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Nahias of Jordan
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The nahias (Arabic: ناحية‎, plural nawahi) are the administrative centres ("chief towns") in Jordan.[1] The twelve governorates of Jordan contain fifty-two nawahi which are listed below by governorate. In many cases the name of the chief town is the same as the name of the district (liwa) or sub-district (qda) administered.

Central Jordan

Amman Governorate

Nahias of Amman
  • Amman
  • Al-Jiza
  • Al-Mwwqqar
  • Na'oor
  • AlQuesmah
  • Sahab
  • Um al-Basatin
  • Wadi al-Sayr

Balqa Governorate

Nahias of Balqa
  • Al-Balqa
  • Ardhah
  • As-Salt
  • Dair Alla
  • Shuna al-Janibiyya

Madaba Governorate

Nahias of Madaba
  • Dhiban
  • Madaba

Zarqa Governorate

Nahias of Zarqa
  • Al-Azraq
  • Az-Zarqa
  • Birin

North Jordan

Ajlun Governorate

  • Ajlun
  • Kofranjah
Nahias of Ajlun

Irbid Governorate

Nahias of Irbid
  • Al-Aghwar Shamaliyyeh
  • Ar Ramtha
  • Bani Knana
  • Hariema
  • Irbid
  • Kora
  • Mazar Shamaliyyeh
  • Tayybeh
  • Wastiyyeh

Jerash Governorate

Nahia of Jerash
  • Jerash

Mafraq Governorate

Nahias of Mafraq
  • Al-Mafraq
  • Ar-Ruwayshid
  • Bal'ama
  • Sabha
  • Sama as-Sarhan

South Jordan

Aqaba Governorate

Nahias of Aqaba
  • Al-Aqaba
  • Al-Quwayra
  • Wadi Araba

Karak Governorate

Nahias of Karak
  • Ayy
  • Faqqu
  • Al-Karak
  • Al-Mazar al-Janubiyya
  • Al-Mazra'a
  • Al-Qasr
  • Al-Safi

Ma'an Governorate

Nahias of Ma'an
  • Al-Husanyniyya
  • Ash-Shibek
  • Ayi
  • Ma'an
  • Wadi Musa

Tafilah Governorate

Nahias of Tafilah
  • Al-Hasa
  • Al-Tafila
  • Birsayra

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