Nova Scotia general election, 1920

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The 14th Nova Scotia general election was held on 27 July 1920 to elect members of the 37th House of Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. It was won by the Liberal party.

  Party Leader 1916 Seats won % change Popular vote (%)
  Liberal George Henry Murray 31 29 -6.5% 44.4%
United Farmers* Daniel G. McKenzie 0 6** N/A 14.0%
     Labour* 0 5 N/A 16.9%
  Conservative William Lorimer Hall 12 3 -75% 24.7%
Totals 43 43 100%

* The United Farmers, Labour (the Independent Labour Party) and War Veterans co-operated with each other to run candidates. Candidates for the coalition were selected on the basis of which group was best represented in a riding.

** 7 if one counts a Farmer-Labour candidate which is listed here with the Labour tally.


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