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Piccolo Grande Amore is a 1993 Italian film with a largely English cast. It was released in the Italian language with English subtitles. The story takes place on Sardinia.

It was directed by Carlo Vanzina, who also co-wrote the script with his brother Enrico Vanzina.


In this romantic comedy, Liechtenhaus (a fictional tiny European principality) is being ruled by Prince Max (David Warner), but the little country is nearly bankrupt. In fact, if he can't get an infusion of cash quickly, he may have to sell the royal palace to American developers as a casino complex. Fortunately, he's got a very pretty daughter, Princess Sofia (Barbara Snellenburg) and the dowry he will get from marrying her off to the unappealing, but wealthy heir to a similar nearby principality will more than get his tiny country in the clear. Unfortunately for him, his daughter is adamant about refusing this arranged marriage and prefers romance with a handsome but penniless windsurfing instructor (Raoul Bova) to saving her country. Nefarious schemes are called for and when the Princess is kidnapped, something must be done.[1]



It was shot in and around Vienna, Austria. The cast shared the Holiday Inn in Vienna with the cast and crew of Disneys The Three Musketeers, who had taken over the rest of the hotel.[2] As with other films by the Vanzina brothers, there is also a longer TV version, transmitted once on the Italian commercial television channel Italia 1.

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  • Link to film trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzNinV67oVQ
  • Link to Italian Wikipedia site which contains a jpg: it:Piccolo_grande_amore
  • Click here for copy of Italian poster: http://www.impawards.com/intl/italy/2009/questo_piccolo_grande_amore_xlg.html
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