Piedmont League

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Piedmont League
Sport Baseball
Inaugural season 1920
Ceased 1955
Country  United States
Classification D (1920)
C (1921–31)
B (1932–55)

The Piedmont League was a minor league baseball league that operated from 1920 through 1955. The league operated principally in the Piedmont plateau region in the eastern United States.

Member teams


The following teams were members of the Piedmont League (in alphabetical order):


The following teams were champions of the Piedmont League:

Year Team
1920 Greensboro Patriots
1921 Raleigh Red Birds
1922 High Point Furniture Makers
1923 Danville Tobacconists
1924 Durham Bulls
1925 Winston-Salem Twins
1926 Greensboro Patriots
1927 Rocky Mount Buccaneers
1928 Winston-Salem Twins
1929 Durham Bulls
1930 Henderson Gamecocks
1931 Charlotte Hornets
1932 Charlotte Hornets
1933 Greensboro Patriots
1934 Norfolk Tars
1935 Asheville Tourists
1936 Norfolk Tars
1937 Asheville Tourists
1938 Norfolk Tars
1939 Asheville Tourists
1940 Richmond Colts
1941 Durham Bulls
1942 Greensboro Red Sox
1943 Portsmouth Cubs
1944 Lynchburg Cardinals
1945 Norfolk Tars
1946 Roanoke Red Sox
1947 Roanoke Red Sox
1948 Lynchburg Cardinals
1949 Lynchburg Cardinals
1950 Portsmouth Cubs
1951 Norfolk Tars
1952 Norfolk Tars
1953 Norfolk Tars
1954 Norfolk Tars
1955 Newport News Dodgers


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