Western sucker-footed bat

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Western sucker-footed bat
Scientific classification
M. schliemanni
Binomial name
Myzopoda schliemanni
Goodman et al., 2006
Myzopoda schliemanni range map.svg
Western sucker-footed bat range

The western sucker-footed bat (Myzopoda schliemanni) is a Malagasy bat. Little is known about its habits, but they are assumed to be similar to those of the Madagascar sucker-footed bat.[2]

Physical characteristics

The western sucker-footed bat is 92–107 cm (3.02–3.51 ft) long. It has large ears, and prominent suckers on its feet and thumbs. It has buff-brown upper parts, and mouse-gray underparts.[2]

Range and habitat

The western sucker-footed bat has been found on three lowland sites in north-western Madagascar. They were found in broad-leaf rain forest.[2]


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