Nawab of Rajoli

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Nawab Nazir Mohammad
last Nawab Of Rajoli
Edward is young, clean-shaven and in military uniform
Nawab Nazir Mohammad, 1964
Reign 1919 – 1954
Issue Niyaz Ahmad
Nisar Ahmad
Naim Ahmad
Full name
Nawab Nazir Mohammad, Later Nawab Nazir Ahmad
House Royal Family Of Rajoli Nawab
Father Nawab Jaan Mohammad
Mother Wasso Begum

The term Nawab of Rajoli refers to the lineage of Zamindar of the Central Province in India.

A Nawab was originally the provincial governor or viceroy of a province or region of the Mughal empire. Since most of the Muslim rulers of the subcontinent had accepted the authority of the Mughals, the term "Nawab" is generally understood to mean any Muslim ruler in the subcontinent. Under British rule.

However the title is also much used as a prefix (similar to Lord in English peerage) by Muslim aristocrats or landed gentry in the subcontinent prior to Independence of India. The family he possessed the title "Nawab of Rajoli" by the local population and the British Government who had wide respect for his family. His family had strong ties with the British Government, and the senior British government officers were usually visited at his big and wide mansion at their time of visit.

1st Hyatt Khan
2nd Nawaz Mohammad
3rd Shah Mohammad
4th Jaan Mohammad
5th Nazir Mohammad


In 1851 Ragoji III of Nagpur State Given the Land for Zamindari On 108Rs on Token to Two Muslim Families, Gewardha in Chanda and Rajoli at Bhandara. The Hyatt Khan family was one of the two Muslim landlords in Nagpur Division whose property 23 Villages in total including the jagir of 14 villages in Rajoli expanded it to 32.In 1863 zamindar of Rajoli Hyatt Khan marriage her only daughter Sajida Begum to a son of tobacco Businessman of Bhandara Named Nawaz Mohammad. After the death of Hyatt khan her only daughter Sajida begum held the title as heiress presumptive of Rajoli Zamindari and Nawaz Mohammad Become Chief of Rajoli Zamndari.

After Independence of India in 1947,Zamindari System is abolished in India Last ruling chief of Rajoli Nawab Nazir Mohammad immigrated to City Of Bhandara. the name was changed and the Rajoli zamindar and family were to be known as Ahmad.Nawab Nazir Ahmad Died On sept. 1989. Nawab Nazir Ahmad Has left three surviving sons, Niyaz Ahmad, Nisar Ahmad, Naim Ahmad and three Daughters.


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