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Mid-1920s nightgowns worn by the Brox Sisters.

A nightgown, nightie or nightdress is a loosely hanging item of nightwear, today almost exclusively worn by women. A nightgown is made from cotton, silk, satin, or nylon and may be decorated with lace appliqués or embroidery at the bust and hem.[1]

A nightgown may have any neckline, and may have sleeves of any type, or be sleeveless, and any shoulder strap or back style. The length of a nightgown may vary from hip-length to floor-length. A short nightgown can be called a "shortie" or a "babydoll", depending on the style. The sweep (taper from top to bottom) of the night gown can vary from virtually straight, to full circle sweep, like the Olga gown pictured below. A slip nightgown may be used as a nightgown or as a full slip. Nightgowns may be worn with a matching outer garment, a robe, sheer chiffon peignoir or dressing gown, to make them appropriate for receiving guests.[2]


The Workwoman's Guide, which was published in London in 1838, describes various types of nightgowns. High-collared style gowns were more prominent in that era.[3]

The nightgown acquired more prominence during the Victorian Era. From that very early stage, nightgowns were increasingly being used to keep one on winter nights and as a stylish home wear as well.[citation needed]


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