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Mongolian units are the traditional units of measurement of the Mongolian people.


Mongolian English transliteration Equivalent to In metric system (approximate)
хумсны толио humsnii tolio width of index finger nail 1-1,2 cm
хуруу huruu index finger width 1,5 - 2 cm
ямх yamh length of index finger distal phalanx 3,5 cm
барим barim fist width 8-9 cm
мухар сөөм muhar sööm distance between stretched thumb and proximal phalanx of index finger 12-15 cm
үзүүр сөөм üzür sööm distance between stretched thumb and index finger 18 cm
төө töö distance between stretched thumb and middle finger 19-20 cm
мухар тохой muhar tohoi distance between elbow and fist 33 cm
үзүүр тохой üzür tohoi distance between elbow and middle finger, =20 huruu 40 cm
алхам alham distance of one step 50 cm
дэлэм delem distance between outstretched arm and opposite shoulder 95 cm
эгэм egem =1,5 delem 135 cm
алд ald distance between outstretched arms, =4 üzür tohoi 1,6 м
гөрөм göröm = 2000 ald 3,000 m
бээр beer = 4 göröm 12,000 м
өртөө örtöö 30 km
хагас өдрийн газар half-day horse ride distance, =1,5 örtöö 40 – 45 km
өдрийн газар one day horse ride distance, =3 örtöö 90 – 100 km
хоногийн газар a day and night horse ride distance, =4 örtöö 120 – 130 km


Mongolian English transliteration In metric system
пүү püü 16,5 kg
жин jin 596,816 g
лан lan 37,301 g
цэн tsen 3,7301 g

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