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This is the family tree of the de Lacys of Pontefract [1] who were the holders of both Pontefract Castle and the Honour of Pontefract from 1067[2] to 1348[3]

*Ilbert (died c1090)
*Robert died in exile c1131)
Hugh (2nd Abbot of Selby Abbey)
*Ilbert (died c1141)
*Henry (died 1187)
Robert de Lissours
*Robert (died 1192)
Richard Fitz-Eustace (constable of Chester)
John Fitz-Eustace (died at Tyre, 1190)
*John (assumed the surname de Lacy, died 1240)
Margaret, d. of Robert de Quincey
*Edmund (died 1258)
Alesia, d. of Manfred, a Spanish Marquis
*Henry (died 1310)
Margaret, d. of William Longespée
Edmund (died young)
John (died young)
*Alice (died 1348)
Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster (executed at Pontefract 1322)

* The holders of the castle and Honour of Pontefract are indicated by an asterisk.


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