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Nobis or Novis[1] (Welsh: Nyfys;[2] fl. c. 840) is traditionally considered to have been a bishop of Meneva (modern St Davids) in the medieval Welsh kingdom of Dyfed.

The arrival of a bishop is noted by the Annals of Wales,[3] which Phillimore's reconstruction places in AD 840.[4] Asser counts "Archbishop Nobis" as a relative[5] and Gerald of Wales and other sources later include him on their bishop lists for the see.[1] However, actual Latin of the Welsh annals read:

Nobis episcopus inminiu regnavit

in the A text[4] and

Nouus episcopatum suscepit

in the B text.[6] Either could describe the arrival of a bishop named "Nyfys",[2] but the Latin can also be read directly as "Our bishop reigned in Meneva" (Old Welsh: Miniu) and "A new bishop arrived". Similarly, the Latin of Asser's Life of King Alfred could be rendered "our bishop, my relative".[7] For the year 840, the Welsh Chronicle of the Princes (Brut y Tywysogion) notes only that "The Bishop of Meneva died"[8][9] but goes on to mention that "Einion, of Noble Descent, bishop of Meneva, died" in AD 871.[10][11] This Bishop Einion passes unmentioned in Gerald or sources derived from him.


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