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Nätti-Jussi portrait.jpeg
Born (1890-08-31)August 31, 1890
Died August 4, 1964(1964-08-04) (aged 73)
Nationality Finnish
Occupation Forest laborer
Nätti-Jussi and his club-foot

Juho Vihtori ”Nätti-Jussi” Nätti [Nätti-Jussi Pretty-John] (31 August 1890 Karstula - 4 August 1964 in Rovaniemi) was a Finnish forest laborer. The stories told by Pretty-Jussi made him a legendary figure, particularly in Lapland. Nätti was born in August 1890, in Karstula Central Finland, in a six-member family. His parents were log driver Dude Nätti and hostess Maija Nätti. He had three sisters. Nätti migrated with other members of his family to the Northern logging sites, and worked there most of his life. He was a well-known lumberjack who was known in Tervola, Pisalla, Muurola and the then market town of Rovaniemi.


Nätti was also a known clubfoot: his left leg foot had turned back. Nätti was paralyzed from the mid-1950s and was admitted to the Rautiosaari nursing home, part of the Department of the Rural Municipality of Rovaniemi. Nätti Salmi died in the forestry worker's home on August 4, 1964. He was buried in the cemetery of Rovaniemi in a common burial place.

Nätti got his own tomb marked in the Rovaniemi Viirinkangas cemetery in the summer of 2006; unveiling took place on 25 August 2006.

Nätti-Jussi name used for other purposes

In the late 1990s established Restaurant Nätti room Muurola, former rural municipality of Rovaniemi. In 2003, Karstula founded Nätti-Jussi restaurant. Vaasan & Vaasan bakery also manufactures Lapland Pakari Nätti-Jussi called rye bread.


Journalist and writer Pentti Harjumaa published in the 1970s two thin books of Nätti-Jussi stories, which are also published as a single volume of Nätti-Jussi's stories. Nätti-Jussi's life was published in Myth and reality called the cd in March 2008. The album includes Nätti dealing with persons who were interviews and four souvari presented by the pieces. In addition, the disc begins with Nätti-Jussi of the song, as shown in the initial and loppusäkeistöt keskisäkeistöt singing and reciting. CD published interviews have been collected which appeared in 1994 C-cartridges. Also, Mikko Alatalo singing the eleven power in March mentions Nätti-Jussi one of the northern Finnish legend.


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