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Obama Line
An Obama Line 125 series train at Wakasa-Hongō Station
Locale Fukui Prefecture
Kyoto Prefecture
Termini Tsuruga Station
Higashi-Maizuru Station
Stations 24
Daily ridership 1,078 passengers per km per day (FY2014)[1]
Opened 1917
Owner JR West
Rolling stock 125 series
Line length 84.3 km (52.4 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification 1,500 V DC overhead
Operating speed 85 km/h (53 mph)

The Obama Line (小浜線, Obama-sen) is a railway line on the Sea of Japan coast of central Japan. It is operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

The 84.3-kilometre (52.4 mi) long single track railway connects Tsuruga Station on the Hokuriku Main Line in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture and Higashi-Maizuru Station on the Maizuru Line in Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture. The city of Obama and the towns of Mihama, Wakasa, Ōi and Takahama are located in the central section of the line.


The Tsuruga - Tomura section opened in 1917, and the line was then extended westward to Obama in 1918, Wakasa-Takahama in 1921 and connected to the Maizuru Line at Higashi-Maizuru the following year.

Freight services between Tsuruga and Mitsumatsu ceased in 1997.

The line was electrified on March 15, 2003.


Name Distance (km) Rapid Transfers Location
Tsuruga 敦賀 - 0.0  A   B  Hokuriku Main Line Tsuruga Fukui
Nishi-Tsuruga 西敦賀 3.3 3.3  
Awano 粟野 4.4 7.7  
Higashi-Mihama 東美浜 5.0 12.7   Mihama,
Mikata District
Mihama 美浜 5.2 17.9  
Kiyama 気山 3.5 21.4   Wakasa,
Mikatakaminaka District
Mikata 三方 3.3 24.7  
Fujii 藤井 2.6 27.3  
Tomura 十村 2.0 29.3  
Ōtoba 大鳥羽 4.0 33.3  
Wakasa-Arita 若狭有田 2.1 35.4  
Kaminaka 上中 3.4 38.8  
Shin-Hirano 新平野 4.5 43.3   Obama
Higashi-Obama 東小浜 2.9 46.2  
Obama 小浜 3.3 49.5  
Seihama 勢浜 3.7 53.2    
Kato 加斗 4.0 57.2    
Wakasa-Hongō 若狭本郷 4.6 61.8     Ōi, Ōi District
Wakasa-Wada 若狭和田 3.9 65.7     Takahama, Ōi District
Wakasa-Takahama 若狭高浜 3.2 68.9    
Mitsumatsu 三松 2.5 71.4    
Aonogō 青郷 2.1 73.5    
Matsunoodera 松尾寺 4.7 78.2     Maizuru, Kyoto
Higashi-Maizuru 東舞鶴 6.1 84.3    L  Maizuru Line

Rolling stock

The line uses single-car 125 series EMU cars. sometimes substituted by 521 series EMU cars.


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