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Chronology (from Greek χρονολογία - chronologia, from χρόνος - chronos, "time" + λόγος - logos, amongst others "the study of") is a chronicle or arrangement of events in their occurrence order. General chronology is the science of locating and resolution of temporal sequence of past events in time.

Chronology is part of periodization. It is also part of the discipline of history including earth history and geochronology dependent disciplines (See Prehistoric chronologies below) and the earth sciences. When used for specific examples, a chronology is a sequential arrangement of events, such as a chronicle or, particularly when involving graphical or literary elements, a timeline.


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Ab urbe condita (related to Anno Urbis Conditae: AUC or a.u.c. or a.u.) is a Latin phrase meaning "from the founding of the City (Rome)", traditionally dated to 753 BC. AUC is a year-numbering system used by some ancient Roman historians to identify particular Roman years.

The regnal year of the emperor was also used to identify years, especially in the Byzantine Empire after 537 when Justinian required its use. Examples of continuous numbering include counting by regnal year, principally found in the writings of German authors, for example Mommsen's History of Rome, and (most ubiquitously) in the Anno Domini year-numbering system.

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  • ... that chronology is the science of locating historical events in time?
  • ... that a chronology may be either relative or absolute?
  • ... that the familiar terms calendar and era concern two complementary fundamental concepts of chronology?
  • ... that a calendar era is the year numbering system used by a calendar?

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What is Chronology?

  • The science of measuring time by regular divisions or periods, and which assigns to events or transactions their proper dates.

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