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Nycticeius humeralis Evening bat.JPG
N. humeralis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Chiroptera
Family: Vespertilionidae
Subfamily: Vespertilioninae
Tribe: Nycticeiini
Genus: Nycticeius
Rafinesque, 1819
Type species
Vespertilio humeralis
(Rafinesque, 1818)

2, See text.


Nycticea Le Conte, 1831
Nycticejus Temminck, 1827
Nycticeus Lesson, 1827
Nycticeyx Wagler, 1830

Nycticeius is a small genus of bats in the vesper bat family, Vespertilionidae. It contains three species, the evening bat (N. humeralis), the Cuban evening bat (N. cubanus) and Nycticeius aenobarbus. Some authorities include several other Old World species in Nycticeius, but recent genetic work shows that is a completely New World genus. Nycticeius is of Greek and Latin origin, meaning "belonging to the night".[1]

The Cuban evening bat is found only on the island of Cuba, and very little is known about this species. It is similar in appearance to N. humeralis, but is considerably smaller (4–7 grams).



  1. ^ Watkins, L. C. (1972). Nycticeius humeralis. Mammalian species, (23), 1-4.

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