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Plasma Engine
Developer(s) HeadSpin Technology
Cyan Worlds
(1998 - ) Foundry
(2011 - )
Stable release
3.0 / 2007
Platform Microsoft Windows, OSX
Type Game engine
License GPLv3[1]

Plasma is a real-time 3D game engine originally called Headspin and developed by Headspin Technologies in 1997 and later by Cyan Worlds (Cyan purchased the engine as part of the acquisition of Headspin) to power the next generation of real time 3D Myst series games such as URU: Complete Chronicles and Myst V: End of Ages.[2]

Cyan Worlds and Foundry jointly announce open source delivery of the " Engine" client and 3ds Max plugin, aka Plasma engine 2.0, the engine used to power Myst Online: Uru Live.[3][4][5]

Games using Plasma Engine

Plasma 1.0

Plasma 2.0 (aka Engine)

Plasma 2.1

Plasma 3.0


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