Order of battle of the Serbian Army in World War I

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First Army

General Petar Bojović, Commanding First Army

Colonel Božidar Terzić, Chief of Staff

Divisions Regiments
Cavalry division:

   Colonel Branko Jovanović

  • 1. cavalry regiment
  • 2. cavalry regiment
  • 3. cavalry regiment
  • 4. cavalry regiment
Timok division I ban:

   General Vladimir Kondić

  • 13. inf.reg. I ban
  • 14. inf.reg. I ban
  • 15. inf.reg. I ban
  • 20. inf.reg. I ban
Timok division II ban:


  • 13. inf.reg. II ban
  • 14. inf.reg. II ban
  • 15. inf.reg. II ban
Morava division II ban


  • 1. inf.reg. II ban
  • 2. inf.reg. II ban
  • 3. inf.reg. II ban

Braničevo detachment (Dunav division II ban)

troops of Dunav division II ban:

  • 7. inf.reg. II ban
  • 8. inf.reg. II ban
  • 9. inf.reg. II ban

other troops:

  • 9. inf.reg. I ban
  • 8. inf.reg. III ban
  • 9. inf.reg. III ban
Army artillery

   Colonel Božidar Srećković

Second Army

General Stepa Stepanović, Commanding Second Army

Colonel Vojislav Živanović, Chief of Staff

Divisions Regiments
Morava division I ban

   Colonel Ilija Gojković

  • 1.inf.reg. I ban
  • 2.inf.reg. I ban
  • 3.inf.reg. I ban
  • 16.inf.reg. I ban

Combined division I ban
   General Mihajlo Rašić

  • 1. supernumerary inf.reg. I ban Svetislav Mišković
  • 2. supernumerary inf.reg. I ban
  • 5. supernumerary inf.reg. I ban
  • 6. supernumerary inf.reg. I ban Dragoljub Uzunmirković

Šumadija division I ban

  • 10. inf.reg. I ban
  • 11. inf.reg. I ban
  • 12. inf.reg. I ban
  • 19. inf.reg. I ban

Dunav division I ban
   Colonel Milivoje Anđelković

  • 7. inf.reg. I ban
  • 8. inf.reg. I ban
  • 18. inf.reg. I ban
  • 4. supernumerary inf.reg. I ban
Army artillery

   Colonel Vojislav Milojević

Third army

General Pavle Jurišić Šturm, Commanding Third Army

Colonel Dušan Pešić, Chieff of Staff

Divisions and brigades Regiments
Drina division I ban


  • 5. inf.reg. I ban
  • 6. inf.reg. I ban
  • 17. inf.reg. I ban
  • 3. supernumerary inf.reg. I ban
Drina division II ban


  • 5. inf.reg. II ban Miloje Jelisijević
  • 6. inf.reg. II ban
  • 6. inf.reg. III ban
  • 1 battalion of 5. inf.reg. III ban
Obrenovac detachment


  • 7. inf.reg. III ban
  • 2 battalions of 5. inf.reg. III ban
other units:


  • Jadar četnik detachment
Army artillery:

   Colonel Miloš Mihailović

Army group Užice

General Miloš Božanović

Divisions and brigades Regiments
Šumadija division II ban

   Colonel Dragutin Milutinović

  • 10. inf.reg. II ban
  • 11 inf.reg. II ban
  • 12. inf.reg. II ban
  • 4. inf.reg. I ban
Užice brigade

   Colonel Ivan Pavlović

  • 4. inf.reg. II ban
  • 4. inf.reg. III ban


  • Lim detachment LtColonel Jevrem Mihailović
  • Zlatibor četnik detachment Major Kosta Tododrović
  • Gornjak četnik detachment Major Velimir Vemić
Army artillery:




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