Orang Kuala

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Duano' people
Desin Duano' / Desin Dolak / Orang Kuala
Total population
(19,000 (2006)[1])
Regions with significant populations
 Indonesia 17,500[2]
 Malaysia (Johor) 3,761 (2010)[3]
Duano', Indonesian, Malay
Sunni Islam (predominantly), Animism
Related ethnic groups
Orang Laut, Urak Lawoi', Moken, Orang Seletar

The Duano' (sometimes Desin Dolak or Desin Duano') are one of the indigenous peoples of Malaysia (where they are also referred to as Orang Kuala, meaning "people of the estuary") and can be found in islands along the northeastern region of Sumatra, Indonesia in which most Duano' people lived. They are considered to be Proto-Malay. Duano' people are also categorized as Orang Laut (sea people) or migratory fishermen; a group that includes the Urak Lawoi’ people and Moken people of the northern region.[4] With their normadic boat lifestyle, their livelihood is almost exclusively based on fishing, and collecting shellfish and crustaceans by using mud-boards.[5]

The Orang Kuala numbered about 2,000 people in 2000. They speak a Para-Malay language called Duano', which is currently endangered.


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