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Onofre Abellanosa (1913 – 1974) was a Filipino Visayan writer of short stories and plays.

Known works

  • Ang Kagabhion (short story), published in Bisaya, 1946.
  • Floriki (play), 1930.
  • Gahom sa Latigo (play), 1965.


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Biography: Pen name - Diwa Salak Date of Birth - June 12, 1913 Date of Death - June 11, 1974 Cause of Death: Cancer of the Liver Course: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor in Secondary Education Early Life: He start to write when he was young. He loves to read history, literature and geography. He was a war volunteer USAFE. He worked at the office administration.


Father -

          Baldomero Abellanosa - musician, composer, band leader 

Mother -

          Cirila Abasolo Abellanosa

Siblings -

          1.Victorino (writer, composer, playwright) 
          2.Ramon (writer, politician)
          4.Jose (musician)
          5.Onofre (teacher, playwright)
          6. Generoso (musician)
          7. German (died during world war 2)
          8.Josefa (teacher)  
          9.Miguel (teacher, musician)

Wife -

          Maria Villena Pacres (Cheong Hsiong)

Children -

         1. Themistocles - Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor in Secondary Education (University of the Visayas)
         2. Mansueto - Bachelor in Secondary Education (University of the Visayas)
         3. Andres - AB, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor in Secondary Education (University of the Visayas)
         4. Franklin - AB, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor in Secondary Education (University of the Visayas)
         5. Paz - Bachelor in Secondary Education (University of the Visayas)
         6. Editha - BSEED (University of the Visayas)
         7. Onofre Jr. - Bachelor of Science in Criminology (University of the Visayas)
         8. Lillian - AB (University of the Visayas), BS Nursing (Southwestern University)
         9. Edgar - Bachelor of Science in Engineering (University of the Visayas)
         10.Desiree - BS Nursing (Cebu City Hospital)
         11.Rico - Bachelor of Laws (University of San Carlos)
        *Onofre Abasolo-Abellanosa Sr. - Magbabalak ug Magsusulat
                      Anaa na ikaw diin ang tanan ingon sa damgo. 
                      Anaa ka na sa gingharian sa pahulayang dayon, 
                      Apan sa kasingkasing namo kami maghandum kanimo. 
                      Ang imong ngalan usa ka awit nga walay kamatayon.
                                                        -Diwa Salak

            Sources: Lillian Abellanosa - Arao-arao, Desiree Abellanosa-Lucenio, Edgar Pacre-Abellanosa
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