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CA Panvalet
Developer(s) Computer Associates
Operating system z/OS, z/VSE
Type Revision control
License Proprietary

Computer Associates Panvalet® (also known as CA-Panvalet) is a revision control and source code management system for mainframe computers such as the IBM System z and IBM System/370 running the z/OS and z/VSE operating systems. Unlike open-source solutions such as CVS, SVN or Mercurial, Panvalet is a closed source, proprietary system for versioning and control of source code such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe on personal computers. It uses a client-server model where users check-out files to change and check them back into the repository when finished.[1]

Panvalet can be used to manage program source code, JCL, and object module files. It supports granular access controls including check-in and check-out by specific mainframe user IDs.[2]

In 1978, it was reported that Panvalet, at the time a product of Pansophic Systems, Inc, was in use at over 3,000 sites.[3]


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