National Solidarity Alliance

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National Solidarity Alliance

Alianza Solidaridad Nacional
Leader Luis Castañeda
Founded December 11, 2010 (2010-12-11)
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Political position Center-right
Colors yellow, black
8 / 130

The National Solidarity Alliance (Spanish: Alianza Solidaridad Nacional) is an electoral alliance in Peru formed for the general election, 2011, dominated by the eponymous Party National Solidarity and led by presidential candidate Luis Castañeda.

Constituent Parties

In the 2006 election, National Solidarity Party (PSN) was part of the alliance National Unity, led by the Christian democrats, the UPP formed an alliance with the Peruvian Nationalist Party to promote their leader's candidacy, Cambio 90 participated in the pro-Fujimori Alliance for the Future.

In the congressional election on April 10, the alliance won 10.22% of the popular vote and 9 of 130 seats, placing them in the fifth position. In the elections for the five Peruvian members of the Andean Parliament, they won 9.41% but no representative.

Presidential candidate Luis Castañeda, initially considered a favourite, won 9.83% of the votes placing him fifth and not qualifying him for the run-off.

For the second round Castañeda suggested to vote for Force 2011 candidate Keiko Fujimori.[2]

In parliament

Eight of the nine representatives elected on the alliance's lists formed the National Solidarity parliamentary group. Renzo Reggiardo of Cambio 90 instead joined the small APRA-led Parliamentary Coordination bloc.


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