Nadia Raj

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Nadia Raj
Country West Bengal
Ethnicity Bengali - Kulin Brahmins
Founded 17th century
Founder Raja Bhattanarayan
Current head Legally Abolished (1950)

Nadia Raj were a dynasty of Zamindars and the rulers of territories that are now part of the Nadia district region of West Bengal. Their seat was at the city of Krishnanagar, Nadia. The estate of Nadia Raj was estimated to cover an area of 8,161 square kilometres (3,151 sq mi).

The rulers of Nadia Raj established many Sanskrit schools in Nadia, since they were patron of Sanskrit literature and music. They were also a patrons of Sanskrit culture in Bengal.[citation needed]


The Nadia Raj family is descended from Bhattanarayan. The rulers and holder of estate were Kulin Brahmins who was selected by Raja Adisur of Bengal, for the conduct of ceremonies of purification. The Nadia Raj family is one of the oldest Hindu families in Bengal, spanning more than 35 generations from the founder. Since the establishment of British rule in Bengal each of the Rajas of Nadia were created a Maharaja Bahadur in succession.[1]


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