Nashville Sounds all-time roster

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Three men wearing black caps and gray baseball uniforms with "Nashville" written across the chest in red letters on a baseball field before a game
Sounds players Alcides Escobar, Hernán Iribarren, and Erick Almonte (from left to right) before a game on June 24, 2009

The Nashville Sounds Minor League Baseball team has played in Nashville, Tennessee, since its inception in the 1978 season. As of the completion of the 2017 season, 1,197 players had competed in at least one regular season game for the Sounds. Of those players, 848 have also played in at least one game for a Major League Baseball team.

The team was established as an expansion team of the Double-A Southern League in 1978, in which it competed through 1984.[1] While at that class level, Nashville was affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds (1978–79) and New York Yankees (1980–84).[2] The Sounds moved to the Triple-A American Association in 1985 and then to the Triple-A Pacific Coast League in 1998.[1] At this class level, the team has been affiliated with the Detroit Tigers (1985–86), Cincinnati Reds (1987–92), Chicago White Sox (1993–97), Pittsburgh Pirates (1998–2004), and Milwaukee Brewers (2005–14).[2] Nashville has been the Triple-A farm team of the Oakland Athletics since 2015.[3]

Players Steve Balboni, Brian Dayett, and Magglio Ordóñez have each won minor league Most Valuable Player awards.[4][5] Ordóñez also won the American Association Rookie of the Year award in 1997.[5] League Pitcher of the Year honors have been awarded to Bruce Berenyi, Geoff Combe, Andy McGaffigan, Jamie Werly, Stefan Wever, Chris Hammond, Scott Ruffcorn, Jeff Abbott, R.A. Dickey, Johnny Hellweg, and Jimmy Nelson.[5][6][7]

Sixty-five of the team's players have distinguished themselves by winning a Major League Baseball award, being named to a major league All-Star team, or being elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Ryan Braun, Barry Larkin, Don Mattingly, and Willie McGee have each won Most Valuable Player Awards. Doug Drabek and R.A. Dickey have won the Cy Young Award. Jason Bay, Ryan Braun, and Chris Sabo have won Rookie of the Year Awards. Bob Melvin and Buck Showalter have each won the Manager of the Year Award. Hoffman, Larkin, and Mattingly have won the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award. Larkin also won the Roberto Clemente Award. Prince Fielder and Aramis Ramírez have won the Hank Aaron Award. José Rijo is the only former Sounds player to win a World Series MVP Award. John Axford, Keith Foulke, Trevor Hoffman, and Jeff Montgomery have won the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award. Fielder also won the Comeback Player of the Year Award. Twelve alumni have won a Rawlings Gold Glove Award, and thirteen have won a Silver Slugger Award. Sixty alumni have been selected to play in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Larkin and Tim Raines have both been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Table key

MLB award winner or All-Star Indicates a player was a MLB award winner or All-Star after playing for the Sounds
* Indicates a player is a franchise career leader[8]
(#) A number following a player's name indicates that the number was retired by the Sounds in the player's honor.
Position(s) Indicates the player's primary position(s)[P]
MLB Indicates if a player has played in at least one game for a major league team



Bryan Anderson, Sounds catcher (2015–16)
Drew Anderson, Sounds left fielder (2006–07, 2009–10)
Bronson Arroyo, Sounds pitcher (1999–2002)
John Axford, Sounds pitcher (2009–10, 2017)
Skeeter Barnes, Sounds outfielder/third baseman (1979, 1988–90)
Jeff Bianchi, Sounds shortstop (2012–14)
J. C. Boscán, Sounds catcher (2006)
Ryan Braun, Sounds third baseman (2007)
Marty Brown, Sounds third baseman (1988–1989) and manager (2001–02)
Tom Browning, Sounds pitcher (1987)
Billy Burns, Sounds center fielder (2015–16)
Simón Castro, Sounds pitcher (2017)
Matt Chapman, Sounds third baseman (2016–17)
Jharel Cotton, Sounds pitcher (2016–17)
Khris Davis, Sounds left fielder (2012–13)
Anderson de la Rosa, Sounds catcher (2010–13)
Robinzon Díaz, Sounds catcher (2013–14)
Rob Dibble, Sounds pitcher (1987–88)
R.A. Dickey, Sounds pitcher (2007)
Tim Dillard, Sounds pitcher (2007–14)
Sean Doolittle, Sounds pitcher (2015–17)
Alcides Escobar, Sounds shortstop (2009)
Marco Estrada, Sounds pitcher (2010, 2012–13)
Name Season(s) Position(s) MLB
Abad, AndyAndy Abad 2004, 2007 Outfielder/First baseman Yes
Abbott, JeffJeff Abbott 1996–97 Left fielder Yes
Abernathy, BrentBrent Abernathy 2006 Second baseman Yes
Acevedo, JuanJuan Acevedo 2004 Pitcher Yes
Adams, MikeMike Adams 2005–06 Pitcher Yes
Afenir, TroyTroy Afenir 1992 Catcher Yes
Paul Ah Yat 1999–2001 Pitcher No
Alcántara, ArismendyArismendy Alcántara 2016 Center fielder/Shortstop Yes
Alcántara, RaúlRaúl Alcántara 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Russ Aldrich 1979 First baseman/Pinch runner No
Anthony Aliotti 2015 First baseman No
Allen, LukeLuke Allen 2004 Outfielder Yes
Allen, NeilNeil Allen 1990 Pitcher Yes
Almonte, ErickErick Almonte 2009–12 Pinch hitter/First baseman Yes
Almonte, HéctorHéctor Almonte 2004 Pitcher Yes
Álvarez, ClementeClemente Álvarez 1993–94 Catcher Yes
Henderson Álvarez 2016 Pitcher Yes
Alvarez, JoseJose Alvarez 1991–92 Pitcher Yes
Alvarez, R. J.R. J. Alvarez 2015–16 Pitcher Yes
Álvarez, TavoTavo Álvarez 1998 Pitcher Yes
Álvarez, TonyTony Álvarez 2003–04 Outfielder Yes
Wilson ÁlvarezMLB award winner or All-Star[a] 1993 Pitcher Yes
Anderson, BryanBryan Anderson 2015–16 Catcher Yes
Anderson, DrewDrew Anderson 2006–07, 2009–10 Left fielder Yes
Anderson, JimmyJimmy Anderson 1998–2000 Pitcher Yes
Anderson, JoshJosh Anderson 2010 Center fielder/Pinch hitter Yes
Andújar, LuisLuis Andújar 1996, 2000 Pitcher Yes
Angle, MattMatt Angle 2015 Left fielder/Designated hitter Yes
Aquino, GregGreg Aquino 2007 Pitcher Yes
Patrick Arlis 2009–11 Catcher No
Armstrong, JackJack ArmstrongMLB award winner or All-Star[b] 1988–89, 1991 Pitcher Yes
Armstrong, MikeMike Armstrong 1979 Pitcher Yes
Arroyo, BronsonBronson ArroyoMLB award winner or All-Star[c] 1999–2002 Pitcher Yes
Aven, BruceBruce Aven 2000 Left fielder Yes
Axford, JohnJohn AxfordMLB award winner or All-Star[az] 2009–10, 2017 Pitcher Yes
Mike Ayers 2000–01 Pitcher No
Bailey, CoryCory Bailey 2000 Pitcher Yes
Brian Baker 2012 Pitcher No
Baker, DougDoug Baker 1985–86 Shortstop Yes
Kenneth Baker 1980 Outfielder No
Balboni, SteveSteve Balboni 1980 First baseman Yes
Baldwin, JamesJames BaldwinMLB award winner or All-Star[d] 1993–96 Pitcher Yes
Johnny Baldwin 1984 Pitcher No
Balfour, GrantGrant BalfourMLB award winner or All-Star[bd] 2007 Pitcher Yes
Dave Banes 1982 Shortstop No
Baptist, TravisTravis Baptist 2000 Pitcher Yes
Barfield, JohnJohn Barfield 1993 Pitcher Yes
Barkett, AndyAndy Barkett 2001 First baseman Yes
Barnes, JohnJohn Barnes 2003 Left fielder Yes
Barnes, SkeeterSkeeter Barnes(#00)[a] 1979, 1988–90 Outfielder Yes
Barnwell, ChrisChris Barnwell 2005–07 Shortstop Yes
Barreto, FranklinFranklin Barreto 2016–17 Shortstop Yes
Barrett, TomTom Barrett 1984 Second baseman Yes
Blake Barthol 2003 Catcher No
Bassitt, ChrisChris Bassitt 2015, 2017 Pitcher Yes
Joe Bateman 2008 Pitcher No
Bates, BillyBilly Bates 1990–91 Second baseman Yes
Battle, AllenAllen Battle 1997 Center fielder/Left fielder Yes
Logan Bawcom 2017 Pitcher No
Bay, JasonJason BayMLB award winner or All-Star[e] 2004 Outfielder Yes
Trevor Bayless 2015 Pitcher No
Andrew Beattie 2006 Second baseman/Third baseman No
Pete Beeler 1991 Catcher No
Bell, DerekDerek Bell 2001 Right fielder Yes
Beltré, EstebanEsteban Beltré 1993 Shortstop Yes
Benavides, FreddieFreddie Benavides 1989–91 Shortstop Yes
Bennett, JeffJeff Bennett 2003, 2005, 2010 Pitcher Yes
Benson, KrisKris Benson 1998, 2002 Pitcher Yes
Berblinger, JeffJeff Berblinger 2001 Third baseman Yes
Bere, JasonJason BereMLB award winner or All-Star[f] 1993, 1995–96 Pitcher Yes
Berenyi, BruceBruce Berenyi 1978 Pitcher Yes
Bergman, DaveDave Bergman 1985 First baseman Yes
Berroa, GerónimoGerónimo Berroa 1992 Outfielder Yes
Berry, MarkMark Berry 1987 Catcher/First baseman No
Mark Bersano 1982–83 Pitcher No
Bertotti, MikeMike Bertotti 1995–97 Pitcher Yes
Bianchi, JeffJeff Bianchi 2012–14 Shortstop Yes
Kennard Bibbs 2006 Left fielder No
Bieser, SteveSteve Bieser 1998–99 Catcher Yes
Birtsas, TimTim Birtsas 1988, 1990 Pitcher Yes
Blackburn, PaulPaul Blackburn 2017 Pitcher Yes
Blair, CarsonCarson Blair 2015–16 Catcher Yes
Mark Blaser 1983–84 Third baseman/Designated hitter No
Blazek, MichaelMichael Blazek 2014 Pitcher Yes
Dan Boever 1987–88 Outfielder No
Boggs, BrandonBrandon Boggs 2011 Left fielder Yes
Bolton, RodneyRodney Bolton 1993–95 Pitcher Yes
Bolton, TomTom Bolton 1998 Pitcher Yes
Borders, PatPat Borders 2005 Catcher Yes
Boris, PaulPaul Boris 1980 Pitcher Yes
Boscán, J. C.J. C. Boscán 2006 Catcher Yes
Bourgeois, JasonJason Bourgeois 2009 Center fielder Yes
Boxberger, RodRod Boxberger 1981 Pitcher No
B. J. Boyd 2016 Right fielder/Center fielder No
Boyd, JasonJason Boyd 1999, 2004 Pitcher Yes
Ben Bracewell 2017 Pitcher No
Braddock, ZachZach Braddock 2010–11 Pitcher Yes
Bradley, ScottScott Bradley 1982–83, 1992 Catcher Yes
Brady, DougDoug Brady 1993, 1995–97 Second baseman Yes
Brady, MichaelMichael Brady 2017 Pitcher Yes
Branson, JeffJeff Branson 1991–92 Shortstop Yes
Brantley, MickeyMickey Brantley 1992 Outfielder Yes
Branyan, RussellRussell Branyan 2005, 2008 Third baseman Yes
Brasier, RyanRyan Brasier 2015–16 Pitcher Yes
Braun, RyanRyan BraunMLB award winner or All-Star[g] 2007 Third baseman Yes
Steve Bray 2006–08 Pitcher No
Brede, BrentBrent Brede 2000 Right fielder/Left fielder Yes
Breining, FredFred Breining 1985–86 Pitcher Yes
Brinkley, DarrylDarryl Brinkley 1998–2000 Left fielder No
Luis Brito 1998 Shortstop No
Brooks, AaronAaron Brooks 2015 Pitcher Yes
Brooks, FrankFrank Brooks 2003–04 Pitcher Yes
Brown, AdrianAdrian Brown 1998–2000, 2002 Center fielder/Right fielder Yes
Brown, DarrellDarrell Brown 1985 Outfielder Yes
Brown, EmilEmil Brown 1999–2000 Right fielder Yes
Brown, JordanJordan Brown 2011–12 Left fielder Yes
Brown, KeithKeith Brown*[b] 1988–92 Pitcher Yes
Brown, MartyMarty Brown 1988–89 Third baseman Yes
Randy Brown 1998 Shortstop No
Brown, ScottScott Brown 1978–79 Pitcher Yes
Mike Browning 1985 Pitcher No
Browning, TomTom BrowningMLB award winner or All-Star[h] 1987 Pitcher Yes
Matt Bruback 2003 Pitcher No
Brugman, JaycobJaycob Brugman 2016–17 Center fielder Yes
Brumfield, JacobJacob Brumfield 1992 Outfielder Yes
Bruney, BrianBrian Bruney 2010 Pitcher Yes
Joe Bruno 1989 Pitcher No
Buchanan, BobBob Buchanan 1992 Pitcher Yes
Buckner, BillyBilly Buckner 2014 Pitcher Yes
Dayton Buller 2011–13 Catcher No
Burgos, HiramHiram Burgos 2012–14 Pitcher Yes
Burke, TimTim BurkeMLB award winner or All-Star[i] 1983 Pitcher Yes
Burnett, SeanSean Burnett 2004 Pitcher Yes
Burns, BillyBilly Burns 2015–16 Center fielder Yes
Burns, MikeMike Burns 2009 Pitcher Yes
Bush, DaveDave Bush 2008 Pitcher Yes
Bushing, ChrisChris Bushing 1992–94 Pitcher Yes
Butler, JoshJosh Butler 2009–12 Pitcher Yes
Butterfield, BrianBrian Butterfield 1982 Second baseman No
Cain, LorenzoLorenzo CainMLB award winner or All-Star[bi] 2008, 2010 Center fielder Yes
Callahan, BenBen Callahan 1982–84 Pitcher Yes
Pat Callahan 1980–82 Catcher No
Cameron, MikeMike CameronMLB award winner or All-Star[j] 1997, 2008 Center fielder Yes
Camp, ShawnShawn Camp 2001–03 Pitcher Yes
Frank Campos 1993 Pitcher No
Canha, MarkMark Canha 2017 Right fielder Yes
Canale, GeorgeGeorge Canale 1998 First baseman Yes
Candaele, CaseyCasey Candaele 1998 Second baseman/Shortstop Yes
Capellán, JoséJosé Capellán 2005, 2007 Pitcher Yes
Carmine Cappuccio 1995–97 Left fielder/Right fielder No
Cappuzzello, GeorgeGeorge Cappuzzello 1979, 1984 Pitcher Yes
Capra, NickNick Capra 1992 Outfielder Yes
Capuano, ChrisChris Capuano 2010 Pitcher Yes
Carlin, LukeLuke Carlin 2015 Catcher Yes
Alden Carrithers 2015 Third baseman/Left fielder No
Carroll, BrettBrett Carroll 2011 Center fielder Yes
Carson, MattMatt Carson 2015 Right fielder Yes
Carter, ChrisChris Carter 2017 First baseman/Designated hitter Yes
Carter, JeffJeff Carter 1993 Pitcher Yes
Geno Caruso 1998 Pitcher No
Cary, ChuckChuck Cary 1985–86, 1993 Pitcher Yes
Adam Casillas 1990–91 Outfielder No
Castillo, CarlosCarlos Castillo 1997 Pitcher Yes
Castillo, FrankFrank Castillo 1999 Pitcher Yes
Castro, ÁngelÁngel Castro 2015–16 Pitcher Yes
Castro, SimónSimón Castro 2017 Pitcher Yes
Cate, TroyTroy Cate 2008 Pitcher Yes
Chuckie Caufield 2010 Pinch hitter/Pinch runner No
Blas Cedeno 2002 Pitcher No
Scott Cepicky 1993 Outfielder/Designated hitter No
Chapman, MattMatt Chapman 2016–17 Third baseman Yes
Nate Chapman 1980–82 Outfielder No
Charlton, NormNorm CharltonMLB award winner or All-Star[k] 1987–88 Pitcher Yes
Ozzie Chavez 2006–08, 2013 Shortstop No
Pedro Chavez 1985–86 Second baseman/Shortstop No
Wilton Chavez 2006 Pitcher No
Choate, RandyRandy Choate 2008 Pitcher Yes
Christiansen, ClayClay Christiansen 1981–82 Pitcher Yes
Christiansen, JasonJason Christiansen 1999 Pitcher Yes
Chulk, VinnieVinnie Chulk 2012 Pitcher Yes
Clint Chrysler 2001 Pitcher No
Cirillo, JeffJeff Cirillo 2005 Third baseman Yes
Clark, MattMatt Clark 2014 First baseman Yes
Clark, JermaineJermaine Clark 2006 Second baseman/Third baseman Yes
Clemons, ChrisChris Clemons 1997 Pitcher Yes
Ambioris Cleto 2000 Second baseman No
Clontz, BradBrad Clontz 1999–2000 Pitcher Yes
Closser, JDJD Closser 2007 Catcher Yes
Chris Cody 2009 Pitcher No
Coffey, ToddTodd Coffey 2010 Pitcher Yes
James Coffman 1983 Pitcher No
Coke, PhilPhil Coke 2015 Pitcher Yes
Kenneth Coleman 1994 Third baseman No
Coles, DarnellDarnell Coles 1992 Third baseman/First baseman Yes
Collins, DaveDave Collins 1987 Designated hitter Yes
Colomé, JesúsJesús Colomé 2009 Pitcher Yes
Benny Colvard 1990 Outfielder No
Combe, GeoffGeoff Combe 1978–79 Pitcher Yes
Conrad, BrooksBrooks Conrad 2012 Second baseman Yes
Jeffrey Conner 1985–86 Pitcher No
Cook, RyanRyan Cook 2015 Pitcher Yes
Coolbaugh, ScottScott Coolbaugh 1992 Third baseman Yes
Coomer, RonRon CoomerMLB award winner or All-Star[l] 1993 Third baseman Yes
Cooper, DonDon Cooper 1980 Pitcher Yes
Coquillette, TraceTrace Coquillette 2002 Center fielder Yes
Corbett, DougDoug CorbettMLB award winner or All-Star[m] 1978 Pitcher Yes
Córdova, FranciscoFrancisco Córdova 1999, 2001 Pitcher Yes
Corey, MarkMark Corey*[c] 2003–04 Pitcher Yes
Corporán, CarlosCarlos Corporán 2008–09 Catcher Yes
Fred Costello 1995 Pitcher No
Cota, HumbertoHumberto Cota 2001–04 Catcher Yes
Cotto, HenryHenry Cotto 1995 Designated hitter/Left fielder Yes
Cotton, JharelJharel Cotton 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Cotton, JohnJohn Cotton 1997, 2001 Outfielder No
Kevin Coughlin 1993, 1995 Left fielder No
Coulombe, DanielDaniel Coulombe 2016 Pitcher Yes
Crabbe, CallixCallix Crabbe 2007–08 Second baseman/Outfielder Yes
Randy Craig 1982 First baseman No
Cravy, TylerTyler Cravy 2014 Pitcher Yes
Crawford, CarlosCarlos Crawford 1998 Pitcher Yes
Cron, ChrisChris Cron 1993, 1995 First baseman Yes
Crudale, MikeMike Crudale 2004 Pitcher Yes
Cruz, EnriqueEnrique Cruz 2006 Third baseman Yes
Cruz, IvánIván Cruz 1999–2000 First baseman Yes
Cruz, LuisLuis Cruz 2010 Shortstop Yes
Cruz, NelsonNelson Cruz 1997 Pitcher Yes
Cruz, Nelson R.Nelson R. CruzMLB award winner or All-Star[av] 2005–06 Right fielder Yes
Cruz, VíctorVíctor Cruz 1985 Pitcher Yes
John Csefalvay 1984 Outfielder No
Curtis, JermaineJermaine Curtis 2017 Third baseman/First baseman Yes
David Cusack 1986 First baseman No
Bill Cutshall 1987 Pitcher No
Fred Dabney 1993 Pitcher No
Greg Dahl 1978 Catcher No
Dalena, PetePete Dalena 1983–84 First baseman Yes
Dave Daniels 1998 Pitcher No
Darwin, JeffJeff Darwin 1996–97 Pitcher Yes
Randy Davidson 1978 Second baseman No
Davis, BlakeBlake Davis 2013 Shortstop Yes
Davis, DougDoug Davis 2010 Pitcher Yes
Davis, IkeIke Davis 2015 First baseman Yes
Davis, J. J.J. J. Davis 2003–04 Right fielder Yes
Davis, JohnJohn Davis 1995 Pitcher Yes
Davis, KaneKane Davis 1999, 2005 Pitcher Yes
Davis, KentrailKentrail Davis 2013 Center fielder No
Davis, KhrisKhris Davis 2012–13 Left fielder Yes
Dawley, BillBill DawleyMLB award winner or All-Star[n] 1978–79 Pitcher Yes
Dayett, BrianBrian Dayett 1980–82 Outfielder/Third baseman Yes
de la Cruz, FrankieFrankie de la Cruz 2011, 2013 Pitcher Yes
Anderson de la Rosa 2010, 2013 Catcher No
De La Rosa, EuryEury De La Rosa 2015 Pitcher Yes
de la Rosa, TomásTomás de la Rosa 2002–04 Shortstop/Second baseman Yes
de los Santos, FautinoFautino de los Santos 2012 Pitcher Yes
De La Torre, JoséJosé De La Torre 2014 Pitcher Yes
Decker, JaffJaff Decker 2017 Center fielder/Right fielder Yes
Decker, SteveSteve Decker 1998 Catcher Yes
DeFrancesco, TonyTony DeFrancesco 1988, 1990–91 Catcher No
Demaria, ChrisChris Demaria 2006 Pitcher Yes
Todd Demeter 1983 First baseman No
Pat Dempsey 1984 Catcher No
Denman, BrianBrian Denman 1985–86 Pitcher Yes
Denson, DrewDrew Denson 1993–94 Designated hitter Yes
Deshaies, JimJim Deshaies 1984 Pitcher Yes
Dessens, ElmerElmer Dessens 1998, 2007 Pitcher Yes
Destrade, OrestesOrestes Destrade 1984 Outfielder Yes
Detwiler, RossRoss Detwiler 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Jordan Devencenzi 2016 Catcher No
Duane Dewey 1984 Catcher No
Dewey, MarkMark Dewey 2001 Pitcher Yes
Díaz, EdgarEdgar Díaz 1992 Shortstop Yes
Díaz, RobinzonRobinzon Díaz 2013–14 Catcher Yes
Dibble, RobRob DibbleMLB award winner or All-Star[o] 1987–88 Pitcher Yes
Dickey, R.A.R.A. DickeyMLB award winner or All-Star[ba] 2007 Pitcher Yes
DiFelice, MarkMark DiFelice 2007–08, 2011 Pitcher Yes
Dillard, TimTim Dillard*[k] 2007–14 Pitcher Yes
Dillon, JoeJoe Dillon 2007–08 Third baseman Yes
Mike Diorio 2000 Pitcher No
Glenn DiSarcina 1996 Shortstop No
Dodd, TomTom Dodd 1982–83 Outfielder Yes
Timothy Doerr 1978 Third baseman No
Roger Doman 1998 Pitcher No
Bo Donaldson 2001 Pitcher No
Doolittle, RyanRyan Doolittle 2016 Pitcher No
Doolittle, SeanSean Doolittle 2015–17 Pitcher Yes
Doster, DavidDavid Doster 2003 Second baseman Yes
Dougherty, JimJim Dougherty 1999, 2002 Pitcher Yes
Brett Dowdy 2010 Pinch hitter/Left fielder No
Brian Downs 1997 Catcher No
Drabek, DougDoug DrabekMLB award winner or All-Star[p] 1984 Pitcher Yes
Drahman, BrianBrian Drahman 1993 Pitcher Yes
Drummond, TimTim Drummond 1992 Pitcher Yes
Doubront, FélixFélix Doubront 2017 Pitcher Yes
Duffy, ChrisChris Duffy 2009 Center fielder/Designated hitter Yes
Dull, RyanRyan Dull 2015, 2017 Pitcher Yes
Dunbar, MattMatt Dunbar 1999 Pitcher Yes
Rick Duncan 1978–79 First baseman No
Durham, RayRay DurhamMLB award winner or All-Star[q] 1994 Second baseman Yes
Durrington, TrentTrent Durrington 2005 Third baseman Yes
Mickey Duval 1978 Outfielder No
Earl, ScottScott Earl 1985–86 Second baseman Yes
Tim Edge 1998 Catcher No
Eibner, BrettBrett Eibner 2016 Center fielder Yes
Ellis, RobertRobert Ellis 1994–96 Pitcher Yes
Guy Elston 1981–82 Pitcher No
Engle, DaveDave Engle 1986 Outfielder Yes
Erickson, MattMatt Erickson 2005 Pinch hitter/Third baseman Yes
Esasky, NickNick Esasky 1987 First baseman Yes
Ruben Escalera 1992 Outfielder No
Escobar, AlcidesAlcides EscobarMLB award winner or All-Star[bh] 2009 Shortstop Yes
Espino, JuanJuan Espino 1980 Catcher Yes
Estrada, MarcoMarco EstradaMLB award winner or All-Star[bj] 2010, 2012–13 Pitcher Yes
Dave Evans 1998 Pitcher No
Jason Evans 1997 Left fielder No
Eveland, DanaDana Eveland 2006 Pitcher Yes
Brett Evert 2005–06 Pitcher No


Eric Farris, Sounds second baseman (2010–12)
Mike Fiers, Sounds pitcher (2011–14)
Alfredo Fígaro, Sounds pitcher (2013–14)
Yovani Gallardo, Sounds pitcher (2007–08)
Cole Garner, Sounds right fielder (2013)
Sonny Gray, Sounds pitcher (2017)
Tony Gwynn, Jr., Sounds outfielder (2006–09)
Sean Halton, Sounds center fielder (2012–14)
Chris Hammond, Sounds pitcher (1989–90)
Donovan Hand, Sounds pitcher (2010–14)
Corey Hart, Sounds right fielder/left fielder (2005–06, 2009)
Jim Henderson, Sounds pitcher (2011–12, 2014)
Trevor Hoffman, Sounds pitcher (1992, 2009)
Tucker Healy, Sounds pitcher (2016–17)
Zach Jackson, Sounds pitcher (2006–08)
Chris Jensen, Sounds pitcher (2016–17)
Brandon Kintzler, Sounds pitcher (2010–12)
Joe Koshansky, Sounds first baseman (2009–10)
Jonathan Lucroy, Sounds catcher (2010–12)
Name Season(s) Position(s) MLB
Fallon, BobBob Fallon 1986 Pitcher Yes
Falú, IrvingIrving Falú 2014 Second baseman/Shortstop/Third baseman Yes
Farris, EricEric Farris 2010–12 Second baseman Yes
Kelly Faulk 1983–84 Pitcher No
Mark Ferguson 1984 Pitcher No
Fernández, JaredJared Fernández 2006 Pitcher Yes
Raul Ferreyra 1979 Pitcher No
Fielder, PrincePrince FielderMLB award winner or All-Star[r] 2005 First baseman Yes
Fields, BruceBruce Fields 1986 Outfielder Yes
Fiers, MikeMike Fiers 2011–14 Pitcher Yes
Fígaro, AlfredoAlfredo Fígaro 2013–14 Pitcher Yes
Luis D. Figueroa 2004 Third baseman No
Figueroa, Luis R.Luis R. Figueroa 2000–01, 2011 Shortstop Yes
Figueroa, NelsonNelson Figueroa 2003–04 Pitcher Yes
Filer, TomTom Filer 1980 Pitcher Yes
Filson, PetePete Filson 1981 Pitcher Yes
Brian Finley 1987–88 Outfielder No
Finnegan, KyleKyle Finnegan 2017 Pitcher No
Fisher, BrianBrian Fisher 1992 Pitcher Yes
Flores, RandyRandy Flores 2011 Pitcher Yes
Fogg, JoshJosh Fogg 2003 Pitcher Yes
Fontenot, RayRay Fontenot 1982 Pitcher Yes
Fordham, TomTom Fordham 1996–97, 2003 Pitcher Yes
Blake Forsythe 2015 Catcher No
Foster, SteveSteve Foster 1991–92 Pitcher Yes
Foulke, KeithKeith FoulkeMLB award winner or All-Star[s] 1997 Pitcher Yes
Don Fowler 1984 Pitcher No
Parker Frazier 2015 Pitcher No
Frankoff, SethSeth Frankoff 2015 Pitcher Yes
Dan Fraraccio 1995 Shortstop No
Freiman, NateNate Freiman 2015 Designated hitter/First baseman Yes
Jim Fuller 2015 Pitcher No
Fussell, ChrisChris Fussell 2004 Pitcher Yes
Gagné, ÉricÉric Gagné 2008 Pitcher Yes
Gajkowski, SteveSteve Gajkowski 1995–96 Pitcher Yes
Gallardo, YovaniYovani GallardoMLB award winner or All-Star[aw] 2007–08 Pitcher Yes
Matt Gallegos 1983–84 Second baseman No
Gamel, MatMat Gamel 2008–11 Third baseman/First baseman Yes
García, FreddyFreddy García 1998–99 Third baseman Yes
García, LeoLeo García 1987–88, 1990–91 Outfielder Yes
García, LuisLuis García 2002 Third baseman Yes
Garcia, MikeMike Garcia 1999–2000 Pitcher Yes
García, RamónRamón García 1993 Pitcher Yes
Victor Garcia 1991 Pitcher No
Garciaparra, MichaelMichael Garciaparra 2009 Second baseman No
Richie Gardner 2008 Pitcher No
Garland, WayneWayne Garland 1982 Pitcher Yes
Garner, ColeCole Garner 2013 Right fielder Yes
Kevin Garner 1992 Designated hitter No
Gárate, VíctorVíctor Gárate 2012 Pitcher Yes
Huey Gayden 1982 Designated hitter No
Phil Geisler 1998 Right fielder No
Gennett, ScooterScooter Gennett 2013 Second baseman Yes
Gentry, CraigCraig Gentry 2015 Center fielder Yes
Mark Germann 1989 Shortstop/Second baseman No
Ken Giard 1998–99 Pitcher No
Gibbons, JayJay Gibbons 2008, 2012 Right fielder Yes
Gibson, PaulPaul Gibson 1986 Pitcher Yes
Gilbert, ShawnShawn Gilbert 1993, 2002–03 Third baseman Yes
Gillespie, ColeCole Gillespie 2009 Left fielder Yes
Gindl, CalebCaleb Gindl 2011–14 Right fielder/Center fielder Yes
Ginter, MattMatt Ginter 2007, 2009 Pitcher Yes
Scott Gleckel 1980 Pitcher No
Glover, GaryGary Glover 2005 Pitcher Yes
Gomes, WayneWayne Gomes 2002 Pitcher Yes
Gómez, CarlosCarlos GómezMLB award winner or All-Star[bc] 2010 Center fielder Yes
Gómez, HéctorHéctor Gómez 2014 Shortstop Yes
González, AndyAndy González 2011–12 Third baseman Yes
Angel Gonzalez 1991 Second baseman No
González, DennyDenny González 1990–92 Third baseman Yes
González, FernandoFernando González 1984 Designated hitter Yes
Gonzalez, MikeMike Gonzalez 2003–04 Pitcher Yes
Orlando González 1987–88 Shortstop/Third baseman No
Gorzelanny, TomTom Gorzelanny 2014 Pitcher Yes
Gossett, DanielDaniel Gossett 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Grabow, JohnJohn Grabow 2003 Pitcher Yes
Randy Graham 1984 Pitcher No
Graveman, KendallKendall Graveman 2015, 2017 Pitcher Yes
Gray, JeffJeff Gray 1987–89 Pitcher Yes
Gray, SonnySonny Gray 2017 Pitcher Yes
Grebeck, CraigCraig Grebeck 1994 Shortstop Yes
Green, GaryGary Green 1992 Shortstop Yes
Nick Green 2009 Pitcher No
Green, ScarboroughScarborough Green 2001 Right fielder Yes
Green, SeanSean Green 2011 Pitcher Yes
Green, TaylorTaylor Green 2011–12, 2014 Third baseman Yes
Greinke, ZackZack GreinkeMLB award winner or All-Star[be] 2011 Pitcher Yes
Griffin, A. J.A. J. Griffin 2015 Pitcher Yes
Joe Griffin 1978 Catcher No
Griffin, MikeMike Griffin 1989 Pitcher Yes
Kevin Grijak 1998 First baseman No
Gross, GabeGabe Gross 2007 Right fielder/Left fielder Yes
Gross, KipKip Gross 1990–91 Pitcher Yes
Grubb, JohnnyJohnny Grubb 1986 Outfielder Yes
John Guarnaccia 1978 Outfielder No
Randy Guerra 1981–82 First baseman/Pitcher No
Guerrier, MattMatt Guerrier 2002–03 Pitcher Yes
Guillén, JoséJosé Guillén 1999 Right fielder Yes
Gulan, MikeMike Gulan 2003 Third baseman Yes
Gulden, BradBrad Gulden 1980 Catcher Yes
Gulin, LindsayLindsay Gulin 2007–09 Pitcher No
Brad Guy 2001 Pitcher No
Gwosdz, DougDoug Gwosdz 1988–89 Catcher Yes
Gwynn, Jr., TonyTony Gwynn, Jr. 2006–09 Center fielder Yes
Haad, YamidYamid Haad 2001 Catcher Yes
Hackman, LutherLuther Hackman 2004, 2006–07 Pitcher Yes
Hahn, JesseJesse Hahn 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Hall, BillBill Hall 2009 Shortstop/Right fielder Yes
Hall, DrewDrew Hall 1991 Pitcher Yes
Hall, JoeJoe Hall 1993–94 Outfielder Yes
Kris Hall 2015 Pitcher No
Hall, MelMel Hall 1996 Designated hitter Yes
Mike Halperin 1998 Pitcher No
Halton, SeanSean Halton 2012–14 First baseman Yes
Bob Hamilton 1978–79 Outfielder No
Hammaker, AtleeAtlee Hammaker 1994–95 Pitcher Yes
Hammond, ChrisChris Hammond 1989–90 Pitcher Yes
Steve Hammond 2008 Pitcher No
Hand, DonovanDonovan Hand 2010–14 Pitcher Yes
Dan Hanggie 1980–81 Third baseman No
Hansell, GregGreg Hansell 1999 Pitcher Yes
Hardy, J. J.J. J. HardyMLB award winner or All-Star[bb] 2009 Shortstop Yes
Harper, BrianBrian Harper 1986 Catcher Yes
Butch Harris 1978 Outfielder No
James Harris 2015 Right fielder No
Harris, JohnJohn Harris 1985 Outfielder Yes
Harris, LennyLenny Harris 1987–89 Second baseman/Shortstop Yes
Hart, CoreyCorey HartMLB award winner or All-Star[t] 2005–06, 2009, 2011 Right fielder/Left fielder Yes
Corey D. Hart 2005 Second baseman No
Hassan, AlexAlex Hassan 2015 Left fielder/Right fielder Yes
Derek Hasselhoff 1997 Pitcher No
Kevin Haverbusch 2001–02 Left fielder/Pinch hitter No
Johnny Hawkins 1984 Catcher No
Hawkins, LaTroyLaTroy Hawkins 2010–11 Pitcher Yes
Alan Hayden 1989 Outfielder No
Jason Haynie 1998 Pitcher No
Healy, RyonRyon Healy 2016 First baseman/Third baseman Yes
Healy, TuckerTucker Healy 2016–17 Pitcher No
Heathcott, MikeMike Heathcott 1997 Pitcher Yes
Kyle Heckathorn 2013–14 Pitcher No
Adam Heether 2008–10 Third baseman No
Heflin, BronsonBronson Heflin 2000 Pitcher Yes
Heinkel, DonDon Heinkel 1985–86 Pitcher Yes
Helling, RickRick Helling 2005–06 Pitcher Yes
Hellweg, JohnnyJohnny Hellweg 2013–14 Pitcher Yes
Bill Hench 1980, 1982 Third baseman No
Henderson, JimJim Henderson 2011–12, 2014 Pitcher Yes
Hendrickson, BenBen Hendrickson 2005–06 Pitcher Yes
Hendriks, LiamLiam Hendriks 2016 Pitcher Yes
Ron Henika 1987 First baseman No
Henneman, MikeMike HennemanMLB award winner or All-Star[u] 1986 Pitcher Yes
Hensley, ClayClay Hensley 2013 Pitcher Yes
Julian Heredia 1998 Pitcher No
Hermansen, ChadChad Hermansen*[d] 1998–2002 Center fielder Yes
Hermida, JeremyJeremy Hermida 2014 Right fielder Yes
Hernáiz, JesúsJesús Hernáiz 1983 Pitcher Yes
Hernández, AlexAlex Hernández 2000–01 First baseman/Right fielder Yes
Hernández, CésarCésar Hernández 1992 Outfielder Yes
Hernandez, ChuckChuck Hernandez 1983 Pitcher No
Juan Hernandez 1984 Third baseman No
Herrera, DanielDaniel Herrera 2011 Pitcher Yes
Herrera, EliánElián Herrera 2014 Center fielder/Second baseman Yes
Hill, BobbyBobby Hill 2003 Second baseman Yes
Hill, MiltMilt Hill 1990–92 Pitcher Yes
Orsino Hill 1987 Outfielder No
Robert Hinton 2009–11 Pitcher No
Rod Hobbs 1986 Outfielder No
Hoey, JimJim Hoey 2013 Pitcher Yes
Hoffman, TrevorTrevor HoffmanMLB award winner or All-Star[v] 1992, 2009 Pitcher Yes
Holbert, AaronAaron Holbert 2003 Shortstop Yes
Greg Holle 2013 Pitcher No
Holtz, MikeMike Holtz 2003 Pitcher Yes
J. R. Hopf 2007–08 Catcher/First baseman No
Hopper, NorrisNorris Hopper 2010 Center fielder Yes
House, J. R.J. R. House 2004 Catcher Yes
Householder, PaulPaul Householder 1979 Outfielder Yes
Jeff Housman 2005 Pitcher No
Ryan Houston 2009 Pitcher No
Howard, BenBen Howard 2008 Pitcher Yes
Howard, ChrisChris Howard 1993 Pitcher Yes
Howard, MattMatt Howard 1999 Second baseman Yes
Howard, ThomasThomas Howard 2001 Designated hitter Yes
Tim Howard 1995 Third baseman/Second baseman No
Howell, JayJay HowellMLB award winner or All-Star[w] 1978 Pitcher Yes
Mark Howie 1992 Infielder No
Howitt, DannDann Howitt 1994–95 Outfielder Yes
Hudler, RexRex Hudler 1982 Second baseman Yes
Huff, MikeMike Huff 1993 Outfielder Yes
Greg Hughes 1979 Pitcher No
Hughes, KeithKeith Hughes 1984 Outfielder Yes
Steve Hughes 1978–79 Shortstop No
John Huntington 1978 Pitcher No
Huntzinger, BrockBrock Huntzinger 2015 Pitcher No
Dustin Hurlbutt 2017 Pitcher No
Hurst, JimmyJimmy Hurst 1996 Right fielder Yes
Hynes, ColtColt Hynes 2016 Pitcher Yes
Hyzdu, AdamAdam Hyzdu 1999, 2001–03 Right fielder Yes
Rodney Imes 1990–91 Pitcher No
Iribarren, HernánHernán Iribarren 2008–09 Second baseman Yes
Ishikawa, TravisTravis Ishikawa 2012 First baseman Yes
Izquierdo, HanselHansel Izquierdo 2004 Pitcher Yes
Izturis, CésarCésar Izturis 2012 Shortstop Yes
Jackson, DannyDanny JacksonMLB award winner or All-Star[x] 1990 Pitcher Yes
Jackson, JayJay Jackson 2014 Pitcher Yes
Jackson, ZachZach Jackson 2006–08 Pitcher Yes
Jakubauskas, ChrisChris Jakubauskas 2013 Pitcher Yes
James, JustinJustin James 2011 Pitcher Yes
Jaramillo, JasonJason Jaramillo 2012 Catcher Yes
Milko Jaramillo 2006 Second baseman/Second baseman No
Jarvis, KevinKevin Jarvis 2004 Pitcher Yes
Javier, StanStan Javier 1984 Outfielder Yes
Jim Jefferson 1988 Pitcher No
Jefferson, ReggieReggie Jefferson 1990–91 First baseman Yes
Jefferson, StanStan Jefferson 1991 Outfielder Yes
Jeffress, JeremyJeremy Jeffress 2014 Pitcher Yes
Greg Jemison 1980 Outfielder No
Chris Jensen 2016–17 Pitcher No
Jeter, ShawnShawn Jeter 1993 Outfielder Yes
Barry Johnson 1996–97 Pitcher No
Ben Johnson 2010 Catcher No
Johnson, BobBob Johnson 1984 Designated hitter Yes
Johnson, DaneDane Johnson 1994–95 Pitcher Yes
David Johnson 2009–10 Pitcher No
Johnson, MarkMark Johnson 2006 Catcher Yes
Johnson, RonRon Johnson 1985 First baseman/Designated hitter Yes
Jerold Johnston 1980 Third baseman No
Johnston, MikeMike Johnston 2004 Pitcher Yes
Jones, BarryBarry Jones 1993 Pitcher Yes
Jones, CalvinCalvin Jones 1995 Pitcher Yes
Jones, ChrisChris Jones 1989–91 Outfielder Yes
Jones, Mike C.Mike C. Jones 1988 Pitcher Yes
Mike D. Jones 2009–10 Pitcher No
Jones, StacyStacy Jones 1996–97 Pitcher Yes
Jones, TracyTracy Jones 1988 Outfielder Yes
Manny Jose 1991 Outfielder No
Jungmann, TaylorTaylor Jungmann 2014 Pitcher Yes
Karchner, MattMatt Karchner 1994–97 Pitcher Yes
Karl, ScottScott Karl 2001 Pitcher Yes
Katin, BrendanBrendan Katin 2008–11 Right fielder No
Kaufman, CurtCurt Kaufman 1980–81 Pitcher Yes
Bill Kelly 1978–79 Pitcher No
Kelly, BryanBryan Kelly 1985–86 Pitcher Yes
Hugh Kemp*[e] 1987–89 Pitcher No
Keough, MattMatt Keough 1984 Pitcher Yes
Kershner, JasonJason Kershner 2006 Pitcher Yes
Keyser, BrianBrian Keyser 1993–97 Pitcher Yes
Brad King 2003 Catcher No
King, EricEric King 1986 Pitcher Yes
Mike King 1983–84 Pitcher No
Kintzler, BrandonBrandon KintzlerMLB award winner or All-Star[bm] 2010–12 Pitcher Yes
Klingenbeck, ScottScott Klingenbeck 1998 Pitcher Yes
Dave Klipstein 1988 Outfielder No
Frank Kneuer 1982–83 Catcher No
Tim Knight 1981–84 Outfielder No
Knorr, RandyRandy Knorr 2000 Catcher Yes
Knott, JonJon Knott 2009 Right fielder Yes
Ryan Knox 2005 Left fielder/Center fielder No
Komminsk, BradBrad Komminsk 1993 Outfielder Yes
Mike Konderla 1987 Pitcher No
Koonce, GrahamGraham Koonce 2006 First baseman Yes
Koshansky, JoeJoe Koshansky 2009–10 First baseman Yes
Kottaras, GeorgeGeorge Kottaras 2011 Catcher Yes
Kroenke, ZachZach Kroenke 2013 Pitcher Yes
Krynzel, DaveDave Krynzel 2005–06 Center fielder Yes
Kuntz, RustyRusty Kuntz 1985 Outfielder Yes
Aaron Kurcz 2015–17 Pitcher No
Ladendorf, TylerTyler Ladendorf 2015–16 Outfielder/Shortstop Yes
Laffey, AaronAaron Laffey 2013 Pitcher Yes
Laga, MikeMike Laga 1985–86 First baseman Yes
Lahti, JeffJeff Lahti 1979 Pitcher Yes
Laker, TimTim Laker 1998–2000 Catcher Yes
Lalli, BlakeBlake Lalli 2013 Catcher Yes
LaMarre, RyanRyan LaMarre 2017 Center fielder Yes
Lambo, AndrewAndrew Lambo 2016–17 Left fielder/Designated hitter Yes
Luis Landaeta 2002 Left fielder No
Landrum, BillBill Landrum 1987 Pitcher Yes
Landrum, TitoTito Landrum 1989 Outfielder Yes
Brian Lane 1990, 1992 Third baseman No
Larkin, BarryBarry LarkinMLB award winner or All-Star[y] 1989 Shortstop Yes
Lawrence, SeanSean Lawrence 1998 Pitcher Yes
Lavarnway, RyanRyan Lavarnway 2017 Catcher Yes
Layana, TimTim Layana 1991 Pitcher Yes
Joe Lazor 1990 Pitcher No
Lazorko, JackJack Lazorko 1986 Pitcher Yes
Leach, BrentBrent Leach 2013–14 Pitcher Yes
Leach, TerryTerry Leach 1993 Pitcher Yes
Dan Ledduke 1980–81 Pitcher No
Lee, TerryTerry Lee 1989–91 First baseman Yes
Lehr, JustinJustin Lehr 2005–06 Pitcher Yes
Chris Lein 1982 Pitcher No
Leius, ScottScott Leius 1997 Third baseman/Designated hitter Yes
León, ArcenioArcenio León 2014 Pitcher Yes
León, ArnoldArnold León 2015 Pitcher Yes
León, DaniloDanilo León 2000 Pitcher Yes
Levine, AlAl Levine 1994–97 Pitcher Yes
Timothy Lewis 1980–81 Pitcher No
Lincoln, MikeMike Lincoln 2001–03 Pitcher Yes
Lindsey, BillBill Lindsey 1983–84 Catcher Yes
Lindsey, DougDoug Lindsey 1994 Catcher Yes
Littleton, WesWes Littleton 2009 Pitcher Yes
Lockhart, KeithKeith Lockhart 1989–91 Second baseman Yes
Loe, KameronKameron Loe 2010 Pitcher Yes
Chuck Lofgren 2010 Pitcher No
Loiselle, RichRich Loiselle 1998, 2000–01 Pitcher Yes
Rick Lombardo 1978–79 Pitcher No
Chris Lombardozzi 1990 Third baseman/Second baseman No
Long, JoeyJoey Long 1999 Pitcher Yes
Nate Long 2015 Pitcher No
Looney, BrianBrian Looney 2002 Pitcher Yes
López, FelipeFelipe López 2011 Second baseman/Third baseman Yes
López, MendyMendy López 2002 Shortstop/Third baseman Yes
Rob Lopez 1987–91 Pitcher No
Lorraine, AndrewAndrew Lorraine 1995 Pitcher Yes
Johnnie Lowe 2012–14 Pitcher No
Lowe, SeanSean Lowe 2002 Pitcher Yes
Lowrie, JedJed Lowrie 2016 Second baseman Yes
Lowry, DwightDwight Lowry 1985–86 Catcher Yes
Lucroy, JonathanJonathan LucroyMLB award winner or All-Star[bg] 2010, 2012 Catcher Yes
Don Lyle 1978 Outfielder No
David Lynch 1992 Pitcher No
Lyons, BarryBarry Lyons 1995 Catcher/Designated hitter Yes


Martín Maldonado, Sounds catcher (2009–12)
Sean Manaea, Sounds pitcher (2016–17)
Norberto Martin, Sounds second baseman (1993–94, 1996)
Daniel Mengden, Sounds pitcher (2016–17)
Brent Morel, Sounds third baseman (2015)
Hunter Morris, Sounds first baseman (2013–14)
Chris Narveson, Sounds pitcher (2008–09, 2013)
Brad Nelson (left), Sounds first baseman (2005–08)
Manny Parra, Sounds pitcher (2007, 2009, and 2011)
Frank Pastore, Sounds pitcher (1978)
Luis Peña, Sounds pitcher (2008)
Wily Peralta, Sounds pitcher (2011–12)
Aramis Ramírez, Sounds third baseman (1998–2000)
Rangel Ravelo, Sounds first baseman (2015–16)
Jeff Reed, Sounds catcher (1992)
Mike Rivera, Sounds catcher (2005–07, 2009, and 2011)
Ron Roenicke, Sounds outfielder (1988)
Name Season(s) Position(s) MLB
Mabeus, ChrisChris Mabeus 2006 Pitcher Yes
MacDonald, BobBob MacDonald 1994 Pitcher Yes
Machado, AndersonAnderson Machado 2011 Shortstop Yes
Machado, RobertRobert Machado 1995, 1997 Catcher Yes
Macías, JoséJosé Macías 2007 Outfielder Yes
Mackowiak, RobRob Mackowiak 2001, 2003 First baseman Yes
Madison, ScottiScotti Madison 1985–86, 1989 First baseman Yes
Magrane, JoeJoe Magrane 1996 Pitcher Yes
Mahler, MickeyMickey Mahler 1985 Pitcher Yes
Mahler, RickRick Mahler 1990 Pitcher Yes
Mahomes, PatPat Mahomes 2003–04 Pitcher Yes
Maldonado, MartínMartín MaldonadoMLB award winner or All-Star[bn] 2009–12 Catcher Yes
Manaea, SeanSean Manaea 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Mike Manfre 1987 Outfielder No
Mann, BrandonBrandon Mann 2016 Pitcher No
Mann, JimJim Mann 2003–04 Pitcher Yes
Hank Manning 1994 Catcher No
Manzanillo, JosíasJosías Manzanillo 2000, 2002 Pitcher Yes
Mariano, BobBob Mariano 1981 Third baseman No
Márquez, IsidroIsidro Márquez 1994–95 Pitcher Yes
Marte, DámasoDámaso Marte 2001 Pitcher Yes
Martin, CodyCody Martin 2015 Pitcher Yes
Greg Martin 2004 Pitcher No
Martin, NorbertoNorberto Martin 1993–94, 1996 Second baseman Yes
Martínez, DomingoDomingo Martínez 1994 First baseman Yes
Martínez, MannyManny Martínez 1998 Center fielder Yes
Eric Marzec 2011, 2014 Pitcher No
Mata, VíctorVíctor Mata 1983 Outfielder/Second baseman Yes
Mateo, RubénRubén Mateo 2004 Outfielder Yes
Del Mathews 1998 Pitcher No
Kent Matthes 2015 Right fielder No
Mattingly, DonDon MattinglyMLB award winner or All-Star (#18)[z] 1981 First baseman/Outfielder Yes
Mattison, KevinKevin Mattison 2014 Center fielder Yes
Mattson, RobRob Mattson 2000 Pitcher No
Maxwell, BruceBruce Maxwell 2016–17 Catcher Yes
May, LucasLucas May 2014 Catcher Yes
Bob Mayer 1978–79 Pitcher No
Maysonet, EdwinEdwin Maysonet 2011–12 Shortstop Yes
McBride, MattMatt McBride 2016–17 Catcher Yes
McClendon, LloydLloyd McClendon 1987–88 First baseman Yes
McClendon, MikeMike McClendon 2010–12 Pitcher Yes
McClung, SethSeth McClung 2007, 2012 Pitcher Yes
McConnell, SamSam McConnell 2000–01 Pitcher Yes
McCurry, JeffJeff McCurry 1998 Pitcher Yes
Neal McDade 2001 Pitcher No
McDaniel, TerryTerry McDaniel 1992 Outfielder Yes
McDonald, KeithKeith McDonald 2004 Catcher Yes
McEnaney, WillWill McEnaney 1980 Pitcher Yes
McGaffigan, AndyAndy McGaffigan 1980 Pitcher Yes
McGee, WillieWillie McGeeMLB award winner or All-Star[aa] 1980–81 Outfielder Yes
McGriff, TerryTerry McGriff 1987–90 Catcher Yes
McKnight, TonyTony McKnight 2002 Pitcher Yes
McLeary, MartyMarty McLeary 2010 Pitcher Yes
Derwin McNealy 1983 Outfielder No
Meacham, BobbyBobby Meacham 1984 Shortstop Yes
Meacham, RustyRusty Meacham 1998 Pitcher Yes
Meadows, BrianBrian Meadows 2002–03 Pitcher Yes
Dan Meadows 2011–12 Pitcher No
Meares, PatPat Meares 1999 Shortstop Yes
Melvin, BobBob MelvinMLB award winner or All-Star[ab] 1985 Catcher Yes
Gene Menees 1978–79 Second baseman No
Menechino, FrankFrank Menechino 1997 Second baseman Yes
Menéndez, TonyTony Menéndez 1992 Pitcher Yes
Mengden, DanielDaniel Mengden 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Melvin Mercedes 2017 Second baseman/Shortstop No
Merchant, MarkMark Merchant 1996 Designated hitter No
Frank Merigliano 1993 Pitcher No
Merklinger, DanDan Merklinger 2010 Pitcher No
Merullo, MattMatt Merullo 1993 Catcher Yes
Meyer, DanDan Meyer 1985 Designated hitter Yes
Meyers, MikeMike Meyers 2005–06 Pitcher No
Milacki, BobBob Milacki 1999 Pitcher Yes
Mark Miller 1978–79 Catcher No
Mills, BradBrad Mills 2014–15 Pitcher Yes
Milner, EddieEddie Milner 1979, 1988 Outfielder Yes
David Milstien 1994–95 Shortstop/Third baseman No
Mintz, SteveSteve Mintz 1998 Pitcher Yes
Minutelli, GinoGino Minutelli 1990–92 Pitcher Yes
Geovany Miranda 1994 Third baseman No
Mitchell, BobbyBobby Mitchell 1985 Outfielder Yes
Mitchell, CharlieCharlie Mitchell 1988–91 Pitcher Yes
Moeller, ChadChad Moeller 2006 Catcher Yes
Moll, SamSam Moll 2017 Pitcher Yes
Molleken, DustinDustin Molleken 2013–14 Pitcher Yes
Monahan, ShaneShane Monahan 2001 Left fielder Yes
Greg Monda 1988 First baseman No
Monge, SidSid Monge 1985 Pitcher Yes
Mike Mongiello 1993–95 Pitcher No
Montas, FrankieFrankie Montas 2017 Pitcher Yes
Monteleone, RichRich Monteleone 1985 Pitcher Yes
Montgomery, JeffJeff MontgomeryMLB award winner or All-Star[ac] 1987 Pitcher Yes
Montgomery, RayRay Montgomery 1999–2000 Left fielder/Right fielder Yes
Moody, EricEric Moody 2001 Pitcher Yes
Moore, BobbyBobby Moore 1990 Pitcher Yes
Morel, BrentBrent Morel 2015 Third baseman Yes
Tony Moretto 1978 Outfielder No
Morgan, MikeMike MorganMLB award winner or All-Star[ad] 1981 Pitcher Yes
Morgan, NyjerNyjer Morgan 2011 Center fielder/Right fielder Yes
Moriarty, MikeMike Moriarty 2004 Second baseman/Shortstop Yes
Morman, RussRuss Morman 1992 First baseman Yes
Morris, HalHal Morris 1990, 1992 Outfielder Yes
Morris, HunterHunter Morris 2013–14 First baseman No
Morris, WarrenWarren Morris 2001, 2005 Second baseman Yes
Mosquera, JulioJulio Mosquera 2005 Catcher Yes
Motley, DarrylDarryl Motley 1990 Outfielder Yes
Ryan Mottl 2004 Pitcher No
Mouton, LyleLyle Mouton 1995 Left fielder Yes
Muncy, MaxMax Muncy 2015–16 Third baseman/First baseman Yes
Munoz, JoseJose Munoz 1996 Second baseman Yes
Muñoz, YairoYairo Muñoz 2017 Outfielder/Shortstop No
Munson, EricEric Munson 2008 First baseman/Catcher Yes
Murray, A. J.A. J. Murray 2010 Pitcher Yes
James Naile 2016 Pitcher No
Narron, SamSam Narron*[f] 2008–11 Pitcher Yes
Narveson, ChrisChris Narveson 2008–09, 2013 Pitcher Yes
Navas, CarlosCarlos Navas 2016 Pitcher No
Neal, ZachZach Neal 2015–17 Pitcher Yes
Nelson, BradBrad Nelson 2005–08 First baseman Yes
Nelson, BryantBryant Nelson 2001 Second baseman Yes
Douglas Nelson 1978 Pitcher No
Jerome Nelson 1990 Outfielder No
Nelson, JimmyJimmy Nelson 2013–14 Pitcher Yes
Newson, WarrenWarren Newson 1993 Outfielder Yes
Nielsen, ScottScott Nielsen 1984 Pitcher Yes
Nieves, WilWil Nieves 2011 Catcher Yes
Nix, LaynceLaynce Nix 2006–08 Center fielder/Right fielder Yes
Nixon, OtisOtis Nixon*[g] 1981–82 Shortstop Yes
Noce, PaulPaul Noce 1990 Shortstop Yes
Nokes, MattMatt NokesMLB award winner or All-Star[ae] 1986 Catcher Yes
Nolin, SeanSean Nolin 2015 Pitcher Yes
Rey Noriega 1995 Shortstop No
Norton, GregGreg Norton 1996–97 Third baseman/Shortstop Yes
Novoa, RafaelRafael Novoa 1995 Pitcher Yes
Chris Nowak 2011 Third baseman No
Núñez, AbrahamAbraham Núñez 1998–2000, 2002, 2008 Shortstop Yes
Núñez, FranklinFranklin Núñez 2007 Pitcher Yes
Núñez, RenatoRenato Núñez 2016–17 Third baseman Yes
Nyman, ChrisChris Nyman 1986 First baseman Yes
Obermueller, WesWes Obermueller 2005 Pitcher Yes
O'Connor, BrianBrian O'Connor 2000–02 Pitcher Yes
Oeltjen, TrentTrent Oeltjen 2010 Left fielder Yes
Oester, RonRon Oester 1988 Second baseman Yes
O'Flaherty, EricEric O'Flaherty 2015 Pitcher Yes
Rick O'Keeffe 1978–79 Pitcher No
Oliver, JoeJoe Oliver 1988–89 Catcher Yes
Steve Oliverio 1988 Pitcher No
Olmedo, RayRay Olmedo 2010 Second baseman Yes
Olmsted, MichaelMichael Olmsted 2013 Pitcher No
Steve Olsen 1994 Pitcher No
Olson, MattMatt Olson 2016–17 First baseman/Right fielder Yes
Eddie Olszta 2004 Pinch hitter No
Olwine, EdEd Olwine 1983 Pitcher Yes
O'Malley, TomTom O'Malley 1985 Third baseman Yes
O'Neal, RandyRandy O'Neal 1985–86 Pitcher Yes
O'Neill, PaulPaul O'NeillMLB award winner or All-Star[af] 1987, 1989 Outfielder Yes
Ordóñez, MagglioMagglio OrdóñezMLB award winner or All-Star[ag] 1997 Center fielder/Right fielder Yes
Orie, KevinKevin Orie 2005 Third baseman/Designated hitter Yes
Orr, PetePete Orr 2014 Second baseman Yes
Ortiz, JavierJavier Ortiz 1994–95 Outfielder Yes
Ortiz, JuniorJunior Ortiz 1995 Catcher Yes
Osik, KeithKeith Osik 1999 Catcher/Right fielder Yes
Gavin Osteen 2000 Pitcher No
Otero, DanDan Otero 2015 Pitcher Yes
Oxspring, ChrisChris Oxspring 2007 Pitcher Yes
Overton, DillonDillon Overton 2016 Pitcher Yes
Pacella, JohnJohn Pacella 1985–86 Pitcher Yes
Pacillo, PatPat Pacillo 1987–88 Pitcher Yes
Joey Paciorek 2013 Designated hitter/Pinch runner/Pinch hitter No
Pagliarulo, MikeMike Pagliarulo 1983 Third baseman Yes
Pagnozzi, MattMatt Pagnozzi 2014 Catcher Yes
Pall, DonnDonn Pall 1995 Pitcher Yes
Freddy Parejo 2009 Left fielder No
Parker, JarrodJarrod Parker 2015 Pitcher Yes
Stephen Parker 2013 Third baseman No
Parmelee, ChrisChris Parmelee 2017 Designated hitter/Outfielder Yes
Paronto, ChadChad Paronto 2005 Pitcher Yes
Parque, JimJim Parque 1997 Pitcher Yes
Parra, JoséJosé Parra 2000 Pitcher Yes
Parra, MannyManny Parra 2007, 2009, 2011 Pitcher Yes
Parrino, AndyAndy Parrino 2015 Shortstop Yes
Pasqua, DanDan Pasqua 1984 Outfielder Yes
Pastore, FrankFrank Pastore 1978 Pitcher Yes
Paterson, JoeJoe Paterson 2015 Pitcher Yes
Patterson, CoreyCorey Patterson 2009, 2012 Left fielder Yes
Patterson, JarrodJarrod Patterson 2000 Third baseman Yes
Patterson, ScottScott Patterson 1983–84 Pitcher No
Jeff Patzke 1998–99 Second baseman No
Pavlas, DaveDave Pavlas 2000–01 Pitcher Yes
Eddie Pearson 1997 First baseman No
Kevin Pearson 1989–91 Shortstop/Third baseman No
Peña, ArielAriel Peña 2014 Pitcher Yes
Luis Peña 2008 Pitcher No
Peralta, WilyWily Peralta 2011–12 Pitcher Yes
Perez, JuanJuan Perez 2012 Pitcher Yes
Perry, ChanChan Perry 2003 First baseman Yes
Peters, ChrisChris Peters 1999–2000 Pitcher Yes
Tanner Peters 2015 Pitcher No
Petersen, ChrisChris Petersen 2001 Second baseman Yes
Charles Peterson 1998 Right fielder No
Erik Peterson 1981–84 Third baseman No
Ike Pettaway 1983 Pitcher No
Pettyjohn, AdamAdam Pettyjohn 2007 Pitcher Yes
Phegley, JoshJosh Phegley 2016–17 Catcher/Designated hitter Yes
Phelps, TommyTommy Phelps 2005 Pitcher Yes
Phillips, JasonJason Phillips 1998–2000 Pitcher Yes
Phillips, PaulPaul Phillips 2012 Catcher Yes
Pickford, KevinKevin Pickford 1998 Pitcher Yes
Pinder, ChadChad Pinder 2016–17 Shortstop Yes
Pittaro, ChrisChris Pittaro 1985 Third baseman Yes
Pittman, JoeJoe Pittman 1985 Third baseman Yes
Polcovich, KevinKevin Polcovich 1999 Shortstop Yes
Poldberg, BrianBrian Poldberg 1981–82 Catcher No
Wil Polidor 1997 Second baseman No
Pose, ScottScott Pose 1991 Outfielder Yes
Dave Post 2002 Second baseman No
Powell, BoogBoog Powell 2017 Center fielder/Left fielder Yes
Powell, DennisDennis Powell 1994 Pitcher Yes
Powell, RossRoss Powell 1990–92 Pitcher Yes
Pratt, AndyAndy Pratt 2005 Pitcher Yes
Rich Pratt 1997 Pitcher No
Price, JoeJoe Price 1978–79 Pitcher Yes
Pride, CurtisCurtis Pride 2002 Left fielder Yes
Pridie, JasonJason Pridie 2015 Right fielder/Left fielder Yes
Prieto, ArielAriel Prieto 2003 Pitcher Yes
Prince, JoshJosh Prince 2013 Center fielder Yes
Pritchett, ChrisChris Pritchett 2002 First baseman Yes
Buddy Pryor 1987–88 Catcher No
Pugh, TimTim Pugh 1991–92 Pitcher Yes
Garry Pyka 1978 Second baseman No
Quiñones, LuisLuis Quiñones 1988–89 Shortstop Yes
Quintero, HumbertoHumberto Quintero 2012 Catcher Yes
Johnny Raburn 2009–10 Second baseman No
Radmanovich, RyanRyan Radmanovich 2001–02 Left fielder/Right fielder Yes
Bob Raftice 1983 Pitcher No
Raines, TimTim RainesMLB award winner or All-Star[bl] 1993 Outfielder/Designated hitter Yes
Ramírez, AramisAramis RamírezMLB award winner or All-Star[ah] 1998–2000 Third baseman Yes
Ramirez, ErasmoErasmo Ramirez 2008 Pitcher Yes
Ramsey, FernandoFernando Ramsey 1995–96 Center fielder Yes
Jim Rasmussen 1983–85 Pitcher No
Rath, FredFred Rath 2000 Pitcher Yes
Ravelo, RangelRangel Ravelo 2015–16 First baseman No
Ray, KenKen Ray 2007 Pitcher Yes
Reboulet, JeffJeff Reboulet 2003 Shortstop Yes
Reddick, JoshJosh Reddick 2016 Right fielder/Designated Hitter Yes
Mike Reddish 1983 Outfielder No
Redman, TikeTike Redman*[h] 2000–03, 2009 Center fielder Yes
Redus, GaryGary Redus 1979 Outfielder Yes
Reed, JeffJeff Reed 1992 Catcher Yes
Reed, JeremyJeremy Reed 2011 Right fielder/Left fielder Yes
Justin Reid 2003–04 Pitcher No
Reuss, JerryJerry Reuss 1987 Pitcher Yes
Reyes, AlAl Reyes 2002 Pitcher Yes
José Reyes 1998 Catcher No
Jeff Reynolds 1982, 1989 Outfielder/Third baseman No
Frank Ricci 1981–82 Pitcher No
Richardson, JeffJeff Richardson 1989 Shortstop Yes
Rickles, NickNick Rickles 2015 Catcher No
Righetti, DaveDave Righetti 1995 Pitcher Yes
Rijo, JoséJosé RijoMLB award winner or All-Star[ai] 1983, 1990 Pitcher Yes
Rincón, RicardoRicardo Rincón 1998 Pitcher Yes
Ríos, ArmandoArmando Ríos 2002 Right fielder Yes
Riske, DavidDavid Riske 2008, 2010 Pitcher Yes
Risley, BillBill Risley 1991 Pitcher Yes
Ritchie, ToddTodd Ritchie 1999 Pitcher Yes
Amaury Rivas 2011–12 Pitcher No
Rivera, CarlosCarlos Rivera 2003–04 First baseman Yes
Rivera, GermánGermán Rivera 1986 Third baseman Yes
Rivera, MikeMike Rivera 2005–07, 2009, 2011 Catcher Yes
Rizzo, ToddTodd Rizzo 1997 Pitcher Yes
Wes Robbins 1981 Second baseman No
Roberts, RyanRyan Roberts 2015 Third baseman Yes
Roberts, LeonLeon Roberts 1985 Outfielder Yes
Roberts, WillisWillis Roberts 2004 Pitcher Yes
Robertson, AndreAndre Robertson 1980 Shortstop Yes
Robertson, MikeMike Robertson 1994–96, 1999 First baseman Yes
Robertson, RichRich Robertson 1999 Pitcher Yes
Brian Robinson 1987 Shortstop/Second baseman No
Robinson, JeffJeff Robinson 1986 Pitcher Yes
Robinson, RonRon Robinson 1988–89 Pitcher Yes
Nilson Robledo 1996 First baseman No
Rodríguez, EdwinEdwin Rodríguez 1982 Shortstop Yes
Rodriguez, FernandoFernando Rodriguez 2015 Pitcher Yes
Rodríguez, FranciscoFrancisco RodríguezMLB award winner or All-Star[bf] 2013 Pitcher Yes
Rodriguez, JoshJosh Rodriguez 2016 Shortstop Yes
Rodríguez, RosarioRosario Rodríguez 1990–91 Pitcher Yes
Roenicke, RonRon Roenicke 1988 Outfielder Yes
Roesler, MikeMike Roesler 1988–89 Pitcher Yes
Rogers, JasonJason Rogers 2014 Third baseman Yes
Rogers, MarkMark Rogers 2010–12 Pitcher Yes
Romero, MandyMandy Romero 2002 Catcher Yes
Romero, NiumanNiuman Romero 2015 Shortstop Yes
Roof, GeneGene Roof 1986 Outfielder Yes
Roomes, RolandoRolando Roomes 1989 Outfielder Yes
Rosado, LuisLuis Rosado 1985 Catcher Yes
Rose, Jr., PetePete Rose, Jr. 1998 First baseman/Third baseman Yes
John Rosengren 2000 Pitcher No
Rothschild, LarryLarry Rothschild 1978 Pitcher Yes
Rottino, VinnyVinny Rottino 2005–08 Catcher Yes
Ruffcorn, ScottScott Ruffcorn 1993–96 Pitcher Yes
Ruffin, JohnnyJohnny Ruffin 1993 Pitcher Yes
Ryan, JasonJason Ryan 2001 Pitcher Yes
Ryan, KenKen Ryan 1999 Pitcher Yes
Matt Ryan 1998–99 Pitcher No
Brian Ryder 1980 Pitcher No


Ángel Salomé, Sounds catcher (2009–10)
Freddy Sanchez, Sounds second baseman (2003–04)
Logan Schafer, Sounds center fielder (2011–12, 2014)
Buck Showalter, Sounds first baseman (1980–83)
Chris Smith, Sounds pitcher (2009–10, 2016–17)
Van Snider, Sounds outfielder (1988–89)
Mitch Stetter, Sounds pitcher (2005–08, 2010–12)
Tyler Thornburg, Sounds pitcher (2012–13)
Derrick Turnbow, Sounds pitcher (2008)
Claudio Vargas, Sounds pitcher (2012)
Pat Venditte, Sounds pitcher (2015)
Carlos Villanueva, Sounds pitcher (2006–07, 2010)
Bobby Wahl, Sounds pitcher (2016–17)
Jeff Weaver, Sounds pitcher (2008)
Rickie Weeks, Sounds second baseman (2005, 2007)
Joey Wendle, Sounds second baseman (2015–17)
Rob Wooten, Sounds pitcher (2012–14)
Chase Wright, Sounds pitcher (2009–11)
Barry Zito, Sounds pitcher (2015)
Name Season(s) Position(s) MLB
Sabo, ChrisChris SaboMLB award winner or All-Star[ak] 1987, 1989, 1992 Third baseman Yes
Sáenz, OlmedoOlmedo Sáenz 1994–96 Third baseman Yes
Saito, TakashiTakashi Saito 2011 Pitcher Yes
Jim Sak 2000 Pitcher No
Salas, MarinoMarino Salas 2007 Pitcher Yes
Salas, MarkMark Salas 1982 Catcher Yes
Salomé, ÁngelÁngel Salomé 2009–10 Catcher Yes
Sánchez, AlejandroAlejandro Sánchez 1985 Outfielder Yes
Sánchez, DuanerDuaner Sánchez 2002–03 Pitcher Yes
Sanchez, FreddyFreddy SanchezMLB award winner or All-Star[al] 2003–04 Second baseman Yes
Sanchez, JakeJake Sanchez 2015–17 Pitcher No
Jesús Sánchez 2012–13 Pitcher No
Juan Sánchez 2011–12 Pinch hitter/Outfielder No
Tracy Sanders 2000 First baseman No
Juan Sandoval 2009 Pitcher No
Sanford, ChanceChance Sanford 1998 Second baseman Yes
Sanford, MoMo Sanford 1991–92 Pitcher Yes
Santana, JulioJulio Santana 2005 Pitcher Yes
Santana, RafaelRafael Santana 1980 Shortstop Yes
Santo Domingo, RafaelRafael Santo Domingo 1978–79 First baseman Yes
Eduard Santos 2016 Pitcher No
Sarfate, DennisDennis Sarfate 2005–07 Pitcher Yes
Sauerbeck, ScottScott Sauerbeck 2000 Pitcher Yes
Sauveur, RichRich Sauveur 1996, 1998–99 Pitcher Yes
Dalton Sawyer 2017 Pitcher No
Steve Scarborough 2005 Shortstop No
Schafer, LoganLogan Schafer 2011–12, 2014 Center fielder Yes
Schall, GeneGene Schall 1997 Designated hitter Yes
Scherrer, BillBill Scherrer 1986–87 Pitcher Yes
Schmidt, JasonJason SchmidtMLB award winner or All-Star[am] 2001 Pitcher Yes
Dan Schmitz 1980, 1982 Shortstop/Third baseman No
Schrenk, SteveSteve Schrenk 1993–94, 1996 Pitcher Yes
Schulz, JeffJeff Schulz 1992 Outfielder Yes
Schuster, PatrickPatrick Schuster 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Schwarz, JeffJeff Schwarz 1993–94 Pitcher Yes
Scott, DickDick Scott 1984 Third baseman Yes
Scott, DonnieDonnie Scott 1990–91 Catcher Yes
Kelly Scott 1982–83 Pitcher No
Scott, TimTim Scott 1999 Pitcher Yes
Scudder, ScottScott Scudder 1989–90 Pitcher Yes
Sebra, BobBob Sebra 1989–90 Pitcher Yes
Reed Secrist 1999, 2001–02 Third baseman No
Joel Seddon 2017 Pitcher No
R. J. Seidel 2013 Pitcher No
Segovia, ZackZack Segovia 2011 Pitcher Yes
Segura, JoséJosé Segura 1992 Pitcher Yes
Sellers, JeffJeff Sellers 1989 Pitcher Yes
Semien, MarcusMarcus Semien 2017 Shortstop/Designated hitter Yes
Serafini, DanDan Serafini 2000 Pitcher Yes
Serum, GaryGary Serum 1982 Pitcher Yes
Service, ScottScott Service 1992, 2002 Pitcher Yes
Ben Shaffar 2002–03 Pitcher No
Kevin Shannon 1981 Catcher No
Sheets, BenBen SheetsMLB award winner or All-Star[an] 2006 Pitcher Yes
Sheldon, ScottScott Sheldon 2004 Outfielder Yes
Sheridan, PatPat Sheridan 1986 Outfielder Yes
Shiell, JasonJason Shiell 2008 Pitcher Yes
Mark Shiflett 1983–84 Pitcher No
Shirley, SteveSteve Shirley 1985 Pitcher Yes
Showalter, BuckBuck ShowalterMLB award winner or All-Star[ao] 1980–83 First baseman No
Shumpert, TerryTerry Shumpert 2004 Second baseman Yes
Sierra, CandyCandy Sierra 1988 Pitcher Yes
Silva, JoséJosé Silva 1998–99 Pitcher Yes
Mark Silva 1983–84 Pitcher No
Simas, BillBill Simas 1995 Pitcher Yes
Simmons, NelsonNelson Simmons 1985–86 Outfielder Yes
Simon, RandallRandall Simon 2003–04 First baseman/Designated hitter Yes
Simpson, AllanAllan Simpson 2006 Pitcher Yes
Sirotka, MikeMike Sirotka 1995–97 Pitcher Yes
Shaun Skrehot 2001, 2004 Shortstop No
Skrmetta, MattMatt Skrmetta 2000 Pitcher Yes
Slagle, RogerRoger Slagle 1980–82 Pitcher Yes
Jeff Small 1992 Second baseman No
Smith, BrianBrian Smith 2001–02 Pitcher Yes
Smith, ChadChad Smith 2015 Pitcher Yes
Smith, ChrisChris Smith 2009–10, 2016–17 Pitcher Yes
Smith, ChuckChuck Smith 1997 Pitcher Yes
Garry Smith 1980, 1982 Outfielder No
Smith, JoshJosh Smith 2017 Pitcher Yes
Smith, KeithKeith Smith 1982, 1984 Shortstop Yes
Ken Smith 1981–82 Pitcher No
Mark Smith 1998 Right fielder/First baseman Yes
Mark S. Smith 1985 Outfielder No
Smolinski, JakeJake Smolinski 2015–17 Center fielder/Left fielder Yes
Snell, NateNate Snell 1988 Pitcher Yes
Snider, VanVan Snider 1988–89 Outfielder Yes
Snopek, ChrisChris Snopek 1995–97 Shortstop Yes
Chris Snusz 2003–04 Catcher No
Tom Sohns 1978–79 Shortstop No
Steve Sollmann 2008 Second baseman No
Sorensen, ZachZach Sorensen 2006 Second baseman Yes
Soto, MarioMario Soto 1987 Pitcher Yes
Sparks, JeffJeff Sparks 1999 Pitcher Yes
Sparks, SteveSteve Sparks 2001 Pitcher Yes
Gary Springer 1986 Middle infielder/Designated hitter No
Spurling, ChrisChris Spurling 2007 Pitcher Yes
St. Claire, RandyRandy St. Claire 1988 Pitcher Yes
Stairs, MattMatt Stairs 2003 Right fielder/First baseman Yes
Statia, HainleyHainley Statia 2012–14 Middle infielder No
T. J. Staton 1998 Left fielder/Right fielder No
Stein, BlakeBlake Stein 2004 Pitcher Yes
Stern, AdamAdam Stern 2009–10 Left fielder Yes
Stetter, MitchMitch Stetter 2005–08, 2010–12 Pitcher Yes
Cory Stewart 2004 Pitcher No
Stieb, DaveDave Stieb 1993 Pitcher Yes
Stocker, MelMel Stocker 2008 Pinch hitter/Left fielder Yes
Stoddard, BobBob Stoddard 1985 Pitcher Yes
Stone, JeffJeff Stone 1992 Outfielder Yes
Strange, DougDoug Strange 1999 Second baseman Yes
Cody Stull 2016 Pitcher No
Sturdevant, TylerTyler Sturdevant 2017 Pitcher Yes
Suppan, JeffJeff Suppan 2009 Pitcher Yes
Surkamp, EricEric Surkamp 2016 Pitcher Yes
Sutko, GlennGlenn Sutko 1991 Catcher Yes
Sveum, DaleDale Sveum 1999 Shortstop Yes
Jon Sweet 1998 Catcher No
Swindle, R. J.R. J. Swindle 2009 Pitcher Yes
Sykes, BobBob Sykes 1982 Pitcher Yes
Dave Szymczak 1983 Pitcher No
Tabaka, JeffJeff Tabaka 1998 Pitcher Yes
Tabler, PatPat TablerMLB award winner or All-Star[ap] 1980 Second baseman Yes
Eddie Tanner 1987–90 First baseman No
Beau Taylor 2017 Catcher No
Taylor, BillyBilly Taylor 2001 Pitcher Yes
Taylor, DwightDwight Taylor 1992 Outfielder Yes
Jeff Taylor 1980–81 Pitcher No
Steve Taylor 1980–81 Pitcher No
Scott Tedder 1993 Outfielder No
Rob Teegarden 1981, 1983 Outfielder/Designated hitter No
Tepesch, NickNick Tepesch 2016 Pitcher Yes
Terry, ScottScott Terry 1987 Pitcher Yes
Tewksbury, BobBob TewksburyMLB award winner or All-Star[aq] 1983–84 Pitcher Yes
Thatcher, JoeJoe Thatcher 2007 Pitcher Yes
Thigpen, BobbyBobby Thigpen 1996 Pitcher Yes
Steve Thobe 1998 First baseman/Pitcher No
Thomas, CharlesCharles Thomas 2007 Center fielder/Right fielder Yes
Thomas, LarryLarry Thomas 1993, 1997 Pitcher Yes
Thompson, JustinJustin Thompson 2006 Pitcher Yes
Thompson, RichRich Thompson 2003–04 Outfielder Yes
Thompson, TaylorTaylor Thompson 2015 Pitcher Yes
Thornburg, TylerTyler Thornburg 2012–13 Pitcher Yes
Thurman, CoreyCorey Thurman 2006 Pitcher Yes
Thurman, GaryGary Thurman 1994 Outfielder Yes
Tingley, RonRon Tingley 1994 Catcher Yes
Toca, JorgeJorge Toca 2003 First baseman Yes
Tolar, KevinKevin Tolar 1998, 2002 Pitcher Yes
Tolman, TimTim Tolman 1986 Outfielder Yes
Charles Tomaselli 1984 Pitcher No
Torres, MelquiMelqui Torres 2008 Pitcher No
Torres, SalomónSalomón Torres 2002–03 Pitcher Yes
Randy Town 1979 Pitcher No
Todd Trafton 1991–92 Outfielder No
Treadway, JeffJeff Treadway 1987 Second baseman Yes
Tremie, ChrisChris Tremie 1995–96, 1999 Catcher Yes
Triggs, AndrewAndrew Triggs 2016 Pitcher Yes
Lou Trivino 2017 Pitcher No
Truby, ChrisChris Truby 2004 Third baseman Yes
Joe Turek 1991 Pitcher No
Turnbow, DerrickDerrick Turnbow 2008 Pitcher Yes
Tyner, JasonJason Tyner 2009 Left fielder Yes
Nic Ungs 2008 Pitcher No
Valdez, CésarCésar Valdez 2017 Pitcher Yes
Valdez, MarioMario Valdez 1997 First baseman Yes
Kerry Valrie 1995–96 Right fielder No
Van Benschoten, JohnJohn Van Benschoten 2004 Pitcher Yes
Van Gorder, DaveDave Van Gorder 1978–79 Catcher Yes
Van Poppel, ToddTodd Van Poppel 1999 Pitcher Yes
Vargas, ClaudioClaudio Vargas 2012 Pitcher Yes
Vargas, EddieEddie Vargas 1988 First baseman/Designated hitter Yes
Luis Vasquez 1989–91 Pitcher No
Vélez, EugenioEugenio Vélez 2013–14 Second baseman/Left fielder Yes
Victor Veliz 2015 Pitcher No
Venable, MaxMax Venable 1987 Outfielder Yes
Venditte, PatPat Venditte 2015 Pitcher Yes
Ventura, RobinRobin VenturaMLB award winner or All-Star[ar] 1997 Third baseman Yes
Verdugo, RyanRyan Verdugo 2015 Pitcher Yes
Viciedo, DayánDayán Viciedo 2015 Designated hitter/First baseman Yes
Joey Vierra*[i] 1990–92, 1994–95 Pitcher No
Rafael Villaman 1981–82 Second baseman/Shortstop No
Mike Villano 2000 Pitcher No
Villanueva, CarlosCarlos Villanueva 2006–07, 2010 Pitcher Yes
Luis Villarreal 2007 Pitcher No
Julio Vinas 1996–97 Catcher No
Vogelsong, RyanRyan VogelsongMLB award winner or All-Star[ay] 2001, 2003 Pitcher Yes
Paul Voigt 1985 Pitcher No
Wahl, BobbyBobby Wahl 2016–17 Pitcher No
Bernie Walker 1987, 1989, 1991 Outfielder No
Walker, DuaneDuane Walker 1978–79 Outfielder Yes
Wallace, JeffJeff Wallace 1999–2000 Pitcher Yes
Walsh, ColinColin Walsh 2016 Left fielder Yes
Corey Walter 2017 Pitcher No
Ward, DaryleDaryle Ward 2004 First baseman Yes
Ward, TurnerTurner Ward 1999 Left fielder Yes
Wasdin, JohnJohn Wasdin 2003 Pitcher Yes
Waters, ChrisChris Waters 2010 Pitcher Yes
Weaver, JeffJeff Weaver 2008 Pitcher Yes
Travis Webb 2013 Pitcher No
Weeks, RickieRickie WeeksMLB award winner or All-Star[ax] 2005, 2007 Second baseman Yes
Wehner, JohnJohn Wehner 1999–2000 Second baseman Yes
Clint Weibl 2005 Pitcher No
George Weicker 1978 First baseman No
Adam Weisenburger 2014 Catcher No
Wendelken, J. B.J. B. Wendelken 2016 Pitcher Yes
Wendle, JoeyJoey Wendle 2015–17 Second baseman Yes
Wengert, DonDon Wengert 2001 Pitcher Yes
Jamie Werly*[j] 1980–81, 1983 Pitcher No
Werner, DonDon Werner 1985 Catcher Yes
Werth, DennisDennis Werth 1981 Catcher Yes
Wever, StefanStefan Wever 1981–82 Pitcher Yes
Gary Wex 1984 Pitcher No
Wheeler, ZelousZelous Wheeler 2011 Third baseman Yes
Whelan, KevinKevin Whelan 2015 Pitcher Yes
Whitmore, DarrellDarrell Whitmore 1998 Right fielder Yes
Scott Wiegandt 1998 Pitcher No
Wilborn, TedTed Wilborn 1980–81, 1985 Outfielder Yes
Wilkins, MarcMarc Wilkins 1998–2001 Pitcher Yes
Joel Willett 1979 Pitcher No
Adrian Williams 2012 Designated hitter/Second baseman No
Williams, DaveDave Williams 2001, 2003–04 Pitcher Yes
Williams, FrankFrank Williams 1988 Pitcher Yes
Jeff Williams 1984 Outfielder No
Williams, MikeMike WilliamsMLB award winner or All-Star[as] 1998 Pitcher Yes
Willis, CarlCarl Willis 1987 Pitcher Yes
Brandon Wilson 1994–95 Shortstop No
Wilson, Craig A.Craig A. Wilson 2000–01 Catcher Yes
Wilson, Craig F.Craig F. Wilson 1996–97 Shortstop Yes
Wilson, DanDan WilsonMLB award winner or All-Star[at] 1992 Catcher Yes
Wilson, EnriqueEnrique Wilson 2000 Second baseman/Shortstop Yes
Wilson, GaryGary Wilson 1998 Pitcher Yes
Wilson, JackJack WilsonMLB award winner or All-Star[au] 2001 Shortstop Yes
Wilson, KennyKenny Wilson 2017 Left fielder/Center fielder No
Wilson, SteveSteve Wilson 1995 Pitcher Yes
Larry Wimberly 2001 Pitcher No
Chris Wimmer 1998 Third baseman/Shortstop No
Winkelsas, JoeJoe Winkelsas 2006 Pitcher Yes
Winters, MattMatt Winters 1982 Outfielder Yes
Wohlford, JimJim Wohlford 1987 Outfielder Yes
Jerry Wolak 1994–95 Outfielder No
Wood, JasonJason Wood 2000–01 Third baseman/Shortstop Yes
Brian Woods 1997 Pitcher No
Woodward, ChrisChris Woodward 2008 Shortstop/Second baseman Yes
Dave Woodworth 1984 Pitcher No
Wooten, RobRob Wooten 2012–14 Pitcher Yes
Bill Worden 1984 Third baseman No
Steve Worrell 1996 Pitcher No
Wright, ChaseChase Wright 2009–11 Pitcher Yes
Wright, RonRon Wright 1998 First baseman Yes
Wrona, RickRick Wrona 1992–93, 1997 Catcher Yes
Jesus Zambrano 2015 Pitcher No
Mark Zappelli 1996 Pitcher No
Zarraga, ShawnShawn Zarraga 2014 Catcher No
Zito, BarryBarry Zito 2015 Pitcher Yes
Zobrist, BenBen ZobristMLB award winner or All-Star[bk] 2015 Second baseman/Left fielder/Designated hitter Yes
Zosky, EddieEddie Zosky 2000 Second baseman/Shortstop Yes
Alec Zumwalt 2005–07 Pitcher No
Tony Zuniga 2005 First baseman/Third baseman No
Zupcic, BobBob Zupcic 1994–95 Outfielder Yes


Table key
  • P Players are listed at a position if they appeared in 30% of their games or more during their Sounds career, as defined by
Franchise career leaders
MLB award winners and All-Stars
  • a Wilson Álvarez: AL All-Star (1994)[20]
  • b Jack Armstrong: NL All-Star (1990)[21]
  • c Bronson Arroyo: NL Gold Glove Award (2010), NL All-Star (2006)[22]
  • d James Baldwin: AL All-Star (2000)[23]
  • e Jason Bay: NL Rookie of the Year Award (2004), AL Silver Slugger Award (2009), NL All-Star (2005–06), AL All-Star (2009)[24]
  • f Jason Bere: AL All-Star (1994)[25]
  • g Ryan Braun: NL Most Valuable Player Award (2011), NL Rookie of the Year Award (2007), NL Silver Slugger Award (2008–12), NL All-Star (2008–12, 2015)[26]
  • h Tom Browning: NL All-Star (1991)[27]
  • i Tim Burke: NL All-Star (1989)[28]
  • j Mike Cameron: AL Gold Glove Award (2001, 2003), NL Gold Glove Award (2006), AL All-Star (2001)[29]
  • k Norm Charlton: NL All-Star (1992)[30]
  • l Ron Coomer: AL All-Star (1999)[31]
  • m Doug Corbett: AL All-Star (1981)[32]
  • n Bill Dawley: NL All-Star (1983)[33]
  • o Rob Dibble: NL All-Star (1990–91)[34]
  • p Doug Drabek: NL Cy Young Award (1990), NL All-Star (1994)[35]
  • q Ray Durham: AL All-Star (1998, 2000)[36]
  • r Prince Fielder: NL Hank Aaron Award (2007), NL Silver Slugger Award (2007, 2011), AL Silver Slugger Award (2012), AL Comeback Player of the Year Award (2015), NL All-Star (2007, 2009, 2011), AL All-Star (2012–13, 2015)[37]
  • s Keith Foulke: AL Rolaids Relief Award (2003), AL All-Star (2003)[38]
  • t Corey Hart: NL All-Star (2008, 2010)[39]
  • u Mike Henneman: AL All-Star (1989)[40]
  • v Trevor Hoffman: NL Rolaids Relief Award (2006), Lou Gehrig Memorial Award (2006), NL All-Star (1998–2000, 2002, 2006–07, 2009)[41]
  • w Jay Howell: AL All-Star (1985, 1987), NL All-Star (1989)[42]
  • x Danny Jackson: NL All-Star (1994)[43]
  • y Barry Larkin: National Baseball Hall of Fame member (elected in 2012), NL Most Valuable Player Award (1995), Lou Gehrig Memorial Award (1994), Roberto Clemente Award (1993), NL Silver Slugger Award (1989–92, 1995–96, 1998–99), NL Gold Glove Award (1994–96), NL All-Star (1989–91, 1993–97, 1999–2000, 2004)[44]
  • z Don Mattingly: AL Most Valuable Player Award (1985), Lou Gehrig Memorial Award (1993), AL Gold Glove Award (1985–89, 1991–94), AL Silver Slugger Award (1985–87), AL All-Star (1984–89)[45]
  • aa Willie McGee: NL Most Valuable Player Award (1985), NL Gold Glove Award (1983, 1985–1986), NL Silver Slugger Award (1985), NL All-Star (1983, 1985, 1987–88)[46]
  • ab Bob Melvin: NL Manager of the Year (2007), AL Manager of the Year (2012)[47]
  • ac Jeff Montgomery: AL Rolaids Relief Award (1993), AL All-Star (1992–93, 1996)[48]
  • ad Mike Morgan: NL All-Star (1991)[49]
  • ae Matt Nokes: AL Silver Slugger Award (1987), AL All-Star (1987)[50]
  • af Paul O'Neill: NL All-Star (1991), AL All-Star (1994–95, 1997–98)[51]
  • ag Magglio Ordóñez: AL Silver Slugger Award (2000, 2002, 2007), AL All-Star (1999–2001, 2003, 2006–07)[52]
  • ah Aramis Ramírez: NL Hank Aaron Award (2008), NL All-Star (2005, 2008, 2014)[53]
  • ai José Rijo: World Series Most Valuable Player (1990), NL All-Star (1994)[54]
  • ak Chris Sabo: NL Rookie of the Year Award (1988), NL All-Star (1988, 1990–91)[55]
  • al Freddy Sanchez: NL All-Star (2006–07, 2009)[56]
  • am Jason Schmidt: NL All-Star (2003–04, 2006)[57]
  • an Ben Sheets: NL All-Star (2007–08)[58]
  • ao Buck Showalter: AL Manager of the Year (1994, 2004, 2014)[59]
  • ap Pat Tabler: AL All-Star (1987)[60]
  • aq Bob Tewksbury: NL All-Star (1992)[61]
  • ar Robin Ventura: AL Gold Glove Award (1998–99), AL All-Star (2002)[62]
  • as Mike Williams: NL All-Star (2002–03)[63]
  • at Dan Wilson: AL All-Star (1996)[64]
  • au Jack Wilson: NL Silver Slugger Award (2004), NL All-Star (2004)[65]
  • av Nelson R. Cruz: AL Silver Slugger (2015, 2017), AL All-Star (2009, 2013–15, 2017)[66]
  • aw Yovani Gallardo: NL Silver Slugger Award (2010), NL All-Star (2010)[67]
  • ax Rickie Weeks: NL All-Star (2011)[68]
  • ay Ryan Vogelsong: NL All-Star (2011)[69]
  • az John Axford: NL Rolaids Relief Award (2011)[70]
  • ba R. A. Dickey: NL Cy Young Award (2012), AL Gold Glove Award (2013), NL All-Star (2012)[71]
  • bb J. J. Hardy: AL Silver Slugger Award (2013), AL Gold Glove Award (2012–14), AL All-Star (2013)[72]
  • bc Carlos Gómez: NL Gold Glove Award (2013), NL All-Star (2013–14)[73]
  • bd Grant Balfour: AL All-Star (2013)[74]
  • be Zack Greinke: NL Silver Slugger Award (2013), NL Gold Glove Award (2014–17), NL All-Star (2014–15, 2017)[75]
  • bf Francisco Rodríguez: NL All-Star (2014–15)[76]
  • bg Jonathan Lucroy: NL All-Star (2014, 2016)[77]
  • bh Alcides Escobar: AL Gold Glove (2015), AL All-Star (2015)[78]
  • bi Lorenzo Cain: AL All-Star (2015)[79]
  • bj Marco Estrada: AL All-Star (2016)[80]
  • bk Ben Zobrist: World Series Most Valuable Player (2016), NL All-Star (2016)[81]
  • bl Tim Raines: National Baseball Hall of Fame member (elected in 2017)[82]
  • bm Brandon Kintzler: AL All-Star (2017)[83]
  • bn Martín Maldonado: NL Gold Glove (2017)[84]


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