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Nuri Conker[1]
Nuri Conker.jpg
Born 1882 (1882)
Salonica, Salonica Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Died 11 January 1937(1937-01-11) (aged 54–55)
Ankara, Turkey
Ankara Şehitliği
State Cemetery
Allegiance  Ottoman Empire (1902–20)
 Turkey (1920–27)
Years of service Ottoman Empire: 1902–20
Turkey: June, 1920–27
Rank Brigadier
Commands held Chief of Staff of the 1st Division, 24th Regiment, Military attaché to The Hague
General Director of the Press and Intelligence, Ankara Command, 41st Division (Governor of Adana Vilayet)
Battles/wars Italo-Turkish War
Balkan Wars
First World War
War of Independence
Other work Member of the GNAT (Kütahya)
Member of the GNAT (Gaziantep)
Member of the administrative board of the Türkiye İş Bankası

Mehmet Nuri Conker (September 20, 1882 – January 11, 1937) was a Turkish politician and an officer of the Ottoman Army and the Turkish Army.

Nuri Conker (left) and Atatürk in 1931

Nuri Conker was the oldest friend of Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk).[2] His sister Dürriye Hanım married Salih Bozok. According to Philip Hendrick Stoddard, he was a brother-in-law of Süleyman Askerî Bey.[3]


  • Conker, Mehmed Nuri, Zâbit ve Kumandan, İş Bankası Yayınları, Ankara, 1959. (He wrote this book in 1930, Mustafa Kemal's Zâbit ve Kumandan ile Hasbihal was the answer to Nuri's work.)

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