 8 civilians and wounding 53. Local train lines and universities closed down. (Haaretz), (BBC), (Al-Jazeera), (CBS), (Jerusalem post)
    • Israel increases the alert level in Tel Aviv in preparation to further attacks. (Haaretz), (Reuters)
    • Lebanon security officials claim that an Israeli air strike on Tyre kills at least 16 people and wounds 42. (AP), (BBC)
    • Since Wednesday morning, Hezbollah militants fired more than 1400 rockets and mortar shells against Israeli towns, killing 12 civilians and wounding more than 500. More than 130 Lebanese have been killed and hundreds were injured, including many civilians and an undisclosed number of Hezbollah militants. (Ynet), (Al-Jazeera)
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Operation Summer Rains):
  • A group of Colombian farmers has won a multimillion pound settlement from BP after the British oil and gas company was accused of benefiting from a regime of terror carried out by Colombian government paramilitaries to protect a 450-mile pipeline.(Independent)
  • 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict:
    • The European Union sends experts to Cyprus to help coordinate provision of emergency humanitarian aid to Lebanon. (Reuters)
    • Israel has carried out air strikes and small-scale incursions into Lebanon, as troops and tanks gather on the border.(BBC NEWS)
    • Thousands of people across the UK demonstrate against Israeli attacks on Lebanon. (BBC News)
    • Israel has massed soldiers and tanks on the border with Lebanon and called up thousands of reserve troops, in a possible prelude to a ground offensive. (BBC News)
    • The New York Times reports that the United States is speeding up a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel. Israel apparently requested the weapons to use against targets in Lebanon. (New York Times)(BBC NEWS)
  • An earthquake measuring 5.1-5.2 in magnitude hits a mountainous region of Yunnan Province in south China killing at least 18-19 people and injuring at least 60 more. (CBS)
  • The Interstate Abortion Bill is passed by the United States Senate. The bill would make it illegal for non-parents to take a minor to another state to obtain an abortion without parental consent. (Washington Post)(Congress Record, Not yet updated)
  • Typhoon Kaemi hits Taiwan with 119 kilometre winds, injuring four people. The landfall in Jinjiang, Fujian 4 hours later prompts the evacuation of more than 500,000 residents in Fujian and Zhejiang, where Typhoon Bilis claimed 612 lives. (Hindustan Times) (Xinhua)
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Operation Summer Rains):
  • 2006 Kodori Gorge clashes: Georgia sends a military force to the Kodori Valley in the breakaway Abkhazia region, prompting a warning from Russia. (Interfax) (BBC)
  • 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict:
    • Israeli army radio reports that Israeli Army chief of staff Dan Halutz has ordered the air force to destroy 10 multi-story buildings in the Dahiya district (of Beirut) in response to every rocket fired on Haifa. As of Sunday the ratio of reported deaths was more than 17:1. (News24)(Scoop)
    • Four UN peacekeepers die after being, according to the United Nations, shelled 14 times by Israeli artillery, and a rescue team was also shelled as it tried to clear the rubble. "I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by IDF of a UN Observer post in southern Lebanon," UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said in a statement from Rome. Israeli ambassadors expressed regret but called the assertion that the attacks were deliberate "baseless". The IDF will investigate the incident. (BBC News) (CTV NEWS) Also, the IDF announces that it has killed Abu Jafaar, a leading Hezbullah commander in charge of the central Lebanese border. (Haaretz) (CNN)
    • US-based Human Rights Watch says Israel has used cluster bombs in civilian areas during its assault on Lebanon. (BBC) (Al-Jazeera)
    • A missile, fired by Israel, has hit a house in Lebanon; seven civilians confirmed dead. (AP)
    • Israel says it will keep control over an area in southern Lebanon until an international force can be deployed. (BBC) (Al-Jazeera) (NY Times)
    • 90 rockets have been fired at northern Israel, killing an Israeli-Arab teenager and wounding about 20 others. (Haaretz)
    • An Israeli air strike destroys two Red Cross ambulances. (The Guardian)
  • 2006 Ukraine parliament crisis. Ukraine's parliament, Verkhovna Rada, misses the deadline to form a coalition, facing a possible dissolution. (BBC News)
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