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Diesel train on the Ōmura Line
Rapid train Seaside Liner on the Ōmura Line

Ōmura Line (大村線, Ōmura-sen) is a railway line in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, operated by the Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu). It connects Haiki Station in Sasebo to Isahaya Station in Isahaya. From 1898 the line was part of the Nagasaki Main Line until the Hizen Yamaguchi - Isahaya line opened in 1934.


The Kyushu Railway Co. opened the entire line in 1898 as part of the original Nagasaki Main Line. The company was nationalised in 1907.

With the opening of the Hizen Yamaguchi - Isahaya section of the Nagasaki Main Line in 1934, the line was renamed the Omura Line.

In 1992 the Haiki - Huis Ten Bosch section was electrified at 20kVAC.

Track data

  • Company: Kyushu Railway Company
  • Distance: 47.6km
  • Gauge: 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
  • Stations: 13
  • Tracks: Single
  • Electrification:
    • between Haiki and Huis Ten Bosch - electrified (20,000 V 60Hz)
    • between Huis Ten Bosch and Isahaya - not electrified
  • Blocking system: Automatic


  • S: Trains stop
  • |: Non-stop
Name Distance (km) Rapid
Seaside Liner
Transfers Location
Direct connection to Sasebo Line
Haiki 0.0 S Sasebo Line Sasebo Nagasaki Prefecture
Huis Ten Bosch 4.7 S  
Haenosaki 5.6 |  
Ogushigō 9.6 |   Kawatana,
Higashisonogi District
Kawatana 13.6 S  
Sonogi 19.6 S   Higashisonogi,
Higashisonogi District
Chiwata 24.0 |  
Matsubara 28.5 |   Ōmura
Takematsu 32.8 S  
Suwa 34.8 |  
Ōmura 36.2 S  
Iwamatsu 40.0 |  
Isahaya 47.6 S Nagasaki Main Line
Shimabara Railway Line
Direct connection to Nagasaki Main Line


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