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Orang Sungai
Abai Sungai
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Sungai language, Malay language
Islam (predominantly), Christianity, Animism
Related ethnic groups
Tambanuo, Kadazan-Dusun

The Orang Sungai (Malay word for "River People") are a group of indigenous people native to the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Groups of communities live along the rivers of Kinabatangan, Paitan, Labuk, Kudat and Lahad Datu.[2] The name "Orang Sungai" is a collective term that was first coined during the colonial British rule for communities living along the Kinabatangan River.[3] In some cases like the Tambanuo people would refer to themselves as Orang Sungai for those who are Muslims; unless if they are not Muslims, then they would identify themselves by their tribal name.[4] Whereas tribes like the Ida'an people are sometimes regarded as part of the Orang Sungai historically because of their common linguistic origins.[5]

Notable Orang Sungai

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