Next Gibraltar general election

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Next Gibraltar general election

← 2015 on or before 7 April 2020 2023 →

17 seats to the Gibraltar Parliament
9 seats needed for a majority
  Fabian Picardo in at 6 Convent Place 05.jpg Keith Azopardi on National Day 2011.jpg
Leader Fabian Picardo Keith Azopardi Marlene Hassan Nahon
Party Socialist Labour Social Democrats Together Gibraltar
Alliance GSLP–Liberal None None
Leader since 2011 2017 2018
Last election 10 seats, 68.4%[2] 7 seats, 31.6%[2] N/A[n 1]
Seats needed Steady Increase 2 Increase 8

Incumbent Chief Minister

Fabian Picardo
Socialist Labour

The next Gibraltar general election will elect all 17 members to the 4th Gibraltar Parliament.

Timing and procedure

Under section 38(2) of the Gibraltar Constitution Order 2006, the parliament must be dissolved by the Governor four years after its first meeting following the last election (unless the Chief Minister advises the Governor to dissolve parliament sooner). Under section 37 of the Constitution, writs for a general election must be issued within thirty days of the dissolution and the general election must then be held no later than three months after the issuing of a writ.[3]

The first meeting of the current parliament took place on 9 December 2015,[4] meaning parliament must be dissolved before midnight on 8 December 2019, writs must be issued by 7 January 2020 and an election must take place before 7 April 2020. However, if recent precedent is followed, the Chief Minister is likely to ask the Governor for an early dissolution and an election to take place sometime in November 2019 (four years after the last election). Following the British tradition, elections conventionally take place on a Thursday.

2015 results

Party Votes % +/– Seats +/–
Alliance Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party 70,551 47.83 +13.60 7 0
Liberal Party 30,399 20.61 +5.97 3 0
Gibraltar Social Democrats 46,545 31.56 –15.20 7 0
Total 147,495 100 0 17 0
Valid votes 15,578 94.56
Invalid/blank votes 897 5.44
Total votes cast 16,475 100
Registered voters/turnout 23,278 70.77
Source: Parliament of Gibraltar

Incumbent members

Candidate Party Votes
Fabian Picardo GSLP 10,852
Joseph Garcia GLP 10,661
John Cortes GSLP 10,529
Gilbert Licudi GSLP 10,379
Albert Isola GSLP 10,313
Neil Costa GLP 10,048
Samantha Sacramento GSLP 9,822
Steven Linares GLP 9,690
Paul Balban GSLP 9,511
Joseph Bossano GSLP 9,145
Daniel Feetham GSD 5,054
Marlene Hassan Nahon TG[n 1] 4,892
Elliott Phillips GSD 4,784
Edwin Reyes GSD 4,766
Roy Clinton GSD 4,733
Trevor Hammond GSD 4,578
Lawrence Llamas GSD[5] 4,565
Source: Parliament of Gibraltar


  1. ^ a b Marlene Hassan Nahon was elected as a GSD MP in 2015 but resigned from the party in 2016 and became an Independent MP. In 2017 she founded the political organisation Together Gibraltar, which became a political party in 2018.[1]


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