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A bus with Stalin's portrait servicing route 187-К in Saint Petersburg in May 2010

Nostalgia for the Soviet Union[1] (Russian: Ностальгия по СССР) or Soviet nostalgia[2][3] is a social phenomenon of nostalgia for the Soviet era, whether its politics, its society, its culture, or simply its aesthetics. Such nostalgia is observed among people in Russia and the other post-Soviet states, as well as persons born in the Soviet Union but long since living abroad.

In 2004 a television channel Nostalgiya stylized with a hammer and sickle was launched in Russia.


The Essence of Time movement combines Russian patriotism, neo-Communism and Soviet nostalgia.[citation needed]

Soviet nostalgia often results from the frustration Russia experienced after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. As the Soviet economy crumbled into various new post-Soviet economies, changing painfully from a planned economy to capitalism, the standard of living fell for many people and their social safety net disintegrated, but they watched so-called New Russians and Russian oligarchs prosper, often by unethical means. Simultaneously, the loss of superpower status and the economic pain drove various reactions, from increased Russian nationalism to disillusionment.[citation needed]

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