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Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional values, accepting that technology and society can shift, but the principles should not. Some conservatives seek to preserve things as they are, emphasizing stability and continuity, while others oppose modernism and seek a return to the way things were. The first established use of the term in a political context was by François-René de Chateaubriand in 1819, following the French Revolution. Political science often credits the Irish politician Edmund Burke with many of the ideas now called conservative.

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David William Donald Cameron (born 1966) was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and Leader of the Conservative Party from May 2010 to June 2016.

A first candidacy for Parliament at Stafford in 1997 ended in defeat, but Cameron was elected in 2001 as the Member of Parliament for the Oxfordshire constituency of Witney. He was promoted to the Opposition front bench two years later, and rose rapidly to become head of policy co-ordination during the 2005 general election campaign. With a public image of a young, moderate candidate who would appeal to young voters, he won the Conservative leadership election in 2005.

In the 2010 general election held on 6 May, the Conservatives gained a plurality of seats in a hung parliament and Cameron was appointed Prime Minister on 11 May 2010, at the head of a coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

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Conservative: One who admires radicals a century after they're dead.

— Leo Rosten, in Woods's The Modern Handbook of Humor (1967)


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  • June 26, 2014: According to a Pew Research Center poll, 53 % of Americans don’t believe in man-made global warming; 'business conservatives' and 'steadfast conservatives' have substantial incredulous majorities. Daily Caller
  • June 23, 2014: Brian Crowley angers Fianna Fáil by joining conservative European Parliament group. RTÉ
  • June 21, 2014: Former chair of the conservative caucus in the U.S. House, Steve Scalise, won a first-ballot victory for the position of GOP whip. Real Clear Politics
  • June 19, 2014: New York State Conservative Party leader Michael R. Long blasts medical marijuana deal. NY Daily News
Damian Green - immigration minister.jpg
  • June 13, 2014: Damian Green says Conservatives performing appallingly among ethnic minorities, the Tory minister (pictured) says black and Asian voters are 'completely disengaged' from party. Guardian

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The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan was formed in 1955 as a merger between two of Japan's political parties, the Liberal Party (自由党 Jiyutō?, 1950–1955, led by Shigeru Yoshida) and the Japan Democratic Party (日本民主党 Nihon Minshutō?, 1954–1955, led by Ichirō Hatoyama), both right-wing conservative parties, as a united front against the then popular Japan Socialist Party. The party won the following elections, and Japan's first conservative government with a majority was formed by 1955. It would hold majority government until 1993.

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