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Parliamentary Assembly of
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian: Parlamentarna skupština Bosne i Hercegovine / Парламентарна скупштина Босне и Херцеговине) is the bicameral legislative body of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of the following two chambers.

Its predecessors were the unicameral Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the People's Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Presidents (1953–1997)

Presidents of the People's Assembly (1953–1992)[1][2]

  1. Đuro Pucar 1953–1963
  2. Ratomir Dugonjić 1963–1967
  3. Džemal Bijedić 1967–1971
  4. Hamdija Pozderac 1971–1978
  5. Niko Mihaljević 1978–1981
  6. Vaso Gačić 1981–1983
  7. Ivica Blažević 1983–1984
  8. Salko Oruč 1984–1987
  9. Savo Čečur 1987–1989
  10. Zlatan Karavdić 1989–1990
  11. Momčilo Krajišnik 1990 – 3 March 1992

Speakers of the Assembly (1992–1997)

  1. Momčilo Krajišnik 3 March 1992 – 29 October 1992
  2. Abdulah Konjičija (acting) 29 October 1992 – 25 December 1992
  3. Miro Lazović 25 December 1992 – 3 January 1997

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  • BiH Parliament Official website (in Bosnian) (in Croatian) (in Serbian)
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