Northern Luzon languages

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Northern Luzon
Cordillera Central (Luzon)
Linguistic classification Austronesian
Glottolog nort3238[1]
Northern Luzon languages.png
Geographic extent of Northern Luzon languages based on Ethnologue

The Northern Luzon languages (also known as the Cordilleran languages) are one of the few established large groups within Philippine languages. These are mostly located in and around the Cordillera Central of northern Luzon in the Philippines. Among its major languages are Ilokano, Pangasinan and Ibanag

Lawrence Reid (2018)[2] considers Arta and the Northeastern Luzon languages to each form first-order branches (i.e., primary splits) within Northern Luzon.

Internal classification

With over forty closely related languages, below is the classification for Northern Luzon languages:

Ethnic groups

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