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Shaquille O'Neal was drafted by the Orlando Magic in 1992.

The Orlando Magic first participated in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft on June 27, 1989, about five months before their inaugural NBA season. The NBA agreed with the National Basketball Players' Association to limit drafts to two rounds from 1989 onward.[1] Before each draft, an NBA draft lottery determines the first round selection order for the teams that missed the playoffs during the prior season.[1] Teams can also trade their picks, so some years a team could have more than or less than two picks.

The Magic were given their two picks in 1989. They selected Nick Anderson with the eleventh overall pick and Michael Ansley with the 37th pick. In 1992, the Magic won the NBA Lottery and with the first pick, they drafted Shaquille O'Neal, who went on to be selected as an All-Star a record-tying 14 consecutive times.[2] In 2004, the Magic drafted a future All-Star, Dwight Howard.[3] Throughout the years, the Magic had traded away some of their picks as well as traded for other teams' picks. As a result of the various trades, the Orlando Magic had three first round picks in 1998 and 2000.


Abbreviation Meaning
G Guard
PG Point guard
SG Shooting guard
F Forward
SF Small forward
PF Power forward
C Center


draft Round Pick Player Nat Pos College/High School/Club Notes
1989-11989 1 11 Anderson, NickNick Anderson  USA SG/SF Illinois
1989-21989 2 37 Ansley, MichaelMichael Ansley  USA SF Alabama
1990 1 4 Scott, DennisDennis Scott  USA SF Georgia Tech
1991 1 10 Williams, BrianBrian Williams  USA C Arizona
1991 1 23 Roberts, StanleyStanley Roberts  USA C LSU (from San Antonio)[4]
1991 2 36 Corchiani, ChrisChris Corchiani  USA PG North Carolina State
1992 1 1 O'Neal, ShaquilleShaquille O'Neal  USA C LSU
1993 1 1 Webber, ChrisChris Webber  USA PF Michigan (traded to Golden State)[5]
1993 1 26 Hammink, GeertGeert Hammink  USA C LSU (from New York)[6]
1994 1 27 Thompson, BrooksBrooks Thompson  USA SG Oklahoma State (from L.A. Clippers)[6]
1994 2 31 Dent, RodneyRodney Dent  USA C Kentucky
1995 1 25 Vaughn, DavidDavid Vaughn  USA PF/C Memphis
1996 1 27 Evans, BrianBrian Evans  USA SF Indiana
1996 2 49 McCaskill, AmalAmal McCaskill  USA PF/C Marquette
1997 1 17 Taylor, JohnnyJohnny Taylor  USA SF Chattanooga
1997 2 47 Washington, EricEric Washington  USA SG/SF Alabama (traded to Denver)[7]
1998 1 12 Doleac, MichaelMichael Doleac  USA PF/C Utah
1998 1 13 Clark, KeonKeon Clark  USA PF UNLV (from Golden State,[5] traded to Denver)[8]
1998 1 15 Harpring, MattMatt Harpring  USA SF Georgia Tech (from New Jersey)[9]
1998 2 42 Simon, MilesMiles Simon  USA SG Arizona
1999 2 38 Profit, LaronLaron Profit  USA SG/SF Maryland (from Golden State,[10] traded to Washington)[11]
2000 1 5 Miller, MikeMike Miller  USA SG/SF Florida (from Golden State)[5]
2000 1 10 Dooling, KeyonKeyon Dooling  USA PG Missouri (from Denver)[8]
2000 1 13 Alexander, CourtneyCourtney Alexander  USA SG Fresno State
2001 1 15 Hunter, StevenSteven Hunter  USA C DePaul
2001 1 22 Sasser, JerylJeryl Sasser  USA PG/SG SMU (from Houston)[12]
2001 2 32 Cook, OmarOmar Cook  USA PG St. John's (from Washington,[11] traded to Denver)[13]
2002 1 18 Borchardt, CurtisCurtis Borchardt  USA C Stanford (traded to Utah)[14]
2003 1 15 Gaines, ReeceReece Gaines  USA PG Louisville
2003 2 42 Pachulia, ZazaZaza Pachulia  GEO PF/C Ülkerspor (Turkey)
2004 1 1 Howard, DwightDwight Howard  USA C Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy (Atlanta)
2004 2 30 Varejão, AndersonAnderson Varejão  BRA PF FC Barcelona (Spain) (traded to Cleveland)[15]
2004 2 36 Burks, AntonioAntonio Burks  USA PG Memphis
2005 1 11 Vázquez, FranFran Vázquez  ESP PF Unicaja Málaga (Spain)
2005 2 38 Diener, TravisTravis Diener  USA PG/SG Marquette
2005 2 44 Andriuškevičius, MartynasMartynas Andriuškevičius  LTU C Žalgiris (Lithuania) (from Cleveland,[15] traded to Cleveland)[16]
2006 1 11 Redick, J. J.J. J. Redick  USA SG Duke
2006 2 41 Augustine, JamesJames Augustine  USA PF Illinois
2006 2 44 Eliyahu, LiorLior Eliyahu  ISR SF Hapoel Galil Elyon (Israel) (from Cleveland,[16] traded to Houston)[17]
2007 2 44 Terry, ReyshawnReyshawn Terry  USA SF North Carolina (traded to Dallas)[18]
2008 1 22 Lee, CourtneyCourtney Lee  USA SG Western Kentucky
2010 1 29 Orton, DanielDaniel Orton  USA C Kentucky
2010 2 59 Robinson, StanleyStanley Robinson  USA SF Connecticut
2011 2 53 Liggins, DeAndreDeAndre Liggins  USA SG Kentucky
2012 1 19 Nicholson, AndrewAndrew Nicholson  CAN PF St. Bonaventure
2012 2 49 O'Quinn, KyleKyle O'Quinn  USA C Norfolk St.
2013 1 2 Oladipo, VictorVictor Oladipo  USA SG Indiana
2013 2 51 Osby, RomeroRomero Osby  USA PF Oklahoma
2014 1 4 Gordon, AaronAaron Gordon  USA PF Arizona
2014 1 12 Šarić, DarioDario Šarić  CRO PF/SF Cibona Zagreb (Croatia) (from New York via Denver, traded to Philadelphia)
2015 1 5 Hezonja, MarioMario Hezonja  CRO SG/SF FC Barcelona (Spain)
2015 2 51 Harvey, TylerTyler Harvey  USA PG Eastern Washington (from Chicago)
2016 1 11 Sabonis, DomantasDomantas Sabonis  LTU PF/C Gonzaga (traded to Oklahoma City)
2016 2 41 Zimmerman, StephenStephen Zimmerman  USA PF/C UNLV
2016 2 47 Layman, JakeJake Layman  USA SF Maryland (from Chicago, traded to Portland)
2017 1 6 Isaac, JonathanJonathan Isaac  USA SF/PF Florida State
2017 1 25 Pasečņiks, AnžejsAnžejs Pasečņiks  LAT C Herbalife Gran Canaria (Spain) (from Toronto, traded to Philadelphia)
2017 2 33 Iwundu, WesleyWesley Iwundu  USA SF Kansas State (from L.A. Lakers)
2017 2 35 Rabb, IvanIvan Rabb  USA PF California (traded to Memphis)


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