Parkari Koli language

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Parkari Koli
Native to Sindh province, Pakistan
Native speakers
250,000 (1995)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 kvx
Glottolog park1237[3]

The Parkari Koli language (sometimes called just Parkari) is a language mainly spoken in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It is spoken in the southeast tip bordering India, Tharparkar District, Nagar Parkar. Most of the lower Thar Desert, west as far as Indus River, bordered north and west by Hyderabad, to south and west of Badin.[1]

Lexical similarity

77%–83% with Marwari, 83% with Tharadari Koli.[1]


The orthography was standardized in 1983-84 and used from 1985 onward. It is based on the Sindhi alphabet with three additional letters: ۮ, representing a voiced dental implosive /ɗ/, ۯ, representing a retroflex lateral approximant /ɭ/, and ۿ, representing a voiced glottal fricative /ɦ/. These letters all use an inverted V (like the circumflex) as the diacritical mark because Sindhi already makes frequent use of dots.


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