Nima Djama

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Nima Djama
Birth name Nima Djama Miguil
Born 1949
Ali Sabieh, Djibouti
Origin Djibouti
Genres Djiboutian music
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1970s-present

Nima Djama (Somali: Neima Djama Miguil) is a composer and singer from Djibouti.[1] In the 1976, Nima Djama sang famous patriotic song for Djibouti independence. She is also heavily involved in Djiboutian politics.


Nima Djama hails from the Issa, Somali ethnic group.

She began her musical career early. In 1975, she sang against the French administration who will not give a fair referendum for her country become an independence nation. There was vote rigging in the referendum of 1967. After that (Gabdhayahow) song she became popular across the country. She then joined the cultural troupe as a Somali singer [2] Now she lives in Ottawa, Canada.

"Buuraha u dheer" sung by Nima Djama


  • Gabdhayahow (1976)
  • Buuraha u dheer (1980)
  • Qalbigu Waa Meel Qudha (1981)
  • Adoo meel foog joogo (1982)
  • Gacanteyda meel sare (1999)
  • Qoomamayn (1999)
  • Dibnaha (2000)
  • Naxariis (2000)
  • Caalanka (2007)

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