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The Forbidden City (Palace Museum) in Beijing

The national first-grade museum (simplified Chinese: 国家一级博物馆; traditional Chinese: 國家一級博物館; pinyin: guójiā yījí bówùguǎn) is the highest classification for museums in China, as determined by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH).[1]

A first-grade museum generally has a comprehensive collection of artifacts, or has a large number of items in its collection with "very high historical, cultural, scientific, and artistic value". A first-grade museum is also expected to be a social and educational institution, with a professional staff, long-term volunteers, and facilities for educational services. First-grade museums are not required to be owned by the state. State-owned museums are expected to open for more than 300 days a year, while non-state-owned museums are only expected to be open for 240 days. Performance measures for the museums are expected to be regularly published on government websites.[1]

Scoring system

The SACH evaluates China's museums using a scoring system comprising three criteria: "comprehensive management and infrastructure" (200 points), "collection management and scientific research" (300 points), and "exhibition and social services" (500 points), with a total score of 1000. Museums scoring more than 800 points are classified as first grade. Among the rest, those scoring more than 600 points are classified as second grade, and those with 400 to 600 points are classified as third grade.[1]

List of first-grade museums

On 16 May 2008, the SACH issued the first batch of 83 national first-grade museums, including the Palace Museum.[2] However, in November 2013, 4 of the 83 museums failed to score more than 800 points in their reassessment, and were demoted to second-grade museums. They were the Beijing Planetarium, the Memorial of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea in Dandong, the Chinese Navy Museum in Qingdao, and the Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum.[3]

On 15 November 2012, the SACH announced the second batch of 17 national first-grade museums, including the National Museum of China.[4]

On 19 January 2017, the Chinese Museums Association announced the third batch of 34 national first-grade museums including the Beijing Planetarium, which had previously been demoted.[5]

As of 2013, there were 3,354 museums in China, including 811 private ones.[1] There are 131 museums classified as national first-grade as of 2017.

Museum City Province Batch
Palace Museum Beijing Beijing 1
Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution Beijing Beijing 1
China Science and Technology Museum Beijing Beijing 1
Geological Museum of China Beijing Beijing 1
Chinese Aviation Museum Beijing Beijing 1
Capital Museum Beijing Beijing 1
Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall Beijing Beijing 1
Beijing Museum of Natural History Beijing Beijing 1
Beijing Planetarium Beijing Beijing 1, 3
Beijing Lu Xun Museum Beijing Beijing 1
Zhoukoudian Site Museum Beijing Beijing 1
National Museum of China Beijing Beijing 2
China Agricultural Museum Beijing Beijing 2
Prince Kung's Mansion Museum Beijing Beijing 3
Tianjin Museum Tianjin Tianjin 1
Memorial to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao Tianjin Tianjin 1
Tianjin Natural History Museum Tianjin Tianjin 1
Hebei Museum Shijiazhuang Hebei 1
Xibaipo Memorial Museum Xibaipo Hebei 1
Handan Museum Handan Hebei 3
Shanxi Museum Taiyuan Shanxi 1
Taihang Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army Wuxiang County Shanxi 1
China Coal Museum Taiyuan Shanxi 1
Inner Mongolia Museum Hohhot Inner Mongolia 1
Ordos Museum Ordos Inner Mongolia 3
Liaoning Provincial Museum Shenyang Liaoning 1
September 18th History Museum Shenyang Liaoning 1
Lüshun Museum Dalian Liaoning 1
Memorial of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (delisted) Dandong Liaoning 1
Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum Shenyang Liaoning 3
Dalian Modern Museum Dalian Liaoning 3
Jilin Museum of Natural History Changchun Jilin 1
Jilin Provincial Museum Changchun Jilin 2
Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo Changchun Jilin 3
Northeast Martyrs Museum Harbin Heilongjiang 1
Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall Daqing Heilongjiang 1
Aihui History Museum Heihe Heilongjiang 1
Heilongjiang Provincial Museum Harbin Heilongjiang 2
Daqing Museum Daqing Heilongjiang 3
Shanghai Museum Shanghai Shanghai 1
Museum of the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party Shanghai Shanghai 1
Shanghai Lu Xun Museum Shanghai Shanghai 1
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Shanghai Shanghai 2
Chen Yun Museum Shanghai Shanghai 3
Nanjing Museum Nanjing Jiangsu 1
Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall Nanjing Jiangsu 1
Suzhou Museum Suzhou Jiangsu 1
Nantong Museum Nantong Jiangsu 1
Yangzhou Museum Yangzhou Jiangsu 1
Changzhou Museum Changzhou Jiangsu 3
Nanjing Municipal Museum Nanjing Jiangsu 3
Zhejiang Provincial Museum Hangzhou Zhejiang 1
Zhejiang Museum of Natural History Hangzhou Zhejiang 2
China National Silk Museum Hangzhou Zhejiang 2
Ningbo Museum Ningbo Zhejiang 2
Wenzhou Museum Wenzhou Zhejiang 3
Hangzhou Museum Hangzhou Zhejiang 3
Anhui Museum Hefei Anhui 1
Huizhou Culture Museum Huangshan Anhui 3
Fujian Museum Fuzhou Fujian 1
Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum (delisted) Xiamen Fujian 1
China Museum of Relationship of Fujian–Taiwan Kinship Quanzhou Fujian 1
Quanzhou Maritime Museum Quanzhou Fujian 1
Gutian Conference Memorial Hall Gutian Fujian 1
Central Soviet Area (Minxi) History Museum Longyan Fujian 3
Jiangxi Provincial Museum Nanchang Jiangxi 1
Nanchang August 1st Memorial Hall Nanchang Jiangxi 1
Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum Jinggangshan Jiangxi 1
Ruijin Central Revolutionary Base Museum Ruijin Jiangxi 1
Anyuan Workers' Movement Museum Pingxiang Jiangxi 3
Qingdao Museum Qingdao Shandong 1
Chinese Navy Museum (delisted) Qingdao Shandong 1
First Sino-Japanese War Museum Weihai Shandong 1
Qingzhou Museum Qingzhou Shandong 1
Shandong Museum Jinan Shandong 2
Yantai Museum Yantai Shandong 3
Weifang Museum Weifang Shandong 3
Henan Museum Zhengzhou Henan 1
Zhengzhou Museum Zhengzhou Henan 1
Luoyang Museum Luoyang Henan 1
Nanyang Han Paintings Museum Nanyang Henan 1
Kaifeng Museum Kaifeng Henan 3
E–Yu–Wan Soviet Revolution Museum Xin County Henan 3
Hubei Provincial Museum Wuhan Hubei 1
Jingzhou Museum Jingzhou Hubei 1
Wuhan Museum Wuhan Hubei 1
Wuchang Uprising Museum Wuhan Hubei 3
Zhongshan Warship Museum Wuhan Hubei 3
Hunan Museum Changsha Hunan 1
Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum Shaoshan Hunan 1
Liu Shaoqi Museum Ningxiang Hunan 1
Changsha Bamboo Slips Museum Changsha Hunan 3
Guangdong Museum Guangzhou Guangdong 1
Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King Guangzhou Guangdong 1
Museum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Zhongshan Guangdong 1
Shenzhen Museum Shenzhen Guangdong 2
Guangzhou Museum Guangzhou Guangdong 3
Guangdong Folk Art Museum Guangzhou Guangdong 3
Guangxi Museum Nanning Guangxi 1
Guangxi Nationalities Museum Nanning Guangxi 3
Hainan Museum Haikou Hainan 2
Three Gorges Museum Chongqing Chongqing 1
Hongyan Revolution History Museum Chongqing Chongqing 2
Chongqing Museum of Natural History Chongqing Chongqing 3
Sanxingdui Museum Chengdu Sichuan 1
Deng Xiaoping Residence Museum Guang'an Sichuan 1
Zigong Dinosaur Museum Zigong Sichuan 1
Wuhou Temple Museum Chengdu Sichuan 1
Du Fu Thatched Cottage Chengdu Sichuan 1
Sichuan Museum Chengdu Sichuan 2
Jinsha Site Museum Chengdu Sichuan 2
Zigong Salt History Museum Zigong Sichuan 3
Zunyi Conference Museum Zunyi Guizhou 1
Yunnan Provincial Museum Kunming Yunnan 1
Yunnan Nationalities Museum Kunming Yunnan 1
Tibet Museum Lhasa Tibet 1
Shaanxi History Museum Xi'an Shaanxi 1
Terracotta Army Museum Xi'an Shaanxi 1
Yan'an Revolution Museum Yan'an Shaanxi 1
Han Yang Ling Museum Xi'an Shaanxi 1
Stele Forest Museum Xi'an Shaanxi 1
Banpo Museum Xi'an Shaanxi 1
Xi'an Museum Xi'an Shaanxi 2
Baoji Bronzeware Museum Baoji Shaanxi 3
Tang West Market Museum Xi'an Shaanxi 3
Gansu Provincial Museum Lanzhou Gansu 2
Tianshui Museum Tianshui Gansu 3
Dunhuang Research Academy Dunhuang Gansu 3
Guyuan Museum Guyuan Ningxia 1
Ningxia Museum Yinchuan Ningxia 2
Qinghai Museum Xining Qinghai 3
Xinjiang Uyghur Museum Ürümqi Xinjiang 1
Turpan Museum Turpan Xinjiang 3


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