Pinlaung Township

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Pinlaung Township

Township of Taunggyi
Pinlaung Township
Skyline of Pinlaung Township
Country Myanmar
Division  Shan State
District Pa-O Self-Administered Zone
Township Pinlaung
Time zone UTC6:30 (MST)

Pinlaung Township (Burmese: ပင်လောင်းမြို့နယ်) is a township of Taunggyi District in the Shan State of Myanmar. It is one of three townships in the Pa-O Self-Administered Zone. Its principal town is Pinlaung. According to the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census, there are 115,047 residents in the township.[1]

Girl in Pa'O traditional dress on a potato farm in Pinlaung, Pinlaung Township, Shan State, Myanmar (Pa'O Self-Administered Zone)


Inle Lake and Inlay Lake Wetland Sanctuary, a well known tourist place and bird watching site, partly lies in this township.[2][3]

This township is home to two endemic rare species of trapdoor spider, the Liphistius Birmanicus and Liphistius Lordae. After first being discovered by an American scientist in 1897, the spiders were again spotted in Pyin Oo Lwin and Taunggyi.


The township is home to the Tigyit coal-fired power plant, one of three coal-fired power plants in Myanmar.[4]

Traditionally, farmers in Pinlaung Township made a living mostly off of poppy production, but have expressed interest in recent years of veering away from such farming and switching to substitute crops. In 2017, the Taung Yoe Ethnic Literature and Culture Association (Central) requested government assistance not only for the substitute seeds but also for pesticides in order to substitute cash crops[5]


In the fiscal year 2018-2019, the Ministry of Border Affairs spent 12,055.754 million kyats from the Union budget to improve 94 roads and bridges, 62 water access works, 11 power stations, and five religious missionary programs in Pinlaung Township.[6]


Pinlaung township is home to many large caves and cave systems.[7] Among them are:

  1. Namun Spring Cave in Namun
  2. Road Cliff Cave in Leinli
  3. Banana Forrest Cave, or Nga Pyaw Thor Cave in Nam Pam
  4. War Lee Kwey Cavein Nam Pam
  5. Lower Spider Cavein Nam Pam
  6. Upper Spider Cavein Nam Pam
  7. Big Bang Cave in Tar Kge
  8. Buddha Head Cave in Nounbi
  9. Young Twint Cave in Nounbi
  10. Dragon Cave in Hlaings
  11. Te Toke Taungin Phinton
  12. Hti Ngut in Hti Hwali
  13. Namun Spring Wall Cave in Namun


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