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Overseas Taiwanese
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 People's Republic of China 1,000,000[1]
 Indonesia 510,000[2]
 United States 364,595[3]
 Thailand 140,000[4]
 Brazil 70,000[5]
 Canada 66,455[6]
 Japan 61,000[7]
 Vietnam 60,000[8]
 Singapore 60,000[9]
 Australia 55,960[10]
 Malaysia 45,000[11]
 Brunei 38,000[12]
 Philippines 22,213
 South Korea 20,981
 Costa Rica 14,000[13]
 France 11,000[14]
 Argentina 11,000[15]
 New Zealand 10,000[16]
 South Africa 10,000[17]
 Germany 7,000[18]
 United Kingdom 6,000[19]
Others 33,000
Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Formosan languages

Overseas Taiwanese (Chinese: 海外臺灣人), also called "people of Taiwanese descent" (Chinese: 臺裔; pinyin: taiyi), are people who are living outside of Taiwan but are of Taiwanese ancestry or descent. Overseas Taiwanese may live in other territories such as the People's Republic of China and are not necessarily Taiwan nationals.


Overseas Taiwanese may not have been born in or lived in Taiwan. In November 2014 the Taipei Times cited an estimate of 1 million Taiwanese living in China.[1]

Overseas citizens must return to Taiwan to legally vote in elections, as Taiwan does not use absentee ballots.[2]

In the United States, there are 230,382 to 919,000 people of Taiwanese descent living in the country. They are mostly concentrated in California, New York, and Texas.[3][4] There are over 91,000 Taiwanese people in Canada, mainly living in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.[5][6][7]


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