National Council of the Magistrature

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National Council of the Magistrature
Consejo Nacional de la Magistratura
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Logo of the National Council of the Magistrature
Agency overview
Formed 1995
Jurisdiction Government of Peru
Headquarters Paseo de la República No. 3295 San Isidro, Lima, Peru
Agency executives
  • Guido Aguila Grados, President
  • Julio Atilio Gutiérrez, Vice-president
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The National Council of the Magistrature (Spanish: Consejo Nacional de la Magistratura) or CNM is an autonomous constitutional institution that is part of the Republic of Peru. It is currently presided by Guido Aguila Grados.

Its primary function is to appoint and ratify all judges and prosecutors in the Peruvian justice system; as well as to remove those that fail to fulfill their responsibilities. The council is independent of the rest of the Peruvian government and it is ruled by its own organic law.

The council consist of seven members, each of which is chosen by different organizations of Peruvian civil society. The Supreme Court of Peru, the Supreme Prosecutors Administrative Council, The bar associations of Peru, the association of rectors from public universities, and the association of rectors from private universities all choose one member of the council. The rest of the professional associations of the country choose two.[1]


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