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Police of the Czech Republic
Policie České republiky
PČR seal CMYK.svg
Abbreviation PČR
Motto Pomáhat a chránit  (Czech)
"To Help and to Protect"
Agency overview
Formed 1991
Preceding agency
Employees 40,152[1]
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction Czech Republic
Map of Police of the Czech Republic's jurisdiction.
Governing body Ministry of the Interior (Czech Republic)
Headquarters Presidium of Police, Prague

Agency executive
  • Tomáš Tuhý[2], President of the Police

Police of the Czech Republic (Czech: Policie České republiky) is the national law enforcement agency of the Czech Republic. It was established on 15 July, 1991, with headquarters in Prague. Their mission is protect citizens, property and public order and as of 2015, there were around 40,500 employees.[3] Czech state police cooperates with municipal police departments, which are present in local municipalities.

Police officers in Prague
Riot police in Brno
Newer-model police car, gray with blue-and-yellow markings
Police car


The Police of the Czech Republic took over land management after the communist SNB in the Czech Republic with the exception of military police (provosts) who are part of the army. Members were recruited from the former communist SNB (National Security Corps), after passing a vetting "democratic" commission established after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 to eliminate from the police force communist ideologues and agents of the secret police. A similar procedure was also undertaken in the then-Slovak Republic. Some police officers were employed by a small federal police force, whose mandate expired on 31 December 1992.


The Police of the Czech Republic has general jurisdiction in the investigation of misdemeanors and crimes. Its proceedings are overseen by an independent prosecutor, who can bring charges in criminal matters. It does not have jurisdiction in fields falling within the competence of other specialized bodies, such as the Customs service, military police, judicial guard or the Secret service. PČR is the main investigative body of the Ministry of the Interior. It should not be confused with the municipal police, which may be established by a municipality and which supervises public order and road safety; municipal police also have jurisdiction only over misdemeanours, and in criminal investigations may serve only in a supportive role for the state police.

The Police of the Czech Republic is responsible for search and rescue operations and on this behalf cooperates with Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic that is highly professional rescue agency.

Some crimes (such as terrorism) are being solved in co-operation with intelligence agencies such as BIS or ÚZSI.

Nationwide jurisdiction

  • Prague Institute of Criminology
  • Aviation Service
  • National Anti-Drug Central
  • Pyrotechnical Service
  • Alien and Border Police
  • Highway Patrol
  • Agency for Documentation and Investigation of Communist Crimes
  • Agency for Corruption and Financial Criminality
  • Agency for Organized Crime
  • Agency for Protection of the President of the Czech Republic
  • Agency for Protection of State Officials
  • Agency for Special Activities of Criminal Police
  • Agency for Particular Activities of Criminal Police
  • Rapid Response Unit

Regional jurisdiction

There are 14 regional headquarters, with jurisdictions covering the regions of the Czech Republic.

Police officers serving under regional HQs are usually organized in the following sections:[4]

  • Public Order Police Service (Služba pořádkové policie) - most versatile, police officers on general patrolling duty serving at local and district police stations, most usually first responders. Squad cars usually manned by two officers, apart from pistols usually with at least one select-fire rifle stored in safe of car's trunk.
  • Public Order Units - perform specific tasks in the area of protecting people and property, special equipment and training, most often dispatched in large numbers (riot gear for crowd control, assault rifles for active shooter engagement, etc.). Squad minivans usually with seven heavily armed policemen.
  • Intervention Units - regional SWAT teams (8 teams covering 14 regions). Apart from cars equipped also with transport helicopters.
  • Rapid Response Units - these units reinforce the public order units on patrolling duty in selected areas of the country. Squad cars usually with three heavily armed policemen.
  • Waterway Units
  • Railway Units - in train stations of major railway hubs, also operate in trains (catching thieves, looters)
  • Police Divers
  • Cynology Service - training of dogs and dog handlers, about 800 dogs are in active service with the Czech Police (K9 officers themselves are part of the above mentioned units)
  • Hippology Service - training of horses and mounted policemen mainly for patrolling in natural reserve areas and for riot duty (mounted policemen themselves are part of the above-mentioned units)
  • Weapons and Security Material Service - deals with civilian firearms ownership and issuing of gun licenses, business with military equipment, explosives, etc.
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service - apart from disposing of explosive materials also provides expert opinions in the field of forensic pyrotechnics
  • Criminal Police and Investigation Service Units - usually divided into:
    • General Crime (Operative Search, Investigation)
    • White Collar Crime (Operative Search, Investigation)
  • Forensic Laboratories and Expertise Service

Special units


Police Škoda Octavia car
Police Yamaha motorbike

As of 2011, the Police of the Czech Republic employs about 41,000 officers, with a ratio of about 45 officers per 10,000 population.[5] Of these, about 3,500 are traffic-police officers.[6]


Cars and motorcycles


Aircraft[7] Origin Role Versions Registration Number
Bell 412  United States VIP transport, transport of material, rescue operations, policing Bell 412 HP OK-BYN
Bell 412  United States Policing Bell 412 EP OK-BYP
Bell 412  United States Policing Bell 412 EPI[8] OK-BYT 1
Eurocopter EC135  European Union Policing, air rescue service EC 135 T2, EC 135 T2+ OK-BYA
Armoured police vehicle in Prague Airport


The following firearms are used by the Police of the Czech Republic:


Submachine guns


Sniper rifles

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