Oswald of Selsey

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Bishop of Selsey
Appointed between 747 and 765
Term ended between 772 and 780
Predecessor Aluberht
Successor Gislhere
Consecration between 747 and 765
Personal details
Died between 772 and 780
Denomination Christian

Oswald (died c. 776) was a medieval Bishop of Selsey, often called Osa for short.


In 765 Oswald witnessed a charter of Osmund, King of Sussex.[1]

In 772 Oswald received a grant from Osfrith, King of Mercia.[2]

Kelly suggested that “It is possible that Osa was a kinsman of King Osmund, and of the contemporary Oslac and Oswald, who also seem to have been regarded as kings before 772”.[3]

Oswald was consecrated between 747 and 765, and died between 772 and 780.[4]


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