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Culture en terrasses berber village of Aït Hsayn

Aït Benhaddou, a Kasbah. At the top of the castle there are four letters in Tifinagh alphabet.

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The Garamantes were a Saharan Berber-speaking people who used an elaborate underground irrigation system, and founded a kingdom in the Fezzan area of modern-day Libya, in the Sahara desert. They were a local power in the Sahara between 500 BC - 500 AD.

There is not much information about the Garamantes, not even the name they used to call themselves; Garamantes was a Greek name which the Romans later adopted. Most of what we know comes from Greek and Roman sources, and recent archaeological excavations in the area, though large areas in ruins are still unexcavated. Another important source of information are the abundant rock paintings, many of which depict life prior to the rise of the realm...Read more


The Berbers

The Berbers are scattered into several ethnic groups throughout North Africa:

Major Berber languages:

Berber can be written in the Tifinagh alphabet (Libyco-Berber script), which dates back to 2500 BP, or with the Latin alphabet.


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Meshwesh - Twenty-second dynasty of Egypt - Twenty-third dynasty of Egypt

Gaetulia - Garamantes - Guanches

Mauretania - Numidia - Africa Province - Massylii - Masaesyli - Second Punic War - Battle of Zama - Third Punic War - Jugurthine War - Tacfarinas

Mauretania Tingitana - Mauretania Caesariensis - Moors - Christian Berbers - Regnum Maurorum et Romanorum - Roman 'Coloniae' in Berber Africa - Romano-Berber states

Berber dynasties : Fatimides - Ubayd Allah al-Mahdi - Kutama - Ziri ibn Menad - Sanhadja - Abu Yazid - Zenata - Zirid - Bologhine ibn Ziri - Hammadid - Hammad ibn Buluggin - Almoravides - Ibn Tumart - Masmuda - Abd al-Mu'min - Abu Yaqub Yusuf - Almohades - Ibn Yasin - Yusuf ibn Tashfin - Marinid - Wattasid - Abdalwadid - Hafsid dynasty

Republic of the Rif - Berber Dahir - Berber spring - Black spring





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Ancient history :

Middle Ages: Kusayla - Dihya - Tariq ibn Ziyad - Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili - Almoravids - Almohads - Marinids - Wattasid - Ibn Battuta - Boabdil - Ibn Khaldun - abbas ibn firnas

Modern history :


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