National Register of Historic Places listings in Mendocino County, California

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Location of Mendocino County in California

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Mendocino County, California.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Mendocino County, California, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a Google map.[1]

There are 43 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 1 National Historic Landmark.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted September 7, 2018.[2]
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Current listings

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 Albion River Bridge
Albion River Bridge
July 31, 2017
Mile markers 43.7-44.0 on CA 1
39°13′36″N 123°46′09″W / 39.2266°N 123.7691°W / 39.2266; -123.7691 (Albion River Bridge)
2 Arena Cove Historic District
Arena Cove Historic District
September 13, 1990
Arena Cove
38°54′54″N 123°42′28″W / 38.915°N 123.707778°W / 38.915; -123.707778 (Arena Cove Historic District)
Point Arena
3 Dr. Raymond Babcock House Upload image August 19, 2004
96 S. Humboldt St.
39°24′45″N 123°21′07″W / 39.4125°N 123.351944°W / 39.4125; -123.351944 (Dr. Raymond Babcock House)
4 Buckridge Ranch House Upload image September 13, 1990
On the Garcia River near Buckridge Rd.
38°55′35″N 123°37′33″W / 38.926389°N 123.625833°W / 38.926389; -123.625833 (Buckridge Ranch House)
Point Arena
5 Con Creek School
Con Creek School
October 18, 1979
2 miles (3.2 km) north of Boonville on State Route 128
39°01′47″N 123°23′07″W / 39.029722°N 123.385278°W / 39.029722; -123.385278 (Con Creek School)
Boonville Also known as the Little Red Schoolhouse, the Con Creek School is a schoolhouse built in the Greek Revival style by J.D. Ball in 1891. Used as a classroom for eight grade levels for 50 years, it was trimmed down to only 7th and 8th grades by 1941. In 1958 its use changed again to that of a kindergarten, and remained so until 1979, when it was donated to the local historical society.[6] The Little Red Schoolhouse is located near the community of Boonville[7]
6 Jerome B. Ford House
Jerome B. Ford House
June 23, 2010
735 Main St.
39°18′19″N 123°47′50″W / 39.305278°N 123.797222°W / 39.305278; -123.797222 (Jerome B. Ford House)
7 FROLIC (brig) Upload image May 16, 1991
Northeast of Pt. Cabrillo
39°21′18″N 123°49′15″W / 39.355°N 123.820833°W / 39.355; -123.820833 (FROLIC (brig))
8 O. W. Getchell House
O. W. Getchell House
October 3, 1980
State Route 1
38°47′48″N 123°34′05″W / 38.796667°N 123.568056°W / 38.796667; -123.568056 (O. W. Getchell House)
Anchor Bay Located in the community of Anchor Bay, the Getchell house was built by Osgood W. Getchel c.1870. A prominent location on a bluff and near a trade route established the Getchell house as a popular landmark for both land and sea travelers. The Getchell house was also one of the only wood structures to survive the 1906 earthquake.[8]
9 E. P. and Clara Gillmore House
E. P. and Clara Gillmore House
September 13, 1990
40 Mill St.
38°55′04″N 123°41′25″W / 38.917778°N 123.690278°W / 38.917778; -123.690278 (E. P. and Clara Gillmore House)
Point Arena The Gillmore house is one of the few houses in Point Arena that was designed in an architectural style, specifically Second Empire. Built in the 1870s, the house was the residence of E.P. Gillmore, a one time county supervisor and the owner of a local livery stable and general store.[9]
10 Sid Groshon House
Sid Groshon House
September 13, 1990
50 Mill St.
38°54′32″N 123°41′24″W / 38.908889°N 123.69°W / 38.908889; -123.69 (Sid Groshon House)
Point Arena A small Victorian cottage, and the only Queen Anne style home in Point Arena.[10]
11 Held-Poage House
Held-Poage House
January 7, 1988
603 W. Perkins St.
39°08′55″N 123°12′40″W / 39.148611°N 123.211111°W / 39.148611; -123.211111 (Held-Poage House)
Ukiah A Queen Anne Victorian house located near downtown Ukiah, the building was the home of William D.L. and Ethel Poage Held, who took residence in 1903. William D.L. Held numerous positions in public service, including serving in the California State Legislature and as the Mayor of the City of Ukiah. In 1969, the building was donated to the Mendocino County Historical Society by William P. Held[11] and now serves as a research library.[12]
12 Charles Hofman House
Charles Hofman House
September 30, 1993
308 S. School St.
39°08′54″N 123°12′26″W / 39.148333°N 123.207222°W / 39.148333; -123.207222 (Charles Hofman House)
Ukiah A Stick-Eastlake style Victorian home that sits just blocks south of the Mendocino County courthouse in downtown Ukiah.[13]
13 Hoyt-Scott House
Hoyt-Scott House
More images
September 13, 1990
10 Riverside Dr.
38°54′40″N 123°41′28″W / 38.911111°N 123.691111°W / 38.911111; -123.691111 (Hoyt-Scott House)
Point Arena
14 Italian Hotel
Italian Hotel
September 13, 1990
105 Main St.
38°54′25″N 123°42′08″W / 38.906944°N 123.702222°W / 38.906944; -123.702222 (Italian Hotel)
Point Arena A Classical Revival style home built in the early 19th century for the owner of local brewery. The Italian Hotel has the dubious distinction of being used as a brothel in the small red-light district of Point Arena during World War II.[14]
15 Iverson House
Iverson House
More images
September 13, 1990
40 Iverson Ave.
38°54′29″N 123°41′33″W / 38.908056°N 123.6925°W / 38.908056; -123.6925 (Iverson House)
Point Arena A small Greek Revival style house build in Point Arena in 1875 for the local Iverson family.[15]
16 Billy Ketchum House
Billy Ketchum House
More images
September 13, 1990
10 Scott Pl.
38°54′42″N 123°41′28″W / 38.911667°N 123.691111°W / 38.911667; -123.691111 (Billy Ketchum House)
Point Arena A bungalow/Craftsman home built for the local manager of the Point Arena Hot Springs in the early 20th century.[16]
17 Larsen Family House Upload image October 5, 1995
84 State St.
39°24′49″N 123°21′09″W / 39.413611°N 123.3525°W / 39.413611; -123.3525 (Larsen Family House)
18 Lovejoy Homestead Upload image April 26, 1978
North of Branscomb
39°44′52″N 123°38′00″W / 39.747778°N 123.633333°W / 39.747778; -123.633333 (Lovejoy Homestead)
19 Main Street Historic Commercial District
Main Street Historic Commercial District
September 13, 1990
165-265 Main St.
38°54′35″N 123°41′29″W / 38.909722°N 123.691389°W / 38.909722; -123.691389 (Main Street Historic Commercial District)
Point Arena Thirty buildings on either side of California State Highway 1 in Point Arena.[17]
20 Manchester Schoolhouse Upload image June 26, 1979
19750 State Route 1
38°58′01″N 123°41′10″W / 38.966944°N 123.686111°W / 38.966944; -123.686111 (Manchester Schoolhouse)
21 Mendocino and Headlands Historic District
Mendocino and Headlands Historic District
More images
July 14, 1971
Bounded roughly by the Pacific Ocean on the west and south, Little Lake St. on the north, and State Route 1 on the east
39°18′30″N 123°48′23″W / 39.308333°N 123.806389°W / 39.308333; -123.806389 (Mendocino and Headlands Historic District)
22 Mendocino Woodlands Recreational Demonstration Area Upload image September 25, 1997
11301 Little Lake Rd.
39°19′39″N 123°41′54″W / 39.3275°N 123.698333°W / 39.3275; -123.698333 (Mendocino Woodlands Recreational Demonstration Area)
23 Milano Hotel Upload image June 23, 1978
38300 State Route 1, S.
38°46′40″N 123°32′27″W / 38.777778°N 123.540833°W / 38.777778; -123.540833 (Milano Hotel)
24 LeGrand Morse House Upload image September 13, 1990
365 Main St.
38°54′50″N 123°41′28″W / 38.913889°N 123.691111°W / 38.913889; -123.691111 (LeGrand Morse House)
Point Arena A Classical Revival style house build c.1870 for LeGrand Morse, a local teacher, clerk, lawyer and legislator.[18]
25 Navarro Upload image December 21, 2009
Navarro Beach Rd.
39°01′22″N 123°40′26″W / 39.022686°N 123.673878°W / 39.022686; -123.673878 (Navarro)
26 Olinsky Building
Olinsky Building
More images
August 4, 1995
401 N. Main St.
39°26′45″N 123°48′19″W / 39.445833°N 123.805278°W / 39.445833; -123.805278 (Olinsky Building)
Fort Bragg
27 Palace Hotel
Palace Hotel
More images
October 2, 1979
272 N. State St.
39°09′04″N 123°12′26″W / 39.151111°N 123.207222°W / 39.151111; -123.207222 (Palace Hotel)
28 Annie Palmer House
Annie Palmer House
September 13, 1990
284 Main St.
38°54′39″N 123°41′30″W / 38.910833°N 123.691667°W / 38.910833; -123.691667 (Annie Palmer House)
Point Arena A small Greek Revival house in Point Arena, named for its notorious one-time owner Annie Palmer. Palmer was a teacher at a local Methodist school until she was convicted of murdering her lover.[19]
29 Point Arena High School
Point Arena High School
More images
September 13, 1990
200 Lake St.
38°54′53″N 123°41′54″W / 38.914722°N 123.698333°W / 38.914722; -123.698333 (Point Arena High School)
Point Arena
30 Point Arena Light Station
Point Arena Light Station
July 16, 1991
Lighthouse Rd.
38°57′18″N 123°44′24″W / 38.955°N 123.74°W / 38.955; -123.74 (Point Arena Light Station)
Point Arena
31 Point Arena Rancheria Roundhouse Upload image September 13, 1990
On the Garcia River at the end of Rancheria Rd.
38°57′02″N 123°39′41″W / 38.950556°N 123.661389°W / 38.950556; -123.661389 (Point Arena Rancheria Roundhouse)
Point Arena
32 Point Cabrillo Light Station
Point Cabrillo Light Station
September 3, 1991
45300 Lighthouse Rd.
39°20′53″N 123°49′23″W / 39.348056°N 123.823056°W / 39.348056; -123.823056 (Point Cabrillo Light Station)
33 Point Cabrillo Site Upload image February 23, 1972
Address Restricted
Pine Grove
34 Round Valley Flour Mills
Round Valley Flour Mills
November 10, 1980
Main and Greely Sts.
39°47′35″N 123°14′57″W / 39.793056°N 123.249167°W / 39.793056; -123.249167 (Round Valley Flour Mills)
35 St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church
St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church
September 13, 1990
40 School St.
38°54′50″N 123°41′32″W / 38.913889°N 123.692222°W / 38.913889; -123.692222 (St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church)
Point Arena
36 Seabiscuit's Stud Barn Upload image January 22, 2014
16200 N. US 101
39°19′12″N 123°18′29″W / 39.31995°N 123.308178°W / 39.31995; -123.308178 (Seabiscuit's Stud Barn)
37 Spotswood House
Spotswood House
September 27, 2007
11820 West Rd.
39°19′46″N 123°07′52″W / 39.329451°N 123.131161°W / 39.329451; -123.131161 (Spotswood House)
Potter Valley
38 Sun House
Sun House
September 2, 1981
431 S. Main St.
39°08′51″N 123°12′16″W / 39.1475°N 123.204444°W / 39.1475; -123.204444 (Sun House)
39 Town Creek Archeological Site Upload image May 17, 1976
Address Restricted
40 Ukiah Main Post Office
Ukiah Main Post Office
May 9, 2012
224 N. Oak St.
39°09′02″N 123°12′36″W / 39.150514°N 123.210086°W / 39.150514; -123.210086 (Ukiah Main Post Office)
41 Weller House
Weller House
More images
July 19, 1976
524 Stewart St.
39°26′50″N 123°48′25″W / 39.447222°N 123.806944°W / 39.447222; -123.806944 (Weller House)
Fort Bragg Built in Fort Bragg for Horace Weller in 1886, the Weller House is the oldest existing house in the city. Expanded a year later, it came to include three stories with 10 rooms, including a 900 square feet (84 m2) ballroom. It is now a bed & breakfast.[20]
42 Willits Carnegie Library
Willits Carnegie Library
January 7, 1993
85 E. Commercial St.
39°24′43″N 123°21′09″W / 39.411944°N 123.3525°W / 39.411944; -123.3525 (Willits Carnegie Library)
Willits A Classical Revival building built in 1915 by Dan Deshiell.[21]
43 Willits Depot
Willits Depot
More images
October 20, 1999
East Commercial St.
39°24′45″N 123°20′59″W / 39.4125°N 123.349722°W / 39.4125; -123.349722 (Willits Depot)

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