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High Priest of Ptah in Memphis
Louvre 122007 10.jpg
Closeup of the group statue, showing Nebpu
Predecessor Sehetepebreankh-nedjem
Dynasty 12th Dynasty
Pharaoh Amenemhat III
Father Sehetepebreankh-nedjem
Children ...hotepibre-shery
Burial unknown

Nebpu served as the High Priest of Ptah at Memphis during the reign of King Amenemhat III in the late Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt. He was the son and successor in office of Sehetepebreankh-nedjem who served King Senusret III.

In the Louvre Museum (A47), a quartzite group statue shows Sehetepebreankh-nedjem, Nebpu and a son (...hotepib-shery) which has been damaged, the statue being dedicated by Nebpu to his father and datable by style to the end of the Twelfth Dynasty.[1] It was bought in 1816.


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