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Narodowe Zjednoczenie Wojskowe (National Military Union, NZW) was a Polish anti-Communist organization, founded in November 1944, after collapse of the Warsaw Uprising. It was among the largest and strongest resistance organizations established in the Soviet-controlled Poland in mid- and late 1940s. The NZW consisted mostly of members of destroyed Narodowe Sily Zbrojne and disbanded Armia Krajowa.

NZW's first commander was Colonel Tadeusz Danilewicz, then Colonel Boguslaw Banasik. The organization was organized into sixteen "areas" and was most active in the districts of Białystok, Lublin and Rzeszów. It had several armed units, called Pogotowie Walki Zbrojnej, which fought many skirmishes with both NKVD and Soviet Red Army. Its headquarters were destroyed in early spring of 1946, when Communist secret police arrested hundreds of its members. However, several units remained active until mid-1950s.

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